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I won't lie, the more I contemplated the law of attraction, the more I kind of just found myself wondering why anything exists to begin with. I'm not necessarily asking the question in the hopes that someone has the answer, I just find it interesting as to WHY in general-- where does non-physical, or "Source" come from and why does 'all that is' have to be eternal? Why is Source here, or even a thing? Why is it that eternity is a thing and just HOW is it a thing? Why does non-physical and physical exist? If someone says "for the joy of it", my question is still "but why though?"

What is the point of anything? Why expansion? Why eternity? Why so many lifetimes on Earth specifically, as if there aren't trillions of planets out there that have life as well? Why does the universe work the way it does, like, what's the point in that? I feel like whatever anyone has to say about it, I'll just keep asking "why" because it seems as though there's no end, which would make sense, but I just really wonder why anything? Not to say that everything is pointless, but why does everything have a point? What's the point and why is it the point?

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What is it that makes you think anything has to have a point? It may be a thought that we have been told, similar to that of we all have a life mission or a life purpose. Its fine if you believe that, and it suits you, but it may just be a belief. Likewise, lifetimes are not just suited to earth, there are many schools of thought about there being limitless dimensions and planets and solar systems full of life, it just might not be at the same frequency or vibration as that of earth but its not to say its any more incomplete or unfulfilling. Far from it.

Why is a great question to ask, but it often catches us in a loop because it is never ending as you say and more often we get caught up in the negative cycle repeating over and over a negative statement rather than a positive and from a LOA perspective that is what we get more of.

Because nothing happens without a reason, however big or small that reason is, 1, 2, I didn't really ask this question to get an answer from someone else, but like I said, I don't really care much as to why physical life exists because that has been answered multiple times because that's the only one people really know how to answer, but I want to know why anything outside of physical life exists and HOW-- "joy" isn't a satisfying answer because it's like people say-- what came first? the chicken or the egg? if God created itself, how and why?

Well that could be a flaw premise but it’s a very common one that’s used to explain things and has some grounding to it for obvious reasons. 

Like most things, other peoples answers can help uncover our own ideas or thoughts or beliefs about things and so these discussions can be a real help to finding that out.  I mean it also depends on what you are terming as physical life. 

You see even from a biological perspective life is other perceived by 3 factors, something that eats, grows and reproduces.  So from that perspective even bacteria and viruses are living organisms (although it is often argued that viruses aren’t because they are somewhat fussy eaters and will often go only consume certain physical types of cell whereas bacteria will in essence eat anything in comparison). 

Also the reason why the aspect you are calling God choose to create itself may not be a human kind of understanding answer that we can appreciate and it may not seem to fit our categories of reference.

I mean, flawed premise or not, my question still stands

Okay. So again I would simply say what makes you think there has to be a point at all? 

You know its like looking at the chicken or egg in that looking for a reason for everything is going to produce different answers depending on what you are looking at, and even the act of looking is and of itself creates a change in the universe.

I like the idea of the only point of life is to have fun!  That works for me.   

The Point .... is the Absolute Truth, that Truth is indeed All that Exists.

Truth is God - I AM . 

BEING  Itself. 

The Glory, the Joy, the Whol-e-ness of Being BEING Itself. 

Absolutely Absolute.

Any contrary to this would prove futile.  

For example, the number 3 is none other than the number 3, regardless of it's visable self-identifiable form(like languages for example). It will never be a 4, all the adding or subtracting or multi-plying or math-meta-majics could ever change, make or unmake that fact THAT it is indeed exactly 3. 3 is never separated from Existence (missing, hidden, broken, sick, or in any way changeable), it is THAT IT is. Not a-part from, or a-part of Existence , but One WITH Existence, Inseparable. 

I appreciate what you're saying, but it has nothing to do with my topic of discussion so please stop thank you

You are the point .



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