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Ok, so for the past few months, I've been feeling like life is pointless and meaningless. I want to know what is the point of life, it just seems pointless:being born, growing up, going to school, getting a job, getting married, having X amount of kids. Whats the point of life? Why does it seem meaningless? Like nothings real and everything is a joke? I read the secert and I'm hoping to attract the point of life.

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Yes, I think that changing his name is a great start. Obviously 99 you have created an identity around illness or being "sick" whether that is physically, emotionally, spiritually or a combination of them. Shed this old view of yourself and start fresh. Reinvent yourself. You have that opportunity every day.

I came on for some inspiration for a friend about to serve in Afghanistan and I typed hopeless in the search bar and found this encouragement. THANK YOU PI! Sending you love Don.

Your life experience means whatever YOU SAY it means TO YOU.


You're the boss.  You're the captain of your ship and the commander of your mission.  What you say goes.  There is no force in Creation that can or will contradict or countermand what you declare to be true about yourself and your circumstances.  The way you define things -- especially yourself -- gives them meaning, and the meaning you give them determines the effect you get from them.  What you project is what must reflect.


Change your definitions, change your meanings, and you change your experiences.

Just about everyone feels like this at some stage in their lives, and it is usually when life isn't flowing and nothing much is happening. The good thing is that the purpose of life is different for everyone. Lots of people, yes, have the life path of grow up, get married, have kids, get debt and make X number of pounds, but not everyone. That is just people buying into conventional 'wisdom' but it doesn't have to be the case for a conscious creator. Your purpose in life may be different from others in a number of ways.

Even if you don't know your path in life, or your life purposes, the Universe does. We live in a FRIENDLY UNIVERSE which has our best interests at heart, and which loves us and cares for us. If you don't know, or are feeling directionless, ask the Universe to HELP AND GUIDE YOU. Write it a letter detailing your life now and what you would like to know. Then finish that letter by giving it your permission to enter your life, intervene and guide you forwards. It is perfectly willing and able to guide your forwards and help you, but it needs YOUR PERMISSION FIRST.

Then after that, put the letter away and work on your belief. Believe that you are being guided, and that your life is going forwards. Often, it's a case of you're not stuck, your FOCUS is stuck. We just get stuck in a rut of thinking that we're not going anywhere and that life is pointless, and this just locks that reality in place. When you start to believe that you are going forwards, and you get a bit of momentum, you start to feel that you can go to places you've never been before. That your life can transcend in ways it has never done before.

Beautiful words******

Yes! A truly fantastic mystery to experience (when we learn how to live haha)!

Yes Dorothy

It is all about the meaning you infuse into it. So always go do things you find enjoyable!


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