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hey all!! a little back story: we dated for a year and a month and broke up back in april 2018 although the problems started way before that. not going to go into details, but i was extremely needy and as i’ve learnt recently from Agnes (favourite LOA youtuber tbh), everyone is you pushed out. and of course, it became too much for him and he broke up with me., stating the reasons as “a gut feeling we are just incompatible” and he’d also developed a crush on a girl in his class (something i manifested because i had been worrying and being jealous over his classmates for some time now — i was really insecure, i know) i had been improving myself and learning to love myself more prior to the break up as i realised my problems but the damage was done. this was not to say nothing came out of it though. for one, I started feeling much happier by myself. and for another, he did come back to say that he wanted to get back together a few weeks into the break up. at that time I haven’t learnt about LOA so I didn’t know I manifested this through my higher vibrations. so soon after he said he wanted to get back together I fell back into insecurity and consequentially worried a ton about him changing his feelings and liking another girl he had a crush on again. and since that was where my attention was placed....it happened. we’ve gone through varying stages of contact since and things are finally looking up!! here’s what i’ve been doing and the little successes i’ve had :) ( feel free to leave any LOA advice)

for a few months, i was desperately pining over him and of course, nothing came out of it due to the negative energy i had. i constantly bemoaned that he wasn’t with me and about how sad i felt. a few months passed and i felt pretty pathetic and felt bad that all my close friends were subjected to such negativity each day and decided that i’d stop this instantly and just get over him. i spent weeks avoiding him (in school) and blocking him off instagram so i wouldn’t stalk him, etc. in a bid to get over him. but it really just made me more unhappy. i started viewing him negatively and at some points even thinking badly of him and it really just did nothing — not even improve my mood. then i came across some LOA posts online and as I read more and more into LOA i realised that hey, i’ve actually attracted him back once!! i wasn’t ready at that time and pushed him away again, but i did it once and i definitely could do it again. i decided it was worth a try and found Agnes’ videos on youtube. she has played a great part in allowing me to achieve all the little successes i’ve had so far and will continue to play a great part as i continue with LOA and finally get my sp back when the time is right :’) 

i started building my faith in the LOA again and in that we would get back together when the time is right, and practised gratitude and affirmations because self-love always comes first and really, self-love is the key to everything since everyone is you pushed out. as i learnt from agnes, if you feel that you are worthy and you are loved, the people you project will think so too!! i did visualisations as well. not long after i came to see certain improvements

1. i hadn’t seen him for some time now around school and wanted to see him just for a bit, but didn’t hold much expectation or desperation for it. but guess what? the very next day, a long string of coincidences played out (eg my friend had to submit a form, met some friends along the way and stalled a little by talking, etc.) such that i ended up exiting the gate ahead of him then waiting for my friend who came behind him. this led to my sp noticing me there and striking up a short conversation with me before we left with our friends in separate directions :) that night i noted the synchronicity(?) in my journal and read through past text messages and realised that i had been thinking wrongly that he had no interest in talking to me back then, and i was the one who was cold in her replies. i wrote down in my journal in a joking (but not really) way that well, he can text me soon and i’ll reply better

2. the next day: the car broke down and i ended up taking public transport to school which made me slightly later than usual, meaning i couldn’t get a seat at the benches in school and sat along the curb with my friends instead. as he was walking past, i was zoning out and didn’t notice him staring at me. my friend alerted me and i looked up to realise he was staring and according to her, had been staring for quite some time now. we waved and soon after he texted me to explain that he stared bc i looked quite funny zoning out hahaha. we haven’t texted for quite some time then, but i guess my manifestation really did work out :) 

3. on that same day we had another conversation in the afternoon as we met by chance in the canteen and it was really nice!! we joked and laughed and really, everything played out just so nicely for that to happen (eg which stall i chose to buy from, etc — if anything had been different it really wouldn’t have happened, that’s why they say to never control the how bc the universe will take care of it i guess!!)

4. we’re in the same club so i asked the club if they wanted to have lunch together on friday and he came along!! was pretty surprising since he had never been big on lunching with the club rather than his class so yay :) on the way there we talked plenty bc after all, i was still the one who knew most about him among the club members and as we walked alongside one another, our arms came into contact and we both lingered there for awhile haha i think that’s good right?? heh and yup we weren’t sitting opposite one another at first but our orders came on the same tray so we shifted seats to sit opposite each other in the end out of convenience. we talked more bc of that and i hope i’m right to say that these are little stepping stones that the universe is creating as part of the path towards the final outcome of getting back together!! :)

5. we had a celebration in school on saturday the same week and i didn’t think he’d go really but he showed up. we went with different friends, but met one another when some of my friends in the club suggested the club take a photo together. we didn’t really interact much as I was trying to contact the members who weren’t there yet, but as I went over to the photo taking spot and looked around for the rest, he ran up to me and force fit this funny looking pomelo cap (hahahahha) on my head hahahha. this was the kind of thing he’d do before we got together but were interested in one another and when we were together but not since the break up, so yup was really pleasantly surprised by that (should i say a little flirty?) move!! :) and he’s not the type who’d do that to other girls so

6. however, for some reason, despite all the positive developments i felt despondent the next few days and couldn’t shake the negative feelings and doubts that crept up. i’d been falling behind on my affirmations and all bc of ongoing examinations and maybe that was why i started becoming impatient about my manifestation and anxious. watching videos while studying would help but it wouldn’t last. i knew this, if prolonged further, would definitely bring bad reflections in the 3D world to me and i really had to deal with it soon. so to clear my doubts, i asked the universe for signs that my manifestation was being worked on and would come in its own time in the form of “a couple more 28s” since 28 was my favourite number and held a ton of significance for me :) it was my sign back during the first time i manifested him back too, although i just thought of it as a “lucky number” rather than a sign from the universe as i didn’t know about the LOA back then. and what followed was NUMEROUS 28s from car plates to the time to just really random things and they haven’t stopped. the universe really has got my back, and my mood has been improving tremendously. plus, my exams end tomorrow after a month!! finally :) 

that’s all for now and i’ll keep updating with my little success!! i’m still falling into the desperation trap at times so i definitely do need to work on my self-love and faith and trust (and therefore letting go of the hows) but there definitely has been improvement and at such a fast pace too :) can’t wait to tell you guys of my success when it comes :) feel free to leave any comments or interpretations of my experiences as at times i’m afraid i’m simply being too optimistic about my little success i’ve had so far haha

all the best to everyone manifesting their sp!! i know yall can do it :) and i’d really recommend watching Agnes Vivarelli’s youtube videos, they’ve helped me a ton in such a short time :)

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