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When doing daily segment intending I always have an overall dominate intention...my intended results, or what I want to experience...the bottom line!

I than also set many other intentions during the day but everything is based on my dominant intended results.

This ABE process is much like having a life mission statement or purpose.

A Target of expectation, the " Bottom Line" desire.

What is your intended results?

My Intended result is to have fun and experience
Universal Winks Of Brilliance.
I am Happy, Connected, and Abundant
with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease

It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks

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I intend to get some kind of fantastic deal to ride the greyhound all the way back to Reefing in about8-13 days!

I intend to get a great deal on a greyhound ticket to California really fast so I know when I am leaving MN.

I intend that I find out today or tomorrow that my BF easily got to a Dr. and got help for his eye problem.

I intend to get a FLIGHT via an airline to return to CA, to sacramento easily via my family.

My love takes good care of himself tonight and as well as for his mediical and mental health care needs.

I intend to be just fine and continue to move forward towards my goal of completing a graduate degree no matter whom is or is not in my life-romantically.

I intend tomany times in the near fute to have enough sex to feel satiated!

Intend to trust the universe much much more over the next several days and weeks and months!
Intend to always be a wildly successful artiist for the rest of my life.
Intend to very easily return to California to live tor as long as I wish.

Nice easy one today. I intend to cycle the scenic route to Starbucks in Chiswell Green tomorrow.  I intend to have a very nice latte coffee. I intend for the ideal people watching seat. I intend for many lovely ladies in my world whilst I am in there.   I intend for something interesting to write about. I intend to come home via the other scenic route as well. All easy, thank you Universe. 

All of these things manifested for me this morning, showing that the power of deliberate intention certainly works. I am doing a long-ish day at work tomorrow, so I intend time to pass quickly; I intend to have lots to do and to get lots done; I intend for some fantastic customers; I intend to have a laugh; and I intend for some interesting chats. 

I intend for the rest of my time I. MN visiting to be peaceful easy and enjoyable. I also intend a super easy return and options for housing in the immediate area and city I am most drawn to actually live in long term.
I intend to Alasdair betoken truth and be very respected by men I am in any way romantically attested to for the rest of my life.

I am going to the US next weekend, and I am intending the following, stunningly beautiful photographs.

Arty shots of the US Capitol
Iconic shots of the White House
Imaginative pictures of the National Mall
The reflecting pool at sunset
The chilled-out vibe of Georgetown
An all encompassing shot of the Pentagon
The colours of Venice Beach
The colours of Santa Monica
Arty shots of La Brea tar pits
The Hollywood sign with clear blue skies behind it
Mythically clear view from Griffith Park with blue skies (downtown LA)
The most stunningly beautiful pics of Santa Monica pier at sunset
The Getty Centre on a magically clear day with blue skies
Arty shots of the Getty Centre
Imaginative shots from around Hollywood
Imaginative shots of the Seattle Space Needle
Arty shots from around the Chihuly Glass Museum
Pike Place Market sign with clear night skies behind it
A beautiful pic of the Seattle skyline at sunset
A number of unexpectedly beautiful pictures by serendipity
The most amazing picture of them all (I'll leave this one up to the Universe)

I inter to feel safe and be safe no matter where I go or live at all times for the rest of my life. I intend that a really sweet kind skilled consistant partner and lover show up in my life to be with me completely honestly as my partner for the rest of my life no matter what.


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