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When doing daily segment intending I always have an overall dominate intention...my intended results, or what I want to experience...the bottom line!

I than also set many other intentions during the day but everything is based on my dominant intended results.

This ABE process is much like having a life mission statement or purpose.

A Target of expectation, the " Bottom Line" desire.

What is your intended results?

My Intended result is to have fun and experience
Universal Winks Of Brilliance.
I am Happy, Connected, and Abundant
with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease

It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks

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I have a full day in Paris and I am intending........

A lovely and plentiful hostel breakfast
Being charmed by Montmartre and around
An ideal people-watching table in Cafe Deux Moulins
Lovely ladies everywhere
Lovely ladies of distinction
Random things to photograph and get my imagination
A thought form which really gets my imagination
La Défense Christmas market
Colourful and iconic photography all day
Dry and sunny weather all day long
Feeling happy and serene all day long
An authentically Parisian cafe/brasserie in afternoon
The lights of Pigalle and Clichy by night
Fun, festivity and magic all round
Things to make me laugh and smile
The snorer in my dorm to check out in the morning

And so it is all done, thank you Universe.

I am still in Paris for a bit longer, so I am intending.....

Another fine hostel breakfast
Lovely ladies all around
A suitable place to store my suitcase
Glorious footage of the Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree and show
Coffee in a very authentic brasserie
Something else to do to fill the time
Nice easy journey to the Gare du Nord
Easy check in at the Eurostar
Pleasant and comfortable Eurostar ride home
A nosey around London for a while
Very convenient train ride home
A very suitable bus to be waiting for me in the station

I am back to work tomorrow and I am intending.........

Sleeping well in my own bed tonight
An easy ride into work in the morning
Having absorbing tasks to keep me occupied
Having amusing people to work with
Chatting up the lovely ladies
Positive interaction with customers
A quick and easy journey home when done
A quick and easy journey back in later
A very enjoyable night out with workmates

I intend to have an easier time during the next few days. I intend to have a better love live in all ways for the rest of my life no matter what. I intend to have an income no matter what for the rest of my life. I intend to have love and support from my family and friends that is clear for the rest of my life as well.

I intend to end up in a very stable-to last the rest of our lives-romance very soon, or to easily establish this for sure in the romance I'm currently a part of. I intend for us to move to a warm, dry climate, one of two areas we both can live with much more easily. I intend to have a home with a man for the long-term and a loving cat and maybe a dog too with all bills paid consistantly and a harmonious love.

I am working another fairly long day tomorrow, so I am intending.....

Absorbing tasks to do to pass time quickly
Working in other departments as well
Chats with colleagues and customers
Laughs and moments of comedy
Lovely ladies all around
A fairly straight-forward floor move to do
Getting a lot of delivery worked
Moments of great customer service
Some successful online orders
Finishing work feeling a sense of job satisfaction
Free PC in the library to get printing done
A suitable birthday card for my Aunty
Getting home from town easily enough
A very productive evening of proof reading

Later shift at work tomorrow, so I am intending........

Having a good night's sleep
My Mum and Aunty getting to Tenerife safely
The two of them having a great week down there
Having an enjoyably busy shift at work
Constructive things for me to do
Helping out in other departments for a while
Positive interaction with staff and customers
Having plenty of time to do everything
Being able to do everything easily
Getting home safely in the dark

It's all taken care of, thank you Universe.

Final day of the working week now, so I am intending.....

To get into work safely and easily
A very productive day
Getting all of the delivery done
Finding a whole load of fragrance stock to put out
Stocking up the whole fragrance area
Some click and collect orders
Some very big sales
Tasks to do to pass the time quickly
Intellectual chats
Laughing and joking with staff and customers
Coming home feeling a sense of job satisfaction
A win for my super team
Productive evening of proof reading

I intend to be happy and fairly healthy for the rest of my life and to always live in a pretty warm dry climate most of the year too. And to be with my partner for the rest of our natural lives.

Back to work on Monday, so I am intending.....

Getting into work very easily
Being enjoyably active and busy
A fun and festive atmosphere on the sales floor
Time passing quickly
Laughing and joking with people
Feeling full of the festive spirit
Getting the 1.21pm train to Harrow
A lovely cup of coffee in St. Ann's
Getting an ideal people watching seat in Costa Coffee
Lovely ladies everywhere
Having something interesting to write
Getting the train home easily enough
A productive evening of proof reading

I am also intending a beautiful and joyful Christmas song which is entirely new to me. Thank you Universe. 

I intend to do fine and be healthy and for my blood pressure to be at a healthy level for the rest of my life.


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