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when i say " i am rich" or "i am going to be rich someday" i feel like it is not true

when i say "i will never gonna be rich" i ALSO  feel that is not true

when i ask my-selff something or when i affirm something  i usually get the opposite feeling..

any thoughts ?


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Try iam in the process of ,it may feel less resistance. :))

can you post the link here , i can't find it

it's like my mind is constanly denying everything that i try to affirme or change

this is a VERY common thing... people become aware of what they want to change, they decide to push themselves with new affirmations... and their minds have a big ole cat fight with the ego declaring, this is bullshit, you won't and can't change.

But change does and will happen for you.  You may not yet have found your trigger in the right direction. 

I think of it a lot like any new habit.  Stopping smoking... is definitely similar.  When someone decides to quit, they often go through all kinds of crap.... a few years quitting and re-qutting, months of with drawl, feeling like lighting one up immediately in certain predictable situations, like going out drinking.... 

but the shift, the change, it happens al the time every day...

and almost everyone here is at some stage of turing their life around, and sharing what they have learned.  

ok so how to make the ego to shut up :D ?

anyone ?

one way to make your ego shut up is quite easy.... wanna try?

As you read these words..... exactly this moment right NOW, 

NOW ..... is Ok.  Right NOW, as you read this, you may want to argue that right NOW isn't Ok.  But the truth is.... if you're able to sit here reading this, then right now is perfectly fine.  Only when you decide to think about something that isn't right NOW, does your ego win. 

So think about NOW.  Feel your breath entering and leaving your body.  Close your eyes, open you eyes.  Smell whatever there is around you.  Feel your body... is it tired, does it need a nap?

Right NOW... this very moment you're reading this, you have won.  You have the power to allow your ego to steer you away from knowing that NOW, is perfect.   That puts you in the driver's seat, and you WIN.

Your ego will eventually cause you to shift your focus to something you're happy, OR unhappy about.  But right NOW... this very second..... you are safe, you are healthy, you are aware and you are loved.  

You don't need to fight your ego, you just need to feel the ability to recognize what makes you more powerful.   You will notice that the deeper part of you is more powerful than your ego, EVERY TIME you stop thinking about all the other crap in your head, and focus on how perfect NOW is. 

You win.

It may not feel real at the start (and for a few days you can have doubts creeping in). The trick is to reaffirm, or even reaffOrm your new positive until you reach a kind of tipping point. That happens when a minimum of 51% of your thoughts are focused upon what you would like to happen, and then reality starts to catch up.  You start to feel that things are working for you and this tipping point can happen in as few as around 3-4 days. 

Well I love Noah St John's explanation about why affirmations like this don't work.  He explains the mind is a bit like a search engine.  So when we say "I am rich" it often searches for evidence to prove that or disprove it.  When we say "I am rih" it will look for evidence of that.  For most people, we have bills etc coming in.  Now this is where Noah is so brilliant.  he suggests that rather than saying "I am rich" to instead say things like "Why am I so rich" and this way you get the mind to search for evidence of that and its usually easier to find than when we say "I am rich".  He has great explanations on the website that are really better at describing the process than I have done (its called Afformations) and I highly recommend his work and books.

I have wasted a lot of my time forcing myself to believe what I affirm. I think different people have different experiences. 

It works best when I am being a little gentle with it. Like how Abe suggested, using the statement: Wouldnt it be nice if... .Or just listing what I like. There is no resistance and almost pure appreciation for what I want. The universe does not care whether you are using the technique as described in books. It just brings to your experience whatever you align with. 

Sometimes it begins to respond in alternate/indirect ways like someone else winning a lottery or just brings rich people or glimpses of rich lifestyle to your reality. We can continue focusing on our desire and fine-tuning it with specifics. It becomes easier as we soften our vibration around it.

The other thing that helps me is self talk. I feel like I have a decent understanding of the LOA and I believe its principles. I use that to gently convince myself. Also I remind myself of my past successes or use other peoples' experiences to strengthen my faith. 


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