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Why do we cling on to people or things that we know are hurtful and bad for us? Why do we take for granted the things and people that are ultimately good for us in the end? Why is it so hard to let go of toxic relationships, while we know that there are good people readily waiting to be our friends?

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 Yes Pat, from my own experience too, it makes a lot of sense, perhaps if the original poster likes a more "graphic" explanation, this clip of "what the bleep do we know" may help.


Great stuff, Garth :-)

This is an example of what I mean -- and what subsequently pisses some people off -- when I say Jesus was limited by the concepts, thus available language, of his time.  He had to use parables, analogies and allegories in terms to which the people could relate, so what he said could make some kind of sense to them.  If he were among us today, he would speak in modern terms using concepts and relevant language germane to our times.

But of course, with people like you around, he wouldn't have to :-)

Go garthy!

   but I can see exactly how I "caused" my EXPERIENCES of those effects.

    BAM!!!  :)

You co-create your experience, Alice.
By giving your attention / focus / energy to a subject / thought, you join the millions of others who are focusing their energy on that same thought.
Together, you create the experience you are focused upon which, when combined with your other vibrations (also co-creating in tandem with others) gives you a unique experience.
But it is all created by you (plural).
By stopping the over-thinking :)
Easier said than done, as we humans are so apt at 'proving'! But it can be done.
Just think of a time when you changed your focus and your experience changed too. Not simply your perception of that experience, but the actual events.
Once you have identified one of those experiences, you'll be able to refer to it whenever you feel otherwise.
It's better than trying to quit, which is pure resistance!

You have to want it (happiness) like at 100%. You have to want it so much that you live it in every way that is possible for you!!! :) 

It's all a co-creation, AND individuated creation, simultaneously.

Remember, we're talking about The Oneself pretending to be All Things at once.

Again my author analogy -- The Writer Of All Stories creates every conceivable scenario, every conceivable environment, every conceivable point, particle, portion, person-being-entity personality, then lives vicariously through the experiences of all as attention flickers from this to that to the other, and so on.

Yet the author, inevitably, like artists of every persuasion, puts something of himself in all of his creations, so quite literally the One is All and All are the One.

As Apple suggests -- don't over-think it.  It's really as simple as a seed :-)

It's not ;)

LOL!  You can have it as complicated as you like, dear Cheryl :-)

Cool way to look at it.

I prefer my author analogy, though.

I am all my creations and characters, and they are all me, and of me.  We are inseparable, yet each is its own unique expression of me :-)


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