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I am downloading this now, & I wondered if you all have watched it. The reason I am asking, is that I have had a few tell me that I am wasting my time, it is no good :O(
Any input on it would be great.
Many thanks.
Blessings to you all.

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Don't waste time by asking other people to tell you if something is good. Form your own opinion.

BTW, you mentioned you were downloading it. I hope that's a legal download. :) Piracy is one of the most common forms of scarcity behavior and it works against prosperity consciousness.
I have rewatched this movie over thirty times, and I love it. This is the movie that made it possible for me to believe in The Secret when I saw it, and it is also the movie that led me to get out of a really bad job, an even-worse relationship, and drop a bunch of poisonous friendships.

If you can, watch the theatrical version first, then watch the Quantum Edition, which is deeper and goes further into the interviews with the top scientists.

Whenever I feel the scientist/skeptic in me start to come out (the Doubting Thomas, so to speak), this movie puts all that to rest.

You should definitely watch it over and over!
Hello Teresa,

Saw it in the theater when it first came out and then got the extended DVD when that was available. It is both fun and enlightening in my view. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I know many people had a hard time with some of the quantum concepts, but for me, that was some of the best parts. =)

Ross - Tolemac
Hi Tony,
I didn't ask them, I told them that I was going to watch it & then they all said "It rubbish & I'm wasting my time", plus a lot more lol but I know your right, I wouldn't listen to anyone now, I learnt the hard way lol.
I downloaded it from UTorrent from people who put it up for you to download. Years ago I used to download when I shouldn't off, if you know what I mean, & my PC went crazy & I lost everything on it. So again I know you are right about legal downloading. I have come a long way in the last few years, & I would never do anything illegal at all.
You made a very good point as well "Piracy is one of the most common forms of scarcity behavior and it works against prosperity consciousness."
Thank you Tony & Blessing to you.

Hi Dchag,
WOW over thirty times, that is some going lol, but I can see why, I loved it & will keep watching it. I wish I could share it with everyone I know. Trouble is no one believes in it who I know. I have been telling my sisters about the secret & brought them the book, but they don't really follow it. One day maybe they will want to watch it, by then tho, I will be able to tell them word by word lol :O)
Thank dchang, Blessings to you.

Hi Wes,
Yes I did watch the Rabbit hole one, It was funny in some parts ;D It made sence the way they did it too,
You wrote "A lot of people do not like their religious dogmas questioned by science, and a lot of spiritualists want everything to be some sort magic/mystical thing." I couldn't agree more, thats the problem with a lot of people I know which is a crying shame.
I've even been told that I am going to burn in hell when I pass over, because of my believes :( But I can't change what others think & I don't try to, Its all about free will.
Thank you Wes & Blessings to you.

Hi Tolemac,
I am going to buy the DVD as the download is not very good & I will be watching a few more times ;)
It was fun & enlightening. I am wondering what is the next one for me to watch now? lol Is there anything as good as this one?
This website is amazing, I have found so much more by coming on here. you are all so wonderful & so very helpful which I thank you all again.
Thank you Tolemac & Blessings to you.
Sounds interesting. Getting ready to watch it now.
You enjoy RockinRobin, please let us know what you think of it?
Blessings Teresa


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