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It just goes on and on and on. Rejection, abuse etc. just want it all to end now. Why cant I just go to sleep and not wake up?

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All "negative" experiences are products of our fears. That is the bottom line. If you are feeling "negative" emotions, you are afraid. If you are having "negative" experiences, you are expressing the energy of fear, and it is being reflected back to you. Full stop. That is the only answer.

Until you release those fears, what you are currently experiencing will continue.

Wyzard if you read and re read and re read what Garth has said above until you understand it you will be instantly healed. Write the words on your ceiling write them on your toilet paper, place them in your butter dish, in the mailbox, in your car and on the floor and in your dresser and inside your glasses lol until you GET IT!!!!!! Because Garth has given you the gift of the most amazing response ever.


ok Tolemac, I'll play ball here. Why am I experiencing 'fear' when I dont have any conscious thoughts of 'fear'?

Ive never consciously thought 'my friends are just going to fuck off"

Ive never consciously thought 'my neighbors, who i have helped and been friends with, are suddenly going to start reporting me for things that never happened.

I never consciously thought that my partners, who I envisioned the rest of my life with, suddenly hate me overnight.

Help me out here my friend, im desperate.

There are a few things going on here at the same time, Wyzard.

One is you thinking that your thoughts must be conscious for them to activate the responses you've gotten. The other is not seeing that you don't have to have directly correlating thoughts, conscious or sub conscious, to create the responses you're receiving. Lastly, your sub conscious, which is a lot stronger at this point in your life than your consciousness, is what is running the show.

So you have what we all have. Patterns and Programs of negative thought. You've had them since you came forth into this life. Why? Because you chose them. We all did. We chose our parents, and our birth situation and a basic layout of what the first seven years, give or take, would be about. The idea is to allow yourself to change and/or remove those patterns. Most of this is subconscious. You are not consciously aware of the patterns, you only see the results. In your case, I see that the patterns get triggered, which causes you to send out waves of negative energy and that is what others are reacting to.

This is why it's hard for you to make the direct correlations that would explain this behavior in everyone else. It's not like you've spilled the milk, or broke a window, and therefore, people are angry at you. No this is much deeper. They are reacting to a very specific vibration that they do not like at all and are doing everything they think they can so that they don't have to deal with it any more. BTW, almost every single one of these people who have done this reaction have ZERO idea why they are doing it. Again, it's all subconscious.

When you finally allow yourself to look at your thoughts as neutrally as you can, you'll see that even on the conscious level, you've been expressing fear. You hide it from yourself pretty good, but it's still there. You may justify it and call it a myriad of names, but if it's "negative" at all, it's a fear.

Thanks again all. I think somethings starting to sink in here but still a bit confused. If things are happening on a subconscious level then how can I change things that im not aware of? Surely I'd have to be CONSCIOUS of things in order to change anything?

And if ive got fears (conscious or subconscious) just exactly HOW do I release them?  I have got fears, I know I have, but really dont know how to let them go.

Thanks for your patience with me guys. I'm not the brightest spark when it comes to grasping stuff like this.

I mean this is the most respectful way i can...have you been checked out by a doctor?  perhaps you have depression, bi-polar (manic depression), etc?  I just feel like none of us are professionals, and maybe you need to talk with someone who is trained, and then you can come back here and talk about what you've talked about with the doctor

Check out ABE HICKS VIDEOS on FEELING BETTER NOW!! Then just feel better!
"I'm not the brightest spark when it comes to grasping stuff like this."

Well, you can start by changing the above. Who the hell are you to call Wyzard 'not the brightest spark'??!!!!!

Start with changing those outward expressions. Actually recognise that which you are saying about yourself and imagine if someone else said that about someone you love. How would you feel? Outraged? Angered? Defensive? Insulted?

Well then, feel that about that which you just said about yourself. And change it. What would you say about someone you loved? Well, say that about yourself.

I for one am very grateful for your thread and the responses it has elicited. We all have underlying fears and you have helped me recognise mine.

Thank you.

Let go of the "Fear" Mr. Whyzard......Become A "Warrior".....Think like a "Warrior", act like a "Warrior"........and most of All "Feel" like a "Warrior"......Sooner or later your bullshit opponents will Feel your Energy and they will Back down.....I could go into all sorts of psycological bullshit...but it will not help at all in the end .......All I've got is this vid witch I hope you will have to pay close 'attention ' to......It starts at about at about 1:20..pay very close "attention. to WHAT HE SAYS................Love Dan.


And At the End of the vid especially,,,,,That's how "Source""GOD" or whatever you wanna call it feels about you....because you are Part of "IT"...... It will "Love You No Matter What"....Love Dan....

And by the way I can't stand  "Rocky".....but what he says in this vid is the "Truth"..........and I feel his" message " witch is very Powerful"(His ENERGY) when I listen to this vid......But you be the "Judge"..........So become" "WARRIOR"........And Become "Unstoppable".....instead of being a Victim.....BECOME "WARRIOR" ...DON'T LET ANYBODY STAND IN YOUR WAY>>>>>DESRTROY EVERYTHING IN YOUR PATH..........But that's another story.....Love, Dan.

You won't because you are strong enough to endure all this, and one day you will look back and see how the rejection, abuse etc has made you a stronger person. I've been there, death didn't come, but life changed and now I see how strong I am. 

You'll be okay, trust me. :) 


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