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I have always heard the term, "Universe", and how HE or IT will deliver for us. The challenge I have is that I feel it turns us from the co-creators that we should be, into people who have to wait for an answer. The term, 'Higher Power' resonates better because it seems more intrinsic and gives US more control. 

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I am Who am the One Self who is All, and All who are the One Self, I am :-)

I agree we're all part of the same energy that makes up the universe or You-niverse (I laughed so much at the his/herniverse btw). But it's all the same in my view, god, gods , source, angels, the universe, higher power, higher self, whatever.

When it comes to these questions, it's great to get clarity but all the explanations are basically each of our understandings of the same thing. What works for each of us, what resonates with us. Being part of this community will help clarify what resonates best with you. But I think asking these questions can also create resistance. Best to just go with it :)

Me, it's a little of Abe, a little of affirmations, a little visualization and a LOT of just being happy and going with the flow. It's what it All come down to. What each of us does to get to our happy place where we surrender to the universe or the us-niverse lol.

PS: those here know I used to not resonate with Abe at all, and now I do with a lot of their teachings. I just dislike the term vortex. I prefer just moving on up the emotional scale and putting no pressure into getting into any vortex thingy lol. But now I'm off topic. Maybe I'll start a new one about what resonates with each of us.

The UNI-verse is a place where people study life and come to there own conclusions....

We are consciousness expressing our selves as us and all that is...The fact that we are or I am is why we manifest the Universe as we FEEL..when we want something we focus in on it with power, love and knowing and it is...We..All that is..is that which gives us our desires..It is us that is doing it all...Consciousness..


This is from NASA - this is the symphony of the  universe - it is from the Voyager - it is so beautiful!  Sit back with headphones, and listen - amazing - it resonates through your body!

I believe we are all apart of God - beyond Universe - because there are many more Universes out there than just ours.  I pretty much agree with Genevieve - i am starting to just accept what is - and life seems so much more wonderful that way - trusting that if you live life fully in love with it - things just work out wonderfully - doors open - that you never knew existed - oportunities present themselves, and nothing seems out of reach.


The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it - aliens ... within I don't know how many years, but in not too long a time, it's going to become basic common sense that you are not some alien being who confronts an external world that is not you, but that almost every intelligent person will have the feeling of being an activity of the entire universe

Alan Watts

super true

If it resonates with you, then use that phrase instead.  The Universe is a higher power and can be called all sorts of names: God, Allah, Yaweh, Source, Goddess, Divine, The Great Beyond, The Great Somewhere and so on.  Everybody has a different word which they feel comfortable with, but the essence of it is the same: a benevolent and omnipotent higher power, which you can communicate with.  

And it's a real thing too.  Imagine the Universe/Higher Power as a giant computer which responds to your every thought, and then turns them into your reality.  Plus it also responds when you dialogue with it and ask it things, or ask if for help or anything else.  That's what it's there for, and that is how the two of you co-create.  You send the deliberate thoughts, and it turns them into your reality. It sometimes sends you prompts and suggestions through things like you dreams, or signs and omens in the external world.

I don't feel powerless if I refer to it as the Universe.  I find that I feel more empowered, knowing that absolutely everything isn't down to me, that I'm not alone, and that there is an all-powerful being all round me, which is with me.

The universe is just a bunch of mirrors.

YOU are the light that shines into it. Your experiences are the evidence of the light that you shine into the mirrors, shining back onto you.


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