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Please bare with me, this may be long...

I was happily married when a guy (K) came along and we both knew we had a strong connection.  After a brief affair (please don't judge me), he did the right thing and ended it.  The last two years there has still been a connection between us.

6 months ago I stumbled upon The Secret and it has transformed my life.  I was amazed when I started applying it and was getting results!  The process made me realise that my marriage was over, so I ended it and have since found a perfect house for me and my kids and have manifested lots of good things along the way.

K knows I have now separated from my husband and our paths have often crossed (a brief "hello"), each time the connect has still been there.  I have asked the universe for lots of signs of our re-union and have received loads from his name on websites, tv to his initials on car regs.

I found out a few days ago that he is suffering depression and after asking the universe for specific signs if I should contact him, and receiving those signs I have contacted him via Whatsapp this evening (a good way to know he has read my message).  He has read the message and has instantly blocked me on Whatsapp.

I am now confused as to why I asked for the specific signs, received them but the outcome was not what I thought?  I know deep down I have ended my marriage for me, not to be with K.  That would have been an added bonus.

I could really use some advise from my PI family pls.

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You had an expectation of a specific result. You want to do what feels good with no expectation in a specific outcome. Everything is working. Keep being in alignment, viewing everything as working out for you and you will allow the relationship you want.

Thanks Brian.  I know that there is a reason for what has happened this evening and surprisingly it has not upset me as much as I thought.  I have wrote in my diary and have written down more affirmations and manifestations I would like.  I believe what I have received from the Universe is guiding me in the right path.... in a way maybe I was meant to go through this major disappointment today to help me to move on, maybe realise the Universe has something bigger and better for me within this life??  

I won't be disheartened.  I will still write in my diary, manifest (as material items seem to come easily) and hopefully love, true love will manifest itself. 

True loves come from you. Your relationship with yourself is the truest of loves. So you can have true love right now.

Deep insight!!


Dear Claire, i just think he needs his time, do not worry if you truly want him back that will happen! d Universe always supports our heart's deepest desires. In the meanwhile just take care of yourself, of all your dreams and of your spiritual journey. When you'll be ready you'll find your twin flame. here's a great video about real love that can help you somehow:


Wish you d very best****

Thanks Stephanie, that video was very interesting!

It's so strange that you mention twin flames as I only discovered about them a few months ago.  Everything I've read and the connection me and K have all point to it.  

Whatever kind of love is going to come into my life I trust the universe in fetching it in the right way and at the right time.  

Perfect attitude Claire

Graysen I totally agree with you about relationships/lessons.  I know I am the person I am today due to lessons learned in my past.  Its just so confusing when I'm seeing all the signs but he's blocking me on any media form.

I've made a deal with myself (and the universe) today to let him go now.  I feel it is too exhausting!  He may well be my twin flame but from what I have read not all twin flames are meant to be together.  Love shouldn't be this difficult.  I deserve better and I know that the universe will deliver it to me at the right time!

Great advice Graysen.  I have decided to leave it up to the universe, I think I have finally understood the whole "letting it go".  I have thought I have let it go in the past when asking/manifesting but deep down I think I never really did it 100%.  Today I actually feel the whole 100% of letting go now. :D 


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