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hello, I am new here. I would like to buy a subliminal software for video and audio and I find Mindzoom. Does anyone use Mindzoom? I have searched many website and find a lot of positive review, everyone said it is effective. 

In addition, does anyone make own subliminal message? which apps / software do you use? use your own voice? hope you can give me some recommendation! Thanks a lot! 

Wish you a happy weekend! 

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Hello Esther,

I create my own subliminals for myself, my clients and for sale. I use my own voice, and I use Audacity, which is a fantastic free program. You will have to get used to it, but it's not intensive. I can record as many layers as I want, and have my voice pitched at any volume level, depending on what I'm creating and wanting out of it. 

I've used products similar to mindzoom, and the desktop portion is ok, but I was never happy with the audio, which is why I use Audacity. With it, I have full control. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

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Thanks Tolemac! May I know more about Audacity, is it difficult to use? 

you said you used similar product like mindzoom, is it effective for you? appreciate it if you can share more!

Hi Esther - The one I used that popped up subliminal messages on my screen was decent enough. Everyone will have a different experience of these things, so it's hard to gauge what will work for you until you try it.

Personally, I found Audacity to be very easy to navigate and understand. There are web pages off of the download page with information you can browse. The main one being the Tutorial page. There are also a bunch of youtube videos showing how to do everything. Click this link and it will take you to google search results and you'll see the vids and other links. 

Thank you so much Tolemac!!!

I like audacity too, it's easy to use.  I have made my own and listened to other people's.  There are many subliminals on youtube.  I have listened to recorded affirmations as well as subliminals where you can barely hear it.  So far, none of them have ever worked for me, and I don't know why.  I know they work for some people because some people report they worked for them under the youtube subliminal videos. 

I am currently listening to one to help me have the mindset of a millionaire.  I have been listening to it twice a day for the last couple of months.  I even listen to it while taking a nap in the afternoon - my medication makes me sleepy.  And so far I haven't noticed any changes from it.  I sure would like know why they work for some people and not others.  People claim that subliminals bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious and that the subconscious just accepts whatever it is told.  But then why do they not work for many people?

Here is a website that has some pretty good voices you can use to convert your text into speech:  http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/

I have tried that and I have even tried my own voice as well as others.  I've wondered if it would be better to use your own voice as you can speak your affirmations with emotion.  But, if you don't really believe what you're saying your subconscious might pick up on that, so I don't know.  

Hi Ndacloud,

I have listened youtube subliminal too a few weeks ago and found a little be effective. I listened "Overcome fear" and I felt secure and good. I listened more than twice everyday and sometimes more than 5,6 hours. \

I have read an article which is written by a Taiwanese, he is a successful person. He said when he first used the subconscious music, he just listened it in weekends but found it is not effective. Then he changed to listened everyday and more than 10,11 hours, sometimes even listened when he was sleeping. After a few months, he found it was very effective and his business income increase more than 5x.

He mentioned the most important thing is repeat, repeat and repeat. So I decide to listen everyday more than 5 hours.

Thanks for sharing that.  I'll give that a try. 

Does anybody know how loud the volume should be when listening to subliminals?  Some people say if it's loud enough for your conscious mind to hear it then it will reject it.  But I'm afraid if I turn it down where I can't hear it then my subconscious won't be able to hear it either.   

Also, I'd like to create one in audacity that goes on for at least 4 hours so I can listen to it while I'm sleeping too.  But anytime I have an audio file open in Audacity that is more than an hour long Audacity freezes up.  It can't seem to handle it.  Is there another free audio program that can handle longer files or would that be my computer that can't handle it?

Awesome, I'll try that when I'm sleeping.  I really didn't want other people in the house to hear them playing while I'm sleeping.  Maybe I can turn them down so low they can't tell what's being said.  If they can hear them at all.


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