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I have always heard the term, "Universe", and how HE or IT will deliver for us. The challenge I have is that I feel it turns us from the co-creators that we should be, into people who have to wait for an answer. The term, 'Higher Power' resonates better because it seems more intrinsic and gives US more control. 

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Deepak Chopra once said "God did not create the universe, He became the universe"

My understanding is that everything is energy, everything is connected and everything is our own divine presence, for we collectively are the universe.

Hope this helps in your quest for the bigger picture.


he he he I like the Hernia-verse !!, its got a kind of pregnant, mother earth quality to it .. he he

How did you come to that conclusion?!  The word comes from Latin and the meaning is "everything rotated as one", and no, I don't think you or I are "it" ...

Everyone has their own definition of the terms.


I like to see the Universe as the Physical realm that we live in the planet Earth and all the stars and galaxies and ALL the atoms, photons and energy involved.  LOA is merely a Law describing how our thoughts/feelings which are also photons of light control all other energies in this Physical Universe and bring atoms from far and near to create the things and the situations we want.

So for me the Universe is an "IT".


GOD is everything.   I see that within GOD is all of us,  all the Souls on Earth, all the souls in other realms and universes and other dimensions,  and the Souls in all the heavenly realms etc

So when we say Ask the Universe, we are  simply asking with our thoughts and feelings  to reorganise atoms and energies within this Universe to manifest things and situations that we can experience within this Universe.   LOA works all the time so it doesnt matter if someone belives in God or not, LOA works for them.


But I believe that we can also ask GOD directly, bypassing the rules of LOA, especially when we are not getting from the Universe or are so frustrated by our own negativity or feel so in despair that we cannot manifest within the rules of LOA, we can then bypass the Physical Universe and ask GOD to intervene directly.


When we ask the Universe we get ONLY what we vibrate, ie if we are sad, we get more sadness and if we are happy we get more happiness.  But when we ask GOD directly we RECEIVE  LOVE, grace or help, we never get negative situations or feedback.


Once we 'croak', we leave the Physical Realm, and return to NON Physical, or back to full knowledge of being one with GOD.  Then we have options to come here again, move up into other non physical states, or perhaps go to other Universes or dimensions, where perhaps there are rules like LOA perhaps not.  I believe that LOA may be uniquely belonging to OUR  current Universe.


Higher Self for me is the SOUL, the Spiritual being who is having this physical experience that I call ME, in human form.  Once I recognise that I have a Higher Self I can ask it for spiritual help and understanding.  I believe that the Higher Self is enjoying the experience of the Human/ Feeling self through us ...but is also enjoying an even more spiritual experience of being ONE with GOD. 


So there is GOD experiencing itself through Souls or HIgher Selves which in turn are  experiencing themselves through the Physical or Feeling  or Human selves.


The Human Selves experience themselves as separate, the Higher Self or Soul experiences itself as a personality made up of this current human personality and its various past life personalities  AND it experiences connections with other SOULS, and the SOULS experience themselves as separate, as multiple personalities AND as ONEness with GOD.


I imagine GOD like a SUN with rays, the thicker part of the rays are the souls, they are separate from each other but not from GOD.  At the tip of the ray is the human experiencing greater separateness than the Soul and only vaguely aware of its connection to GOD, until or unless of course they become enlightened.

Just another perception ...

love and light Gen

Ed, use whatever word you like. 

But expecting or trying to convince anyone else to agree with your reasons, is going to give you some opportunities to grow that you might not enjoy.


Wow, what an interesting discussion! I've loved reading all the replies.


The Universe.


From my perspective, the term "universe" in this context refers to the state of being that is "all-that-is". It goes beyond what we physically define as the universe and is the all involving, totally encompassing, multi-dimensional, multi-perspective, physical/non-physical ALL: not only the physical universe and everything that is in it, but all the vibrational possibilities that exist.


Energy is the basic building block of the universe and everything that exists within it. The behaviour of energy is determined by the intention behind it; the intention gives the energy motion and form. Intention is determined by thought. Thought is the foundation of ALL that exists.


We and all-that-is are ONE because we are all created from the same "thinking stuff", to use Wallace D Wattles' ( The Science of Getting Rich ) turn of phrase. This "stuff" is most malleable and without form until an intention is applied to it, through thought, causing it to exist and behave in a specific way.


Now, while this allows for any and all possibilities and perspectives, what is interesting to note is that the more specifically focused the energy is, the less it can factor in other perspectives. This is very important to remember because it forms the basis for the answer to your question Les.


In our everyday lives, we wear many hats and there are periods in which we wear specific hats; but it does not mean that we are not all those other things we wear hats for AS WELL. You don't play the role of dog business owner all the time and there are specific times when that aspect of you comes into sharper focus, but it does not mean that you are separate from YOU the son or the uncle or the partner. They are all ONE person, but due to the different specific intentions behind their roles, they can seem separate.


YOU are part of the universe, but YOU are ALSO the universe. It is just that in your freedom to access as little or as much of what is abundantly YOU in any given moment, you've chosen to wear this currently physically focused hat, which allows you to access some perspectives, but not others; until those moments when you CHOOSE to release the physical perspective (and you can do that without dying of course) and merge with your wider higher self/universe perspective. That is when infinite intelligence flows through you; that is when you are in the "zone"; that is when you just KNOW, even though you have no way of proving it or even working out how you know it. Then you are allowing yourself to access more of YOU. 


When one tries to explain it from a physical perspective, they will hit a brick wall because it is hard to wrap one's head around the idea of 2 separately intentioned beings being one. However, when it is considered in vibrational, energy terms, then the pieces just fall into place. Not different or separate entities, but a less expanded perspective versus a more expanded one. It is all YOU.


So when you "ask" for what you desire, it is not really an asking process that happens the way we are taught that asking works, in the sense that you are putting out a request that is either answered or not by some other aspect; it is more about an awareness of a new perspective you want to experience, that you RELEASE yourself into experiencing. This is why action, as wonderful as it is, can be limiting; because you can't MAKE yourself release into a new perspective; you can only RELAX INTO it.


Interesting huh?


I love all these connections we're making. 




I don't think you're being stubborn at all, the vibration of your words have shifted that's for sure..   :-)))


So, I'm glad you liked the analogy of the hats. A bit crude, but it seems to make the point quite nicely.


I think I explained the "letting go" in the last paragraph. Releasing into a new perspective that you want to experience. It is a "letting go" of sorts, isn't it? It is about letting go of the aspects of the physical perspective that don't allow you access to the new perspective you are reaching for. 


It is not about forgetting about your desire per se. It is more about not resisting the new perspective. You've mentioned before the concept of tuning into what was around you all along. You can't do that if you are still holding on to a previous perspective that doesn't favour the new one. 


The perspective is what is being let go. Not your desire.




Oh yes, embrace it if you will!! It is just that what people call "embrace" is actually an attempt to will something into being or push against what they don't want.


The more someone has been practicing their allowing, the more embracing they'll be indeed! 


Alignment on one subject is alignment on all subjects. The more one learns how to release resistance, the easier they are going to find it to release old perspectives and...wait for it....



.....embrace new ones!





Perhaps, yes.

I'm personally not quite enamoured with the whole "letting go" idea, for reasons I'm not sure I really know. It just feels a bit "off" to me, in my world. Of course this might not be the case for other people. And it doesn't matter.

There is also the fact that, once you've been practicing the art of releasing resistance through practicing "no thought", it starts becoming boring.

I find I move to the "embracing" stage pretty quickly these days, mainly because I'm always finding excuses to release resistance. 

Yes we are in sync tonight!

Woohoo... you're both coming along just fine!

Getting too caught up in the how is only going to favour the old perspective, because that is the platform you will be considering the action from; unless, you got aligned first, ha ha; then your alignment with the new perspective will inspire action that matches it.


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