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When You Visualize Something, and the Opposite Happens (Always Define Everything as Positive)

It never does the opposite of your practiced thoughts and how you feel. So, it's important to pay attention to what you're really giving attention to. Every subject is really two subjects: what is wanted and the lack of it. And, how you feel lets you know which way you are looking at a particular subject. When you feel good, you're focused on what you want. When don't feel good, you're focused on the lack of what you want.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you receive an unwanted manifestation, don't define it as negative or wrong. Because it's not. Plus, when you say, "I wanted this, but the opposite happened." that's not the end of the story. How do you know that the opposite happening wasn't the path of least resistance way for what you want to happen?

For example, you want abundance to flow, you feel good focusing on money and abundance, and you receive a bill, and then feel frustrated because it seems like you got the opposite of what you wanted.

How do you not know that a bill coming would inspire you to focus more on allowing abundance, and so the bill actually inspired more money to flow into your life than had it not come?

You don't know because you took (negative) score too soon. Relax. And the let the story unfold.

Everything is always working out for you.

Just spin everything in a positive way (because it always is), and withhold your impulse to want to judge unwanted experiences or results as negative or a hinderance to what you want from coming. Just trust that what you want is still coming, regardless of how it appears on the surface.

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Thanks, Brian. Your wise words always seem to show up at the right time!

True!! Haha
You always inspire me. Thank you

Nice Brian. 

in the example u said, some people get irritated with the bills they get, and still they wants money. Well its a good example, but related to money...

Now i will ask u one question. what about the dealing with people, people are nothing but the minds, different minds and some good minds, some difficult minds... and how to gets friends? how to get along with the people?

from collage days i am seeing i have left alone . no friends.  i am good with all.. but still no friends.. why? this is my main question? and u know i dint get any answer for this till now.

now u may say, be friendly with ur self.. 

i am friendly with myself, i love myself.

any way if u answer let me knw

from collage days i am seeing i have left alone . no friends.  i am good with all.. but still no friends.. why?”

When you look at that, what is the story you are telling the Universe?

That you feel good, and that you have friends, or that you don’t feel good, and you don’t have friends?

You want to soothe yourself and the story you have been telling about your relationship with friendships. You want to give more attention to what you want, and give less attention to the lack or absence of what you want.

You want to find a way of telling a better feeling story about friendships.

Aboard the "feel good" train!!!
Thanks Brian

Plenty of room =)


no answer.

Hope there are seats left when I come back from the Dining Car. I think I might grab a coffee before I plunge into Brian's infamous "Previous Posts." Hehehe!

Might need to grab a couple coffees and pull an all nighter, ha ha.

And also be clear, then you won't get 'half' manifestations. For instance, if you want a new job, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, always state that they are AVAILABLE NOW. That way, you won't attract people or things which are what you want, but what you can't have.


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