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I have had dry skin over the past couple of months.  Nothing too serious like eczema and such, but enough to feel a bit tight and itchy.  Creams and lotions haven't really helped, so I'm thinking that there is a spiritual reason.

Louise Hay suggests feeling threatened by something, but I don't think I am.  She also suggests poor self-esteem showing up in the skin, but mine has been quite good of late.

At first, I thought it was the dry air caused by an extended summer heatwave over the UK, but things didn't really shift when it cooled right down.

I eat well and get vitamins, and I'm certainly not dehydrated.  So what could the reason be?

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How's your diet? Maybe you should talk to a doctor about it.

Went to the doctor a few weeks ago and he just gave me some cream. It worked a bit for a couple of weeks, but has since gone back to being dry. Don’t think it’s diet as I eat pretty well anyway, but I will look into things further. Thank you. 

When i was studying medicine at University i read somewhere that according to psychosomatics dry skin expresses our feelings of loneliness and lack of love. D skin is a very precious indicator because it shows the dialogue between ourselves and d world and the dry skin indicates that we need more boundaries but also more flexibility in our relationships and that we have not to choose silence in order to avoid conflicts, we need and have to express ourselves & our truest feelings.

Thank you Stephanie. The first sentence has some resonance, even if I’m not feeling lonely. 

i believe "nothing" is really physical, everything shows a mental/spiritual problem. as Abraham Hicks says when we are not up to speed with our desires we create all possible illnesses, so we should just raise our vibration & all d problems will "magically" disappear. Here's a quote i recently read:

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

wow. What a perfect explanation Steph. I notice that my skin has undergone a severe change in the past one year, drying of lips and my facial skin has completely vanished. Also, it's in the last one year that I have finally been able to draw boundaries wiht people around me. Of course, that makes me feel lonely sometimes, but i know what you say when you talk about the link between boundaries and dry skin.

Thank you Stephanie and Cleopatra. I don’t think my vibration has been especially low over the past few months (in fact, I have been pretty happy) but there is never a bad time to raise it and feel better. 

i've read now on d internet that according to Ayurveda dry skin means you've too much air, so too much anxiety, you're indecisive, you fluctuate too much. There's no rhythm in your life, you need to establish a rhythm but you still have some fear to overcome. if that is d case here's a very helpful quote about fear Robert posted today:

And this also resonates, since I have felt for about two years now, that my life has lacked rhythm and momentum.  Thank you again. 

You are very welcome.

i love this post - especially the caption, i think it's very profound, it basically says to not fear your emotions but to explore them, "Whatever you are feeling you're healing":


it’s not something that you need to see the doctor but to change the conscious awareness of your illness, in this case, dry skin. 

Start shifting the way you see your skin, get into the state of having wonderful skin. 

Have you tried rescue remedy cream? That stuff really works.

Also, are you getting fatty acids in your diet---walnuts,olive oil? You say you eat well, but are you sure you're getting enough vitamin A? That's really important for softening the skin.  When I started drinking tomato juice,it really helped. Try adding some sea salt---not table salt--to your food as well. Even if you're drinking enough water, the sea salt will help you retain more of it. Maybe there is an LOA reason, but it could also just be some sort of nutritional deficiency.


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