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Over the last couple of months am suddenly starting to look puffed up and really stupid in my pics. Trust me, I used to love the way I look. Also, am crushing over a guy and he is starting to like me too. Suddenly my ugly pictures are posted by a fitness group all over social media. Am so depressed. I don't want him to see me like this. I understand if two people really like each other, looks don't matter, but am feeling so low becoz of this. What should I do to mmake myself feel attractive ?

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That helps a hell lot. Feeling good rather than feeling attractive. I guess I was comparing myself with some other runners photos who look stunning in every picture. Also what u said about the personality could be more attractive than the pictures is also true. I have some proof of that. For instance, whenever this guy, me and the girl he's crushing on come together, he seems to gravitate note towards me. But somewhere in my mind I feel she has more edge than I do. I am working on reversing my self image though

It would be a lot easier just to drop the assumptions of what you assume a "certain look" means and implies , because those assumed implications don't have anything to do with you or anyone else. Yes, nothing !   Many people, apparently, are trying to meet some implied expectations of "what this means, what that means" as if those "meanings" define anything about who you really are. They never will and never could, because your being is infinite. You just are , and there is nothing that anyone can say or do that will effect that one iota. Zippo, zeeero . You ARE , and that's that. "How" and "who" you are, is THAT you ARE .  Perfect, not for anything you could possibly do or say or change.... all the "change" in the world won't change the Beauty .. Perfection in THAT  you EXIST. Inseparable.

A search for the attainment of an "image" of beauty, has nothing to do with, as I said, what beauty truly IS, and that is BEING. All those "images" are but assumptions that "the image" will bring someone fill-in-the-blank.  It's all made up !  total nonsense. That "if I do this, become that, etc. etc ..... then ..... and only then(there's always a condition to submit to in those equations) , then "this will come to and everything will perfect in my life again".

HaH !    It's like seeing a pie in the sky. . . . ummmmm how yummy it looks !  And there is nothing there , it's lie an EMPTY PROMISE .  Like a con man selling you the sizzle without the steak. There never was a steak , he wasn't selling anything, nor is there anyone in whom would buy it for the simple reason there isn't any con, there is no sizzle. Only a steak sizzles, the real thing, and it's not for sale by anyone. It's on you plate right now, it's you, the real thing !  BEING isn't sold nor bought ... it's already complete.

True "manifestation" is not in the making of things, as if to right a wrong, to complete an absence(nor is there a wrong or absence or not) it is in the recognition of everything you could possibly require for your life being already present, here and now(no matter the appearnce) That PERFECTION, WHOLENESS, is the established FACT of BEING.  "I ALREADY AM" .  I can't become that I be.... I already BE BEING !  Duh !!!!   L I F E !   It's not going anywhere and it's not coming from anywhere.  . . . . . Life is ALIVE , LIFE.  Eternity. Absolute. One. Whole. ALL .

BEING is our LIFE . . everything about "me" and "you" and "it" .... is none other that BEING. Life. Our body, mind, spirit , the planet the stars the sun . . . . All this One BEING, being.  Yes, this may seem to go against every one of those "empty promises" , but all those empty promises are just that, empty,  so there is no opposition . 

Smile !

What's even funnier is there isn't anyone in distress, and this isn't addressed to anyone .. .. for the reasons listed above !  It just is  . .   .ahahahaha ! 

So beautiful. Although it took me a while to comprehend the last para :P. Roses, how can I free myself up and stop trying to matchup to someone else's expectation of something? 

To be honest, I might have yo read this a few tines before I completely get the entire gist of it, but am going to keep reading this, it jus feels so refreshing


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