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When I received letters for a smear test I ignore them and use the secret by belief that I will never get cancer so I don't need a smear test plus I'm too scared to have one so is it sage to take the chance and don't have one. I believe I will always be healthy through positive thoughts from the secret? Any advice.

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I meant is it safe to take the chance

When you say you are too scared to have one - what are you scared of?  If you are scared of the results then that tells you something about where you are at.  And the fact you are asking the question also shows that you aren't convinced about whether you should be avoiding them.

I think pap smears are wonderful, empowering and something to be celebrated.  Even though I don't find them enjoyable to have, although they really aren't that bad and are over pretty quickly, they are one of the best kind of tests in that they can be very preventative.  They allow you to take action before something turns into something nasty and harder to treat.  Really they are no different from having moles on your skin checked regularly, it's just that the test is a little more intrusive.  Just like finding a mole that is a bit suspect and having it removing it before turns malignant, pap smears can allow you to do the same and let you take control of something before it becomes a bigger problem.

In terms of believing you can be healthy, affirming that and doing what you can to support that is always a good idea.  But it doesn't necessarily mean you won't get sick.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is making promises on your behalf that you can't keep.  There have been notable teachers of LOA who have died of cancer - Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer - which shows that no one has all the answers on avoiding illness.  For instance, if it all came down to belief, no-one would ever die from unintentional poisioning. There have been cases of people picking and eating mushrooms they thought to be safe only to die from them.  What about people who have been poisoned by someone else? They don't know they are cosuming poison but yet it still kills them.  Belief is not the only factor.

So I would strongly recommend having regular pap smears but not in fear of the outcome.  Expect them to be clear and that you're just doing it for comfirmation of that.  Embrace the positive aspects of them.  See them as an  action that aligns with your commitment to your health.  See it as information and feedback that keeps you well and empowered.  Don't see them as something to worry about.  

Thank you for your reply I'm greatful.

Have you heard the Abe. Videos on "turn the other cheek"? It is the idea of. Looking away from what you don't  want as fast as you can. 


Have you got a link for the video please?

A very interesting question and in my personal opinion I think you have to go with what feels right. Any decision you make that doesn't feel good to you will not turn out good.  It's not because there is a pre determine result but your your thoughts and emotion will manifest the result. So whatever decision you make align your energy with it so that the result will be in align with your desire result.  So if you decide not to take the test in fear then  fear base manifestations  surrounding this subject and others will come into your experience..   Modern medicine can cure a lot o things but negative thoughts and emotions is up to you to fix. Since your thoughts and emotions create your reality then it is very important that you make sure your belief systems and emotions are align with whatever you do. 

Thank you that sounds good. So if I believe I will always be healthy then I should always be healthy.

OK so you are healthy but Smear tests are about prevention of full scale issues. Surely to remain in our healthy state like taking vitamins etc we are preventing ill health. .so a smear is all about early intervention. Obviously go with your gut instinct but I always have regular smears not as a just in case but more like a check up. ..checking and reviewing my health x

Wow, similar energy really does end up in the same place.  I know this, but I'm always astounded by it all the same.  I've been feeling exactly the same way!  Not about pap smears in particular (though, I admittedly have hang-ups about them), but about my health in general.  I've been feeling like, "why should I see a doctor?  I should just make myself healthy."  And usually, it works.  But I've internalized so many of society's negative beliefs about the physical body and health that I keep worrying that I'm carrying around illness-causing thoughts and that it's only a matter of time before something happens.  Of course, I choose not to believe in that part.  That doesn't stop me from worrying about those unruly thoughts.


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