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I don't know who needs this *COUGH me COUGH* but I figure I share some breakthroughs I recently had.

No matter where you are in your journey, life path or business it's none of your business where someone else is in theirs.

Because when you're in alignment towards what you want it's a lot easier to be successful than to constantly drain your energy by watching someone else do what you want to do.

Success is just a constant focus towards what you want. It's not a fairy that comes and grant some people their wishes and not others based on how much they do or what strategy they have. It's literally a focused attention towards what you want *consistently.* (that's how people manifest the strategies and actions that gives them results!)

But if you're feeling bad about yourself, have envy towards others or simply not being mindful about how your own time and energy is spent, you're going to be vibrating all over the damn place.

The universe matches you with your vibration, not your actions, your words, what you want, or what you believe you deserve, BUT YOUR ACTUAL VIBRATION IN THE MOMENT that most likely is different than what you think you're sending out towards the universe.

Take your eyes off the screen and into your own body and heart and feel exactly how you feel, that is your current vibration. And if it feels less than positive about what you're doing, then you need to do some adjustments with your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

* Write down a list of why you love what you're doing.

* Write about the things that make you happy.

* Or just distract yourself with something that is easy to get really joyful about.

* Get into that FEELING PLACE of what you actually want so the universe can match THAT FEELING instead of the mad dash of trying to keep up with the Jones's.

That is frantic energy and that will keep you feeling stressed, not good enough and frustrated no matter how good you're actually doing! And because you're pinched off from your own source and magic the solutions that will lead you to the success with be out of reach.

So if you've been wanting something for months and years despite doing all the "right things" it means your vibration is different from your desire, and you need to start releasing your resistance so you can start letting your desire in. 

So mind your own business, boost yourself up, practice the feelings of worthiness and start cultivating the positive in YOUR LIFE to turn the vibrational tide!

So much love and unicorn magic,

Kai Oceans - Expert Energy Reader and Soul Purpose Conjurer

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Perfect, thank you! Just wanted to add 2 quotes about this topic:

wL'immagine può contenere: fiore

Risultati immagini per peaceful is the one who is not concerned with having more or less

These are perfect! Thank you for these quotes. :D

You can work yourself into the required feeling point by bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.  Often, you may be feeling bad, and feeling good can seem to it's too much a gap to bridge all in one go, but it can be done over a period of time.  You do this with your thoughts, but thinking something like I FEEL AMAZING, when you don't can create doubt and resistance in your mind.  You think " oh yeah? Don't feel it, " and that can hamper what your improved feeling point.  

Better is to think I AM FEELING BETTER AND BETTER, as this creates fewer doubts.  Even if it's just a little bit of an improvement, you are still feeling better, and your monkey mind is less likely to doubt this.  And each day that you believe you are feeling better, creates incremental improvements in your feeling point and the reality you attract.  On day one, you are feeling better.  Day two you are feeling better on top of that.  Day three better still.  And on day thirty at the end of one month, thirty times better.  And it keeps on going like that.  Think where you could be after 100 days, and when your belief has been fully registered by your mind .

Yup, just what I did when I started taking the Abraham material seriously. I start feeling better and better and start doing things that made me feel better and better. Just within a few months I felt like a different person, a HAPPY person! :D

Baby steps is the key!

Baby steps each day add up to a lot of steps being taken (and progress being made) over a period of time. 


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