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But seriously. Why?

Ask yourself that question.

Coming from a veteran worrier who no longer does that often, once you realize that it is total, complete, wasted energy, life gets so much more fun!



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I love your energy babes! YOU RULE :)


I totally see you being a life coach guru!

I feel conceited lol. But I'd been somewhat thinking about that lately...maybe I should start an advice column or blog hehe. I've always been better at giving it than taking it hehe.

I must admit I've done a lot of letting go of stuff in the last few days especially so I'm feeling a lot lighter and carefree :)

How are YOU? Give me news!!! :)

I'd tell you, honestly, but if I acknowledge when I'm in the vortex, it kicks me out. You can call it not wanting to jinx myself I guess. Yes, yes, so amateurish and naive, but the mind is a powerful thing. So I'm just going to say...


I'm ok. lol


That's it. Doesn't mean bad. Doesn't mean good. Means ok.


BTW, did you notice that you posted at 2:22 PM? Do you know what that number sequence means? lol:


This is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction.  Continue with this train of thought."


The universe loves you babe and is on your side and so am I! xoxo

Ooh! That's awesome to know! I've been paying attention to the number sequences.

Glad to hear you're ok. Just a tip of mine? Don't worry so much about jinxing yourself out of the vortex. Just keep feeling as good as you can at any given time and go with the flow. That's all there is to it at the basic level :)
Oh I know, totally. It's just that my vibration is still a bit screwy on specific topics (i.e. HIM). And every time things would be going great, and I'd mention it to a friend of mine, a voice in the back of mind would say, "Oh puhleeze darling. Something will go wrong and you'll end up miserable again. You just wait." And of course, what follows suit? I find that not acknowledging when I'm happy, in the verbal sense, and just feeling my way through it, keeps me there. Make sense?
Definitely! I know how you feel. And you know it. Try affirmations/afformations. I find they have really helped me. Sometimes I say then hundreds of times a day until I'm smiling again, but most of the time now I don't need them. But you know I know how you feel. You can always drop me a line if you need to vent neighbor :P
I'm a worrier too..and it is so draining.  Since joining this forum I've decided not to care.  I know that sounds funny.  But my brand of worry is almost like over-caring.  As If I can control life if I worry enough.  Now that I'm learning about the art of allowing and non resistance.  I think; "Is that like not caring?" ok...  So now I don't dwell on stuff..and it feels so good!
Exactly! The only thing you have control over is you! So choose how you feel. And just know that everything is ok, and will continue to be :)

Worry is something we are taught, not something we are born with.  When you're a baby you don't think you shouldn't cry when you are hungry because you are worrying that there might not be enough food.  You simply know you're hungry and you want to be fed, you deserve to be fed and guess what - you get fed.  We learn to worry through the experiences and the opportunities that our parents and peers didn't take because of the lessons they learned from their parents and peers.  Someone stop the worry merry-go-round I wanna get off.  Like Layners said, it is a total waste of time and if you think about why you are worrying I bet you it's never come from your experience anyway, we spend too much time listening to other people and living our lives based on their lessons.  It's your life - learn your own lessons! There's no need to worry, you know, unless you like to.


Love and Light

Aravelle xxx


www.aravelleangel.co.uk ~ Ask An Angel

LoA based oracle card readings

40% of our worries have to do with events that will never take place 

30% of our worries have to do with events that have already taken place
22% of our worries have to do with unimportant events
4% of our worries have to do with events that we cannot change
4% of our worries have to do with events that we can do something about




Great reminder Layners, I needed that!

This is amazing! Love this hehe. Showed it to my best friend who's a worrier.
OOh I love that quote!


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