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Here are some of my thoughts how i got to learn what letting go is and what it is not. There are lots of us who use the term but i don't really know if we understand it at all. It took a while for me to understand it and make use of it. And i like to share it here.

Many are based on Sedona method of releasing and letting go, and mixed with Eckhart, Abraham, and few more. Feel free to add if you've experienced the same.



What it is not:

1. it is not letting go of desire.

2. It is not letting go of the goal.

3. It is not giving up. 

4. It is not sacrificing.

5. It is not going back to powerlessness.

6. It is not a feeling of "i don't care"(indifference)-but sometimes it can be appropriate.

7. It is not a state of passivity.

8. It is not waiting. 

9. It is not resisting what is.

9. It is not wanting to separate.

10. it is not a pushing effort. It is not at all an effort.

11. it is not aversion.

12. It is not a feeling of control.



What Letting go is:

1. Letting go is letting resistance go.

2. Letting go is letting judgement go.

3. It is dropping of all motives.

4. It is dropping off judgements.

5. It is dropping of contradictory beliefs.

6. It is allowing PRESENCE!

7. It is allowing BEING!

8. It is allowing the NOW! (eternity/timelessness)

9. It is letting go of the "wanting" approval

10. It is letting go of the "wanting" control.

11. It is letting go of the "wanting" separation.

12. It is letting go of the "wanting" to be one.

13. It is a non-judgemental observation.

14. It is allowing what it is.

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Yes it is, but indifference isn't always a bad thing. it's often where I manifest most. The being ok whether or not the desired outcome manifests. Just my two cents :)

i knew it, i was about to add something with indifference. Sometimes it can be appropriate too. ;)

Yeah - I can't really let go unless there's an aspect of "I don't care" involved. Apparently 'care' means hang onto with both hands really tightly and 'not care' means let go, in my mind.


There is even a larger population, even here, that doesn't really understand what the "LoA" is.


But even understanding "LoA" isn't enough for us humans to forget how to surrender, let go, allow, and be non-resistant.


"There is nothing in this world that can resist a non-resistant person."--- Shinn


I agree. Indifference can be a major factor in manifestation... BUT forced inifference is major resistance (ie, if you're trying to be indifferent) ... it should be a feeling of "yeaaaah whatever"... a FEELING of this.

Oh agreed. Anything forced is by definition resistance :P

That's why although some people are in the fake it till you make it school of thought with feeling good, I disagree with that completely. When we suppress anything, it comes out at some point regardless. ALWAYS.

Always be genuine!

Great post mate!!!!

Thanks Troy! :D

EJ and Layners

Thank you do much for this, because this is something I just cannot get my head around. 
It's really difficult to not be bothered about something which you really want. 
I think the difference may be whether you believe whether or not you will get it. For example, I believe I could own a Volkswagon golf, but not a BMW Z5 

why do you believe that?

Definitely! Self-limiting beliefs are the only thing limiting us. But that's just another form of resistance. If you were to forget about your desire, you might find that's when it arrives as well. Anything's possible. ANYTHING. 

A VW golf is something I can't afford at the moment, but realistically I could save hard and buy one, but a BMW is way out of my range .... unless I won it in a raffle or something. 

I'm not saying LOA doesn't work, I'm just not very good at manifesting things :)


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