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Why do i attract beta type of men instead of alpha men - how to fix this?

Hello, I am a 22-year-old female and all my life I have been only approached by men that are submissive, quiet, and kind of feminine. There is nothing wrong with having those qualities but I am just not sexually attracted to them. I would like to attract a more assertive and masculine man. Someone that is not dominating but more of a confident and gentle leader. 

I understand that my outside circumstances reflect how I am and how I feel. But i don't understand why I don't attract the men I want since I am very gentle and feminine by nature. I am sensitive, agreeable, and playful. This is the way that I have always been. I would think these qualities in me would attract a man that I feel is masculine. 

I also would like to add that I have always been insecure but I have been trying my best to always work on myself and build up my confidence. Men that I find who have that masculine energy that I am attracted to just think I am cute and it just kind of stops there. They don't want to pursue a relationship with me. So please can anyone give me any advice on how vibrationally align to the type of man that I want? 

Do I have to be more dominating and assertive myself? Or is it just a matter of building up my self-confidence more? I also have never been in a relationship before so I am very innocent :3  

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I think that right now you are more focus on the kind of guy you DONT want than the kind of man you do want and therefore continuing to attract more of them. My advice is to look for the qualities you like in the people you meet. If you get approached by a guy who isnt really your type, try to find the qualities in him that you do like anyway. Because the more you look for things you like, the more you will attract things you like. 

I dont think you need to change who you are to attract the man you want. But you should continue working on feeling as good as you can at all times. I would focus more on feeling good than improving self confidence. because when you feel good you are naturally more confident. 

I would also suggest that you explore different loa methods and find ones that resonates with you. That can also help you get what you desire.

Hope this helps :)

You're insecure so you're attracting insecure men - who tend to be more feminine in nature. Work on yourself more, and you'll attract more self-confident (masculine/alpha) men. 

my advice? be natural, spontaneous, be ur truest self and you'll find your perfect man. 2 quotes 4 you:

Risultati immagini per monster person abraham hicks quote photoRisultati immagini per monster abraham hicks quote photoL'immagine può contenere: sMS

Some quotes for you from a truly magical book: Call in the one by Katherine Woodward Thomas:

“Tolerating the void is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the warriors, those ready to do battle with those fears that might speak up, if given half the chance. Whether you are seeking a greater sense of meaning in your life, have difficulty saying no, or are simply inspired and enthusiastic about life, you may need to let some things go. We all must master the ability to release who we are for the possibility of who we might become. As the saying goes, “In order to fly, you have to give up the ground you are standing on.” 

“If you are operating under the illusion that you can continue to hold on to people who you know are not good for you, and still create an extraordinary life filled with love and fulfillment, then you are fooling yourself. Toxic ties cost us and they cost us big time. If you are feeling stuck in your life, look to see who or what it is that you are stuck to.” 

“We will prepare ourselves for love by opening our hearts to those in our lives at a whole new level, exploring and expanding our capacity for healthy interdependence” 


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