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When doing daily segment intending I always have an overall dominate intention...my intended results, or what I want to experience...the bottom line!

I than also set many other intentions during the day but everything is based on my dominant intended results.

This ABE process is much like having a life mission statement or purpose.

A Target of expectation, the " Bottom Line" desire.

What is your intended results?

My Intended result is to have fun and experience
Universal Winks Of Brilliance.
I am Happy, Connected, and Abundant
with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease

It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks

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I intend to have a totally peaceful last two days here, totally uneventful generally speaking. And I intend for great boundaries and respect from all men I encounter when I arrive back in Florida Sunday and continuing indefinatly.

I intend to have a peaceful, calm uneventful evening relaxing on an Island in Georgia and get good photos of the city of Savannah in my way out to it on a ferry.

I intend to be very very saaaaaaaafe and have a peaceful life Alllllllllll of the TIME I live in the state of Florida!

I  intend to have a life in Florida.

I intend to have peace, peace, peace and peace in my life where I am moving for a long, long. Long. Long time to come!!!

I intend on getting my own apt. Or maybe mobile home in the near future.

I intend to get a ton of support from all over and all social stances to help me survive, thru e, and become a normal Floridian with my own low income apartment.

For Wednesday, I am intending:

A short and enjoyable shift at work
A stint in another department (hour or so)
Some interesting conversations with people
One or two really positive customers
Some really good news about work
A lovely cup of coffee in town somewhere
Getting my new glasses fixed once and for all
A nice long walk in the autumn sunshine

I intend to be come a Billionaire NO MATTER HOW THE UNIVERSE HAS TO MAKE IT COME TRUE!

I intend to.....

Have a positive and exciting day

Have things which make my shift entertaining

Work in other departments as well as my own

Get a lot of things done

Feel very productive

Feel feelings of job satisfaction

Interact well with customers

Go to bed feeling happy and contented

It is so........

I am away this week, and I am intending for:

Fantastic sunshine and clear blue skies
Glorious pictures
Really cool people in my dormitory
Lovely ladies in my dormitory
Lovely ladies everywhere
Holiday socialising
Holiday friends
A fun daytrip or two
Authentic cultural experiences
Spirituality and magic
Serene, happy feelings
Flow of life
Right place, right time scenarios
My money going a long way
Tasty food
Wonderful cafes and latte coffee
Punctual flights and efficient transport
Fun and laughter
Intellectual chats
An ideal bottom bunk in the dormitory
Horizontal pic of the Sagrada Familia, with clear blue skies
Entertaining football match with a good few goals
Intriguing symbols and symbolism
A drinking session in the hostel bar
Drinking somewhere iconic and famous
Tibidabo on a mythically clear day
Memorable music
Arriving in splendid sunshine
Sleeping well and comfortably each night
Surrealism and oddities

I am in Barcelona at the moment and I am intending.....

A day of glorious sunshine and clear blue skies
Glorious pictures from iconic places
Shocks of colour everywhere
A real flow to the day’s events
The most beautiful sunset picture from the beach
Shades of red, orange, gold, blue, purple and pink


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