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I won't lie, the more I contemplated the law of attraction, the more I kind of just found myself wondering why anything exists to begin with. I'm not necessarily asking the question in the hopes that someone has the answer, I just find it interesting as to WHY in general-- where does non-physical, or "Source" come from and why does 'all that is' have to be eternal? Why is Source here, or even a thing? Why is it that eternity is a thing and just HOW is it a thing? Why does non-physical and physical exist? If someone says "for the joy of it", my question is still "but why though?"

What is the point of anything? Why expansion? Why eternity? Why so many lifetimes on Earth specifically, as if there aren't trillions of planets out there that have life as well? Why does the universe work the way it does, like, what's the point in that? I feel like whatever anyone has to say about it, I'll just keep asking "why" because it seems as though there's no end, which would make sense, but I just really wonder why anything? Not to say that everything is pointless, but why does everything have a point? What's the point and why is it the point?

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Haha love this post! I will just say something that maybe you already know but this is my perspective: our mind explains things but in the realm of consciousness the mind is a useless even dangerous tool. I just remember that when im totally in alignment with d Universe and so when i feel divine joy & love i have no time to think about the "why", im just too happy and grateful for what im experiencing that i dont want things to be different, i dont want non-existence. So when i find myself asking why i just remember those moments and my mind stops torturing me.

That's the thing though- WHY is it like that? I know what you're talking about and I've felt the same way too, but why does it work like that, you know? 

Is or could All Being be Being any more or less than All Being ? 

What Being is Being is Being but Being Itself ? 

Being is no mystery, in fact Being is utterly transparent and Absolute. 

Yes but .....yes but , yes but, yes but ........ what about all of the stories, ass-umptions and pre-sumptions about how now may have become now ? 

A= Now is now, past is past. Being is Being. BEING Neither come to be Being or not to be Being,  so no story could account for Being since Being be Being the One and only Being. 

Who is the One and only " I " that be Being, but the One Being ?  

 S m i l e ☺

Cool :)

But why, though?????

Buy why, though ?  IS  (no more/no less than)  But why, though

A question is a question regardless of the form of the question. A question will never be an answer, for an answer is an answer and a question is a question.  One will never be the other. An answer answers not anything to no one, including a question(er), and a question questions not anything and no one, including an answer(er).

okay, enough lol

I know, my desires and beliefs sort of conflict because I consciously do not wish to reincarnate agaun over all I have suffered. Why would I have wanted to manifest all of terrible experiences and pain I suffered in this life? This is a basic Buddhism tenant. To end human suffering by stopping or becoming free of the reincarnation cycles. 

The thing is, reincarnation is necessary for eternity to be eternal. I used to be into Buddhism for about a year maybe, and it just didn't sit right with me and I didn't get why. Human suffering is caused by our own thoughts-- that's all. It has nothing to do with anything external. There are so many greats who have taught this, Jesus included. Listening to Abraham speak about this really resonated with me. It's nobody's prebirth intent to suffer, but we attract suffering because of the thoughts we keep active, depending on how close or far away from source they are. We are free to the very core of who we are. I don't see reincarnation as a bad thing, and the basis of all that is, is positive. That's why some people choose to commit suicide when they've had enough, because at the core of who they are, they know that all that is, is pure positive energy, and they know that something's wrong because they don't feel that way. Sometimes things get so bad that the path of least resistance is to die-- but death isn't bad at all. You can argue with me on this if you want to. It's not possible to stop reincarnation, for that'll end eternity. There aren't tiers of enlightenment- we're all one mind, expressing in different forms. There's no soul that's more evolved than the other, for we are all one. I can go on and on, but I don't want to contradict your belief system.


Because being a spirit has become a little bit boring. 

I'll say it in a funny way. SO there you are existing as a spirit, your higher self, without having to experience emotions, good and bad, without physical anything without experience of not knowing , without fear but also without love , imagine just existing without experience of anything really just existence. One day you think hmmm it's all a bit boring now I want to experience something else, and that's where physical reality has been created , spirit imagined tings and brought it within his own self and made it feel real. that's why , we decided we wanted to experience the process of emotion, we wanted to experience limitations we wanted to experience emotions, and a physical reality, so its like we as spirit are dreaming all those experiances tis phisycal reality within ourselves in order to experience more of ourselves.

Another way to explain it is .., have you seen the movie called ''jumper''? Its about a guy who can teleport from place to place without experiencing the journey itself. if you was to do it for a very long time eventually you would want to experience the journey because it would feel like you missing out on this experience of being on the road.

Okay, but that's the thing like I said earlier- why do we exist at all? Spirit or not? Like, it doesn't matter in what form we take-- why take any form at all? I'm not question why we exist in physical reality because I know why, and it makes sense- but why does it make sense? Why is The Point of everything, The Point? 


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