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I had a revelation recently and it reeducated me for what God means and how it all ties into The Law of Attraction. God is in fact a spiritual being who encompasses all parts of the Universe. He is the natural governing force and humans are simply magnets in that we can attract God into our lives or throw him out. So we can attract Gods abundance or attract something else spiritually that is undesired. The people in the ancient world got it wrong because predictably they customized God to fit their own selfish needs. God has no will, no guidelines, no rules he simply offers himself up if you are able to attract him into your life.

He is not the God of this or that. That would imply that he is a possession and something that is everything cannot be possessed or used for the goals or agenda of anyone in the ancient world. This is a revelation to me because I was raised that God can be personalized that is bullshit. 

But in getting this thorough education I discovered something. I dont think I can attract Spinozas version of God. The real God, not the false biblical one. Partly because I attracted events and situations into my life where I feel a permanent separation from the spiritual world. I feel a separation from the natural all encompassing force that is God. God is a spirit who can be attracted but also repelled depending on individual decisions and personal irresponsibility. My problem is that I disconnected myself away from his abundance. I know, know they say you cant but I think that the spiritual force that governs and creates all actually can be repelled if your not in the right state of mind. Spiritually if you are unwell then you don't receive abundance from something that can only be considered positive energy.

God is in effect neutral, emotionless, all encompassing force of nature who allows us to govern the Universe with him and make decisions on our own fate without having to answer to a "WILL" of any kind. The idea of Wills, Rules, Regulations, Commandments, and that he is a possession of any group is downright malignant but for everyone in the Ancient World that practiced such beliefs maybe they didn't know any better and were a product of an earlier more primitive time of reasoning and understanding.

Finally I hope our disagreements on what the source means to us doesn't detract from all this information I uncovered. I am pretty convinced Spinoza has it right. 

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Good post, I agree. God is an all-encompassing energy field, that is present within us. I feel there is no superior 'out there' source. It all comes from within. 

I also believe there is no punishment, rules, and preferences. It is a very neutral field that is all-encompassing. That simply mirrors the energy consciousness you present. 

Although, I don't really agree with being disconnected from and connected to his abundance. If you think about it, it's contradicting itself to view this energy as unbiased and neutral, and to think there are repercussions that follow.

But overall, this a great post. Thanks for sharing!  

It reminds me of Maya Angelou's definition of god, "All". 

It proves that the ancients were wrong. In customizing him to fit their own ends. 

I'm losing my f***ing mind. Because I have been taught for years that God is of this or that but he isn't a possession. He simply is positivity and you can attract or repel it depending on whether or not you are one with that positivity or not. That is all he is. And it drives me nuts that i didnt learn until recently.

Exactly Brian.

I also discovered that Satan is fake and simply a symbol for what humanity can become if they lack virtue. Lacking virtue separates us from the powerful all encompassing God who is unconditional positive energy. So we are magnets in essence.

God is the spirit of creation whom we can attract to serve our own ends so long as we bring him into our lives through positive virtue. No other way.


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