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“I’ve been feeling good, but nothing’s happening. It’s not working.”

How do you determine that? I would love to hear an answer that doesn’t involve a change in conditions so then you can feel good. Please, enlighten me as to why you think feeling good isn’t working. What is your basis for success?

“Well, by what manifests, of course! My criteria of success is physical manifestations. I would know if feeling good worked if I got my stuff (money, relationship, etc.)”

:: Sigh :: Inner monologue: [I already know where this is going, but I’ll ask it anyway for the viewers at home.]

And why do you want physical manifestations?

“So I can feel good.”

Buuuttt . . . you already feel good. Soo, what’s the problem? *Scratches head in confusion.*

“Yeah, but I don’t have what I really want, so I don’t feel good. How much longer do I have to feel good before what I want manifests so then I can feel good?”

What everyone wants to attract is emotions. The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. When people say it’s not working, what they really mean is, “I’ve been feeling good and nothing physically appears to be different.” Some (most) people are feeling good as a means to an end manifestation. Others do feel good, but still don’t understand the point of all of this.

If you think getting the relationship or money is the main focus, you’ve missed the point of the physical, human life experience. Because, there will always be something you want that you don’t have. And if you can’t find a way to focus unconditionally and feel satisfied with your life right now without what you want, you will never be in the receptive mode long enough to allow what you want and, more importantly, you will never be happy or have a fulfilling life. Because you’re always waiting. You’re on hold for eternity, when you make your relief be based on physical reality appearing different.

“If I just had the money, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until you feel sad and alone because you’re not in a relationship.

“If I just had the relationship, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until you notice you want new furniture for your home.

“If I just had the new furniture, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, but then there’s a delay with the furniture, and customer service isn’t helpful.

“If customer service was nicer to me, and if my new furniture would arrive sooner rather than later, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until your child has an issue with something.

“If I could just solve this issue with my child, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until your parents make you feel guilty and judge you for something.

“If I could just change the way my parents looked at me, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until your partner does something and hurts your feelings.

“If I could just change my partner to be the person I think they should be, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until you have some health challenge.

“If I could just be healthy, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
Yes, until you want to buy a new home, but don’t know how to pay for it.

“If I just had the money, then I would be happy, feel secure and free.”
And now we’ve come full circle.

It. Will. Never. And I mean never. End. You will always be standing in a place where some kind of improvement could take place. That is how it is meant to be.

That is a big piece most people don’t get. They’re compartmentalized when it comes to manifesting. “It’s just this relationship that I want.” Or, “It’s just this money.” It never ends! There is no, “It’s just this,” because there will always be another, “just this.” There is no end to your list of desires.

Not to mention, when you say, “Feeling good doesn’t work to get me what I want,” that’s a belief. Not because it’s true or not, but you believe it’s true based on your observation of lack. So because you practice that belief, Law of Attraction proves to you that belief is true. So you stay stuck in a self-created cycle that feeling good isn’t the key (when it is), and you never allow yourself to feel fulfilled because you’re always on to the next manifestation, thinking over there, when this happens, then you will finally have it all. But that’s just an illusion. There is no, “over there.” Everything is now. So unless you feel good now, you never will.

Everything you want is doing its best to come to you, but when you prioritize feeling worse over feeling better, you never allow yourself to remember the whole purpose of life in the first place which is to have fun now. A fun journey to everything you want unfolding in an easy, comfortable, next-logical-step way. If you are not receiving the next logical step, then you haven’t allowed yourself to be in alignment long enough to allow momentum to build to reach a point where you receive inspired action to do something that is fun for you.

It may not seem like the fun thing you are inspired to will lead you to the money and relationships you want. It may seem frivolous. But if it feels good, it’s connected. So you may feel inspired to go to the beach, and then you could judge that and think, “Well, how is that going to get me money? I should be doing something more productive.” Then you don’t go to the beach, don’t allow yourself to receive an inspired idea, or rendezvous with a friend who has another friend who has a business idea that you would be perfect for! You don’t follow what feels good just for the sake it feels good because you’re so hellbent on needing to know exactly what action leads to what result, when it’s not cut and dry like that. It’s much more relaxed. Much more playful, whimsical and efficient.

The fun, seemingly unusual path is actually the most efficient path compared to society’s limited definitions of, “This behavior/action leads to this result.” But unless that action feels good, the result won’t be all that satisfying. Which will make you want to take more action, to change more conditions, so then you can feel good. But it won’t work, because it’s coming from the fundamentally flawed premise that you work to control and change the conditions to feel good, instead of feeling good is the work!

“Feeling good’s not really working for me. What else you got?”

Uhh… Feel bad? Yeah, try that for a while. See how it works out.

“Why would I feel bad? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Exactly! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! Ha ha. People, I love you, but just think for a second what you’re actually saying and how anything other than choosing to feel good, doesn’t make any sense.

There’s only two options: Feel good or not. Feel better or feel worse. Feeling better allows everything you want. Feeling worse offers resistance to everything you want.

If you don’t believe feeling good will help you, then you believe feeling bad will help you. But when you feel bad, you offer resistance and don’t allow the loving and financial opportunities to come. You block them by not caring about how you feel. Because if you cared about how you feel, then you wouldn’t worry about how to get what you want, or feel frustrated or overwhelmed of what you need to do or should be doing, because those emotions don’t feel better, so you would focus on something else that does help you feel more satisfied because nothing is more important than that you feel good.

When you feel good, you don’t notice anything not working/happening, because you could only be aware of that if your focus is on lack. You can’t feel good and focus on lack at the same time. So whenever you think it’s not working, in that moment, you felt inspired to think that from being out of alignment with how it is working.

You want to feel good. Period. You have no other motivation. So saying, “I feel good, but I don’t have what I really want, which is the manifestation . . .” is not understanding how emotions and the deliberate creation process works.

If you think nothing is happening, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It means nothing physically is happening. Vibrationally, there’s a whole bunch of good stuff happening. Your emotions let you know what’s in the process of becoming, and whether you are moving towards or away from what you want. Your emotions are your only true source and consistent guide to letting you know what’s going on a vibrational level. You can’t accurately rely on your physical senses observing the presence or absence of physical manifestations to give you the now information you need to know how you’re flowing your energy. Physical manifestations are old news. Emotions are new news.

When you feel good, you don’t care what hasn’t manifested yet, because you know you’re being guided every step of the way. If you do care it hasn’t manifested yet, then you don’t feel as good as you think you do. Because when you feel good unconditionally, what hasn’t manifested becomes a non-issue you don’t even bring up, other than your utter delight of it’s inevitable unfolding.

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Love it Brian, what you say is truth :D

Hi Brian,

"If you’re trying to be happy to get your ex back, then it won’t work because you’re not feeling happy just because you like how it feels."

I understand that in order to manifest something, we must feel good about it as if it is happing RIGHT NOW (LIVING IN THE END RESULT). Whenever I do visualizations, I feel the joy of being with my loved one. And of course, I enjoy that feeling. I've read on another post that said something similar to what you just said: 

 "But if you are feeling ‘By visualizing/affirming I am going to feel good. By feeling good I can supposedly attract him/her back’ then you are again operating from a place of attachment and lack."

My question is that why can't it work this way? You're still FEELING GOOD by doing visualizations after all? and isn't it the key to manifesting: FEELING GOOD? So why can't feeling good (living in the end result) by doing visualizations bring about my manifestations?

Whenever I do my visualizations, I feel good. And try to find things that make me feel good when I'm not doing my visualizations while keeping my faith that my loved on is on his way to me. Am I on the right track?

“You're still feeling good after all?”

Yes, but you’re not feeling good for yourself, you’re feeling good for your manifestation. So when the manifestation is not there, or is taking too long, you observe what-is, focus on the lack or absence of what you want and then you offer resistance.

You want to feel good for no other reason other than it feels good. Because if you’re doing it for the relationship, that’s conditional. Because you practice a belief, “I can’t be truly satisfied and fulfilled until I have the relationship I want.” So you’re making your emotions based on your partner. Even when you do manifest the relationship, when your partner does something you don’t like, you will blame them and still hold them accountable for how you feel, because you haven’t practiced feeling good unconditionally.

“So why can't feeling good bring about my manifestations?”

It will, but it won’t stay very long unless you focus on feeling good for the rest of your life to maintain that manifestation, which could be exhausting and draining if you’re not doing it for yourself.

This is a perfect post! Brilliant Brian! That should really be your name here on PI! Thanks for the clarity! I love it!
I love this!! Thank you

Thanks Brian, i was missing your posts!! Perfect post at perfect time!! Anyway i would not mind a physical manifestation XD just kidding

How beautifully explained once again. Thank you Brian for simplifying things for us.

When I read the title, I wanted to say "congrats, you're right!". Your beliefs make your reality, so if it's not working, and it's not working, mission accomplished.

In noticed recently that the areas in my life or certain situations weren't working out very well, or the level of effectiveness I wanted wasn't as high, was simply because I doubted that they would work in the first place. Now I make it a point  that before anything I remind myself it's working. And guess what's the outcome? Yeah, it works :)

Love what you have written Brian, you are right though, we need to feel good within. I have noticed I have been relying on wanting to feel good because I wanted a particular job. Unfortunately didn't get it, then I started to feel sad. Went for another job interview and got knocked back.  Felt sadder even more.  I actually broke down crying and wanting to understand, what am I doing wrong?  Maybe there is a belief and its subconscious. Not sure.

Wanting to feel good within despite the career drama thou.

“Unfortunately didn’t get it, then I started to feel sad.”

Unfortunately by whose standards? Your in alignment unconditional standards or out of alignment conditional standards?

“I didn’t get it, then judged that as something went wrong, and focused on what I didn’t want. And because I focused on the lack or absence of what I want, I received emotional guidance and felt sad to help remind me what I was doing with my focus so that I could shift my focus to what I do want and then I would feel better, indicating my realignment with who-I-really-am.”

“Maybe there is a belief and it’s subconscious.”

Even if there is, it's not really important. You’re receiving guidance in the form of negative emotion that always means the same thing: You’re thinking thoughts your Inner Being isn’t. When you give your attention to what you don’t want, you feel sad. When you give your attention to what you do want, you feel better. Your emotions and not because you do or don’t get the job (i.e. conditions). Your emotions are from what you are doing with your thoughts and whether they are in harmony or not with what you want.

Brillant Brian :D  thank you so much :D  I appreciate your advice Gosh you are awesome man, love it :D


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