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I won't lie, the more I contemplated the law of attraction, the more I kind of just found myself wondering why anything exists to begin with. I'm not necessarily asking the question in the hopes that someone has the answer, I just find it interesting as to WHY in general-- where does non-physical, or "Source" come from and why does 'all that is' have to be eternal? Why is Source here, or even a thing? Why is it that eternity is a thing and just HOW is it a thing? Why does non-physical and physical exist? If someone says "for the joy of it", my question is still "but why though?"

What is the point of anything? Why expansion? Why eternity? Why so many lifetimes on Earth specifically, as if there aren't trillions of planets out there that have life as well? Why does the universe work the way it does, like, what's the point in that? I feel like whatever anyone has to say about it, I'll just keep asking "why" because it seems as though there's no end, which would make sense, but I just really wonder why anything? Not to say that everything is pointless, but why does everything have a point? What's the point and why is it the point?

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I used to go through that - and still do, to a degree, over some things. I figured out that I may never know the answers to those questions, so I'm not going to let that interfere with my well-being. It's worrying over something you can't change at all. I just know I'm here, I don't have all the answers, but am open to learning more and who knows what knowledge will come into my life? I just have to be content with being the best I can be, no matter what the point is, because I can't change that at all.


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