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Which is the right way to turn way the positive intentions to reality

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site. I too believe in positive and powerful intentions.
They have worked for me many times. Rt now, I want to settle with my family in London, UK.
My hubby had got a wonderful job offer in UK. I was very happy that my intentions were
turning into reality but suddenly the whole thing just crashed and I became very sad.
It was temporary, I realised and have again started thinking positive abt the same.
Can anyone advise me the way to go abt my intentions? Am I doing anything wrong.
Thanks and lots of light and peace!!!!!!

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Hi Jyoti,

Thanks for sharing a bit about your inner journey. :O)

First thing that might help is to just plain give yourself a lot more ongoing credit, Jyoti. I mean, ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS, JYOTI! :D

YAY!! You did it!!! :D

Hahaha! :D

It's as though you had successfully done a hand stand for pretty much the first time and then landed on your feet successfully and then lost your balance for a second and landed on your butt. That's not failure!

Hahaha! :D

That's success! And then, you had a little silly incident that you will smile and recognize as insignificant in the future, when you look back and smile about how this was around the time when you started to really get the hang of manifesting the wonderful thoughts and feelings inside you.



That's the way the huge, powerful, ever-joyful part of you looks at this moment that the little spark that lives your mundane life is going through. That huge part of you, your Expanded Self (or your Source) is ALWAYS thinking how awesome you are, how adorable, and how worthy you are. You know the way you always cheer on your favorite toddler? Like that, Jyoti. Isn't that a wonderful thought?!

Your intention is well understood by the powers of the universe (which are an aspect of you, for all intent & purpose). You're not doing anything wrong. You just need to enjoy your awesomeness more. Appreciate what obviously is working for you (while keeping in mind--even if only intellectually--that EVERYTHING is working to your benefit).

If you've got a roof over your head, tell yourself you appreciate that. If the weather's agreeable, appreciate that.

If you've got a kitten to pet, pet it and appreciate its presence. If you've got a picture on the wall you like, appreciate. If you get to eat some food you like, appreciate. If you MADE the food, appreciate yourself and your cooking skill (and it's GOOD SKILL if it allowed you to prepare something you like--even if what you like is simply bread and butter). Did a commercial make you laugh? Appreciate, Jyoti.

And, most of all, appreciate your own healthy desire to feel good and to enjoy all the things you know are yours to enjoy! :D

That impulse is golden, Jyoti. And while everybody's got it, you've actually paid enough attention to outright SAY it! So, say it more, and pat yourself on the shoulder and celebrate that. It's a big deal!

Oh, and I said it's a big deal so you'll take that seriously enough to take inner action. But the other thing that will help is to AVOID making all this too big a deal. That'll calm you. Remember that you're okay, just now. You're not gonna be thrown out on the street within the next thirty minutes, are you?

So tell yourself, "Things are okay. I'm okay. This isn't that big of a deal. I can relax a moment and remember who I really am and enjoy some thoughts that feel a little better."

This way, you can avoid feeling you're kidding yourself. Just obtain some relief a few times a day. And then a few more. Look at pleasant or inspiring videos. Look up Abraham-Hicks on YouTube if that's new to you.

You're doing great, Jyoti!

Maybe you just need somebody to say that.

Sunshine & Blessings,

Dear Giovani,

Your reply brought a smile to my face. Yep, now I realised where I'm going wrong. I appreciate every little thing happening to me and also to our world, but I never appreciated myself. It seemed egotistic. Now I realise I should feel worthy of getting wtever I desire, in order to get it. I have seen many videos of Abraham-Hicks and it just peps me up. However, wt u posted was not something I had seen before. It is perfect for my present state of mind. Thanks a lot and I really needed your valuable reply. I appreciate your friendship. God bless and lots of light and peace!!!!:D

There is no right way, because there is infinite possibilities.... One just has to "know" it, trust, or have utter faith... so much so that you don't even have to think about it, because you just ARE being it.


The fact that you contemplate lack of it at all means that there is some vibration of lack. 

Dear Unambiguous Pseudonym,


Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, u r right, I might have been focussing on the lack of my want. However, I have decided to not be tensed abt wanting it. I have to live my desire or be it as you say. I'm set abt changing my vibration. I realise I have to make a shift inside me to make it happen outside. I appreciate your answer which has made my look inside my soul and thank you once again. Lots of light and peace!!! :)

Are you watching Abe videos or have you seen the Louis L. Hay works, they made her best book into a movie called, "You can Health Your Life," it's totally inspiring.

Dear Laura,

I have seen videos of Abraham-Hicks and found them very inspirational. I also have Louis Hay's book. It is the first time I have tried to manifest something as big as trying to migrate to UK. With everyone around telling me how difficult it is to get a visa to UK and negative news abt world recession, I lost my confidence temporarily and started having doubts abt the same. That is why I think I could manifest a job for my husband but could not bring it to fruition. We mainly want to shift as my daughter is studying in Cambridge Board and is in the 11th. She wants to do her further studies in UK. Thank you for your inspiring words and I'll surely try to think positive all the time and not be tensed up abt wt I want. I appreciate your friendship! Lots of Light and peace:)

Most of your emotions are a result of what you think and the rest are reactionary to your circumstances.

The major controller of emotions is your perception of reality.


If you look at the teachings of various Spiritual Masters throughout the world, you will notice that they all contain a basic message - "how you perceive your reality is what makes the shift from a better quality life towards the very best of what it can be". The reason why almost everyone prescribes meditation is because meditation is an activity that helps you in controlling your mind and hence your perception of reality these two factors result in giving you a very strong and complete control over your emotions. The most basic issue is that We Humans think a lot and in the process of thinking excessively we tend to think some really miserable thoughts, and this is a very common problem seen in these present times, where there are lots of different kinds of issues that we as social beings go through.


You need to take it easy and let go the things that are not letting you be at peace. Letting go is a very important process that will help you in moving towards much greater things that life will be offering. 


Practice Meditation and also practice living in the NOW moment, these two things will bring a lot of positive difference in the way you feel and that will in return provide a boost to the LA process.


To conclude I would say that there is no such patented process that one needs to go through in order to make things work, YOU just need to FEEL GOOD and that you can do when you :


1. Live in the now

2. Don't stress in thinking and analysing your life situations JUST simply apply the mantra - LET GO...LET GOD.

3. Practice Meditation.

4. Share your Feelings with PI'ers as much as you want, until you really feel LIGHT inside..



Dear Wildwind,


It is nice to read your reply. Thanks for the website, but it is for US and my daughter is interested to pursue her medical studies in UK. She goes through the website of Oxford University as she feels a calling inside her for it. I really appreciate the effort you put through to paste this link. It gladdens my heart that so many people are ready to share my troubles and go out of their way to make me feel good and hopeful. I cannot appreciate all of you enough. Atleast now I know I attracted so many good friends and have come to the correct site. Thank you all and thank you universe:) Lots of light and peace!!!

Dear Wildwind,


Thank u. Will definitely go through it. I had just glanced at it before. I'm sure my daughter will find it useful! Thanks once again! :)


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