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When everything seems to fall apart, that's when your manifestations are really close

I read somewhere that when everything seems to fall apart and you are hitting rock bottom, thats when your manifestations are really close, so I guess my manifestations must be just outside the door considering whats happening right now

Msfantasia posted this today on another post, and I heard about this too, and so I thought I'd launch a new discussion about this, as it interests me a lot.


What are you thoughts about this?

Why do you think it happens like that?

Has something similar already happened to you?

Tell us your stories! :-)

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I have found this has happened in my life when I am ready to change, and the old ways of doing things no longer work for me. This can be reflected in things "breaking down" around me, losses  etc. It is truly darkest before the dawn!

Blessings Be for all. Hugs!

Yup. The key is detachment. The last big manifestation (which was TRULY unbelievable in its occurrence - to the point where people around me sometimes discuss how incredulous they are that the outcome actually turned out that way) happened when I initially had thoughts that something pretty negative was probably going to happen in relation to one of my desires. I couldn't see a positive turn of events to this particular situation, so I truly let go of it, and said to myself "whatever events happen, EVEN IF IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT, it will bring my desire closer to me."

I said those words whenever I was heading towards fear and doubt, and I believed them in a general sense. (All the while, wondering how that could even be.) But I have to mention, I said the words, and believed them ONLY because I chose to. I had no real intuitive feeling that my desire was coming towards me. And there were many events which could have (at least on the surface) looked as if it was moving away from me. I did not believe it from logic, or because I know how LOA works, or because I had a feeling things would work out. I just chose to believe it. 


I let go of any thoughts of potential outcomes, or how something might play out. When I started thinking fearfully, I just shook my head so the thoughts would literally fall out of my ears ; )


When the manifestation happened it was greatly positive, brought my desire closer to me although there was no indication the outcome would or could happen, and was, as they say, better than I had ever dared to imagine. But I really had to let go of it. Really let go. The reason it was easy to let go of, was I couldn't even see the pathway towards a positive outcome, it was that far out of the realm of believablity. But I chose to feel that whatever happened, no matter how my ego perceived it, I was moving closer to it.

Hi. Very intresting to read your way of dealing with feeling far away from your wanted manifestation. Im in the same place, and am thinking of maybe it could be an alternative for me to just chose to believe, as you described you did. But damn its so goddamn hard to believe when everything points in the opposite direction. I just dont know if I can do it, and really believe it, not just thinking it but deep down thinking that Im just fooling myself...

I hope so.

Would be absolutely amazing!!!


Let's all just try & think - the phrase "it's always darkest before the dawn" has got to have come from somewhere. Besides in actual daylight speak because that's obvious haha.

I was thinking about this the other day actually when I was feeling down and pretty pissed off to be honest, & I remembered the saying, & about somebody mentioning about the Universe giving us tests to see whether we still want what we're after. Oh, and also how in films, as soon as the main character tries so hard for something, then thinks "f*ck it - i've failed." BAM!!!! It's the happy ending of the movie!!!

Hey there MP! I may not be understanding correctly, but for me, personally, things manifest for me only when I am feeling awesome and never when I am experiencing contrast. I guess you are asking if following contrast do things manifest? I think that depends on whether you have released the resistance or not.


I do feeel though that those bottomed out moments in life are essential for our learning and we must not ignore the signs. If something shitty (or sheety as you would say lol) is happening to you then you must figure out why.


warm hugs!


... Flowerpatch



Hm releasing the resistance..... thats intresting, I had really forgotten about that part..... Even though I truly believed my wish would manifest, the thought "but what it doesnt and im just kidding myself with all this hoping!!!" came up now and then. But then I fought back those thoughts and visualized me being where I want. Releasing resistance, does that mean you reach the point where you feel it doesnt matter anymore? Screw it, as someone put it in another reply? Cause I still feel that my life is not worth living if my wish doesnt manifest. Now I have reached a point where everything points towards that Im not gonna get my wish. I started to loose optimisn in believing that my desire would come true, and the feeling of believing it wouldnt come true was just too hard to stand. But maybe its a neccessary step to really feel the pain of not going to get your wish, and accepting it, which is neccassary to recieve? Is that what you meant by releasing the resistance? Being fine with life either way, even if your wish doesnt come true?

Hi MP,
I didn't read all the posts, but I believe even Bible hints something like this according to what some interpret. But the key is for one to truly believe this is so and thank God universe, etc. Be in a gratitude mode despite what's happening is everyone thinking is 'shitty' or not. Another words be peace with it knowing that the cloud is being shifted and you're now going through the thick cloud and truly believe that all will be fine in the end.
I think perhaps this may be true in certain circumstances because when you hit rock bottom, most of us just "give up" and "let go" in a sense. Maybe this "letting go" is subconsciously us letting go to the universe and letting LOA fulfill itself.

Well, I don't think it is all your manifestations come to us. But I do think that many "enlightened" people have to hit rock bottom to awaken from their ego-state, because the only thing holding individuals back from becoming their "true self" is to wake up from the dream that they are this ego... and the ego fights and fights and fights and fights and fights and fights ...... and hangs on and hangs on and hangs on and hangs on....


When there is nothing left for our ego-mind to hang on to, then we have extinguished all resistance (surrendered to "God" or "Source"). We then discover we don't "NEED" a car or whatever to feel complete joy, because we discover we already are "complete joy/abundance"....


My stories are too many and too long to tell, but I have had several.

I think it has something to do with the time lag of manifestations.  So when we want something that is very important to us and it is not happening, we are sending out a GOOD vibration of the thing we want but we are also sending out a lot of vibrations in the frustration field.  The frustration vibrations are very real and there is no resistence to them so they start to manifest as things not going well

"things falling apart and .... hitting rock bottom"

The more we carry on in this frustrating way (about the thing we most want) the more disasters happen (manifest).  BUT the good news is that like an illness, the 'bad situation' can cause us to stop in our tracks and review our life or situation.  And in the pause and the peace that ensues, the vibration of the thing we wanted can more easily come true and so hey presto it manifests !


Here is an experience that happen to me quite recently ...

One of my desires is to have a nice new car, my micra is 12 years old.  But I had a very frustrating week with not having money to pay for basic needs and so was feeling frustrated.  In the middle of all this a car crashed into mine damaging the passanger side.  I felt SO lucky that I was not injured in the crash and neither was the other driver and I reckoned that his insurance would cover all my repairs.  But it started to fall apart when he accused me of being in the wrong and we had to go to the police station and it looked like it would have to go to court.


I was feeling so compromised, why did something like this happen to me, why would someone tell a lie about an accident. I slept very badly tossing and turning and feeling quite 'ill'.  So the next day I did my mediation and imagined the young driver who was driving his mothers car , and I held him in LOVE. And I let go of the need to have my car  repaired.  I decided that the other driver had some reasons why he could not tell the truth and so decided to let go of everything, let go of the need to be right and let go of the need to have my car repaired.  I began to feel at peace.


The next day, my insurance called me to say the other party had accepted liability and they asked me to bring in my car for repair. AND to top it all they gave me a replacement car that is my DREAM car, a BRAND new Volkswagon Polo, automatic.  I have been driving around in sheer bliss for the last few day ...going on longer trips than I would do in my car because of its age.  And for the first time I can really 'visualise' the car I want because driving this car has awakened my desire for a new car.


But I can see from my experience, that I always had a desire for a new car, but my frustrations in life in general were interfering or delaying my manifestation and all the 'frustrations' were manifesting more rapidly.  The crash, was a pivotal point where I realised I could manifest a disaster and knew that that is NOT what I want, but what I am vibrating.  So it helped me to find peace again, ie the mediation and the letting go  ......and in the peace that ensued ...a beautiful Car manifested in my experience.


love and light Gen

A lot of the time when you project something out there, challenges will come.  It's only the universe teaching you how to clear the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, preventing you from receiving.  Clear those and allow the good stuff to happen!  :)
There are some very good contributions and sharings about this subject here! Thank you all! :-)


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