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Why can't we make a transition to the other side at will, and yet, we're still gonna end up there anyway?

Seriously, why? I've seen enough of this plane of existence, it showed me what it looks like, now it's boring. It's pushing empty promises, I just happen to see through that and no matter how much I think "I've had enough of this, I want to leave" I can't, because for some idiotic reason, we can't just leave and go to next realm where nothing seems to matter and everything is so chill. I know whole that "U here to learn a lesson" stuff, but in the end, it stays the same, no matter what you learned, no matter what knowledge you gained, you're transitioning anyway. So why bother staying in this material, boring plane of existence? Why are we stuck here without the ability to just peacefully transcend? Is it some sort of punishment, not to be able to flow from this messed up sad place of hardship into eternal peace and ease? Does anyone have an explanation?

Wish you all the best...

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Well to some degree, every time you go to sleep your body does go to the other side and plugs back into source and once you get charged up you come back. Some of us have unfinished business and that’s perhaps why you are having this difficulty.


Its not pushing empty promises – that’s just your thinking and you are consistently reinforcing this negative thinking upon yourself, so its no wonder you are feeling worse or desiring to leave. There is always so much more possibile, but at the moment you are walking around like a child with your eyes shut screaming “I have had enough”.


Although you are under some false assumptions about the “next realm”. I don’t know where you get the idea that nothing seems to matter and everything is so chill, because its likely that if its not that way right now for you – that you will simply recreate that in your next existence instead.


Also its negative thinking trying to believe that it will stay the same. It really doesn’t and maybe that’s also the realization and struggle you are having in that it doesn’t stay the same and it always changes. You don’t have to die to transition, and its not saying that you can’t transform or transition in everyday living – if you are willing to really do the work.


Whilst I get you believe that the material is a boring plane of existence – I can honestly say my existence isn’t boring or that I transcend on a daily basis through all sorts of obstacles and challenges. Its part of the fun, and when I have had a hard day, I pat myself on the back and then sometimes I have an incredibly opposite day following full of ease, joy and glory.


I’m not sure there is an explanation that you could accept or would accept, because your in your own life’s driving seat, but just whilst this may be an unfortunate time for you now, it can change to more fun, joy and glory if you are willing for it to happen. However, that would mean dropping the “victim” role that you consistently disempower yourself with and taking steps/actions towards you desire to create.


First, thank you for kindly and politely replying, there's a lot of people that misunderstand my attitude towards all this and aren't polite at all. Besides, I like thanking people and really like politeness.

Second, aren't we a bit too conscious to be all happy-hippy, life is fun etc. We are aware of some higher truths, we know everything is an illusion, so why pretending things are all rainbows and sunshine when in actuality, it's all empty space and some photons dancing around.

When I say it's empty promises, here's what I mean. I've been in this for years now. I got into this because I wanted to change the way I look. My looks are limiting me really bad, it's because of them that I don't live the life I want to. I'm also aware that if I just had a couple of those characteristics that I want, only that, my life would be extremely better, because it all affects the mental state. When I see what I look like, I'm almost at the point of mental cracking. I'm not kidding. I've tried all kinds of techniques, still the same. I'm scarred because of it, it's been sabotaging me my whole life. It's like a prison, it's horrible living in it, I'd rather not live than live like this. 

This may sound a little off topic, but let me just tell you this. I'm Orthodox Christian, born and raised, I accept spiritual teachings that are available to everyone, but I'm still being Christian and keeping my way. Today is Orthodox Christmas, the day when all believers should be happy and celebrate birth of Jesus Christ, and I was, at fist. But at one moment, I realized that no matter how much I surrendered to God and the Universe and wanted to change myself, I haven't moved a smallest bit. So today, on God's biggest day, I gave up on trusting that He will give me anything. I feel played and fooled. Trusted for so long and got nothing. You don't have to be spiritual to realize that when you invest in something and it's not giving you results, it's not worth investing in. On the other hand, I don't see the other way to achieve the change I want.

So, because I can't live with my physical body, since it will block me from progressing in any possible way because it's scarring me mentally, I want to go beyond where physical bodies are not needed and do not exist. Also, it's not me that thinks it's all chill there, all the teachings say that once we transcend there, all is well and it's state of absolute peace.

Sorry for comment being so long and thanks for replying once again.

Sure, and to be clear I’m not suggesting you have to be all happy-hippy?  Life is not like that 100% of the time, and its not about being all happy-hippy 100% of the time.  Everyone has down times, that’s part of normal life.  I’m also not encouraging you to pretend life is all rainbows and unicorns at all.  I’m encouraging you to shift perceptions to help yourself along this journey.  Its not about sweeping things under the carpet and pretending its not there, but rather working at accepting and loving yourself (as per the majority of religious teachings new and old). 


Now when you say “empty promises” I get you think that’s what you mean.  But instead, I’d actually say you had this idea of empty promises already in place, and that the actions you took were with this idea of empty promises, and the universe looked at your order and went “hmmm…. We would rather give Badass this and this, but we love Badass and he is in control this time round and so we will loveand honour him with exactly what he desires and vibrates”.  Can you see how that’s different from the pictures you are painting here. 


Now your looks are limiting you bad – again that’s your perception here the you look Bad.  I promise you, this world is so big and diverse that no matter what anyone looks like, there are people who are envious and jealous of these characteristics that you think are not good looking and would die ot have them.  You saw that experiment at some point on facebook involving kids and two plant pots.  One they swore at and said horrid things and it rotted and dried up, the other they sang to, said loving things to etc and it flowered and blossomed.  Right now – which do you think you are actually doing to your plant pot. 


Rather than looks effecting your mental state, its actually your mental state effecting your mental state rather than having anything to do with your looks at all.  Also it’s the beliefs you have about your looks that you are broadcasting to the universe and everyone around you – and volia they pick up on those thoughts. 


Now when you say you are “almost” at the mental cracking point – maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe you need to get some professional help to help you through these emotions and you are not the only person with these kind of emotions.  Even the most beautiful people have periods where they believe they don’t look good.  Now you have “tried” techniques and none of them worked – well there are millions out there – so get trying some more till you feel better about yourself and see results.  There are more than you can ever imagine (and more are created each day).  Its not been sabotaging you – you have been choosing to sabotage you.  That’s really key to look at and recognise.  What would your life be like (how would it be different) if you weren’t sabotaging you I wonder?  Can you even consider that for a moment? 


Re God giving you something, well from his perspective, he created you in his image and therefore you automatically are already beautiful and an amazing creation of God.  Simply you judging yourself doesn’t change that, or stop that.  It simply makes you feel bad because the part of you that is connected to everything knows that to be untrue.  You are beating yourself and your body up, and that’s terrible thing to do.  Your body is an amazing partner, who hasn’t yet kicked your spirit out yet and loves and adores you – yet you keep hating and judging it non stop.  No wonder it doesn’t feel good and you don’t. 


I know there are many teachings about the afterlife, but there are also a lot of discrepencies too.  They don’t all say its chill and fun and relaxed, and some even suggest that patterns repeat themselves in the spirit world just as they did in the physical.  That would mean that should you ever pass on, you would just deal with the same issues without a body (so at least you have your body here and now to work with you).  Next lifetime you may not have a body and so that will not be any fun in comparison to this one and you will regret those harsh words you are consistently throwing upon yourself. 

Also just to add, did you ever read the responses to your thread "The Universe giving you everything you want is a lie" as they are all really helpful and intended to help you feel better (and offer support) - yet interestingly enough you have chosen to ignore them and the advice therein?

Very solid posts by London Guy. I will echo what he is saying and also remind you that sometimes negative emotions and states make us see things things that aren't true at all. I've experienced it myself many times. Negative emotions can really distort and filter your perception to a crazy extent. But it is not true, and sometimes it's immensely helpful to talk to a counselor or professional who can offer you a neutral, unbiased perspective.

You can make that transition. People do it all the time, and yes, at will. Just like everything else you want to manifest, you do have to say yes to it. You have to actually be willing and want to receive it/experience it. 

No matter what subject you're talking about, the process is always the same. If it's not happening, then you are not allowing it to happen. That's all there is to it. 

Hi i've already sent you a PM today but i just wanted to tell you that all you need is to put yourself in the Miracle Zone and you can do that by loving yourself unconditionally, with all your "perceived" mistakes and limitations. Remember also that Every Little Step Matters, that gratitude is the key to happiness and that you're soooo much more than your physical body - you also you can shape it as you please so where's the problem? :)))) In order to tap into the miracle zone this free great webinar can help you (below are some quotes 4 you):


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L'immagine può contenere: testo

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Thanks everyone for replying, it's speaking to me, it's making me think, and I like it. I'm studying for an exam these days, so I'm not so active on the internet, but I took time to read all this and reply to you all now. Fun fact, I just looked at details, it says that I posted the discussion at 11:11am.  I'm not sure what kind of sign this is, what message should I get from this, but I hope I will soon enough.

Best of luck to all of you, happy manifesting :)

Risultati immagini per 11:11 dreams come true

Abraham said this is possible.

You can transcend but it's not like going to another existence. Are you saying you don't know anyone here on this earth that is happy with their life? Not that they may be rich of have lots of things but that they are happy. I work with a few non-profits and I look around and see the joy people get from helping people that are less fortunate than they are. Most people can look around themselves and if they are true to them selves, they see many people much less fortunate. You can't look at the top 10% of rich people and feel bad because you are not one of them. Do you know how many rich people have terrible lives, broken families? Find your passion in life and reach for that. That is what will move you to another existence. You will realize it's not the stuff around you that makes you happy. It's the feelings inside you created by the important things you accomplish.


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