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Failure is the stepping stone to success, get excited about it!...

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Then BOY am I going to be successful!!
He he good point Nicolas. And yes you are right.
There are some famous failures out there who were told no and broke through to great success!


I guess the message here is that most of us see a failure as final: we can't improve from this, and we can't actually do the thing successfully.  I'm not going to say some navel-gazing crap like failure can teach us so much; what I reckon failure is, is a lack of focus on our desires.  Or as one healer once said (can't remember who though) " obstacles are the things you manifest when you lose sight of your goals, " and you could add failures to this.  This I believe is the main reason for them.

I don't believe that failures happen because it's not the right time: you are under the guidance of the highest intelligence of the Universe, and if you get the desire to do/have something, then it means that NOW is the right time.  It doesn't make any sense otherwise.  Failure is created by doubt and lack of focus, but as you focus on your desires, you build up belief in them.

Wow Wow Wow. And what an image!

Constant failure isn’t. Once or twice, yes, then you can get better at your shortcomings and get past them. But constant failure will just keep you stuck right where you are.  Constant failure shows up a block which will just keep on blocking you unless it’s healed. 

I appreciate that there is also the story of Thomas Edison and how he failed 10’000 times to make a lightbulb before he actually did invent one. I also appreciate the qualities of persistence.

However I am always tempted to ask “ how much further would he have got and how much easier would it had been, had he asked for help from the Universe? “

Seriously, that’s what it’s there for.

He may not have known about LOA or Higher Power back then, but we do now, so we don’t need to spent decades wasting time failing, and then trying to make it look noble and spiritual. We may use lightbulbs every day and I’m sure we’re all grateful for Edison’s persistence, but it took a bloody long time when help from the Higher Power could have had that invention invented in a quarter of the time. Then he could have gone on to invent something else.

Don’t buy into any waffle about perfect timing or necessary struggle. There are no such things. If you have a desire to do something or be something, then it has been given to you by the Higher Power (the highest intelligence there is) and it means that it IS meant to be, and that NOW is the time to do it. No need for failure and obstacles at all. Constant failure only builds one type of character: that of the grudging, resentful Aussie battler types with chips on their shoulders.

Ask for help and guidance from the Universe, believe you are getting it, and then receive it. You’ll be able to bypass all the crap and the dead-end scenarios and manifest your desire a lot more easily. Then you won’t be wasting time failing.

Constant failure helps nobody. All you’re doing is sending out ‘failure energy’ into the Universe and the ‘pot’ of the holographic whole. Send out ‘guidance and then success energy’ instead and that will be of much greater use. As John Kehoe says “ your failure helps nobody. Don’t be selfish, succeed. “

And don’t be like Thomas Edison, you don’t have to.
i agree with all this but i totally appreciate the quote by Tolle that is below your reply, it explains alot.

Exactly! Love the image, deep

Well yes, I get that.  What I was saying was that constant failure doesn't really teach you anything - only how to feel as much use as a cling film riot shield.   The important thing about failure is that, when you fail, learn the lessons quickly. Don't waste time going round in circles doing the same thing again and again. 



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