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Just wondering if there is anyone out there that won the lotto before, and if so, would you share your tips!




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i have won money in casino's but not the lottery.

advice what i could give is, stop limiting yourself by saying: i can only have alot of money if i play the lottery.

there are bilions ways for you to get the amount of money that you want, let the universe deside how you get it. you just line up with it, its that simple.
Hi Dana,

it is one of my ambitions to win the Lotto. I use to buy tickets every week and I use to hate checking the results because I got a bit down with so many disappointments. But then one night I had a dream that I was in a Queue and I woke realising that I AM a winner. Because I ASKED it has been granted, I just have to wait my 'turn' now.

So now I am much more relaxed about it. I KNOW I am a winner and so I know i will have the right ticket at the right time, there is no need for me to worry about which numbers to pick or what day to buy the ticket. It will just happen.

And I think Stas is right, it should not be the only way you allow money and abundance to flow in, it can be a Request, but keep putting in requests for many other and varied ways.

I aslo ASK for many 'gifts' of different amounts. I have asked that the Lotto be over a million because I have it earmarked for some BIG projects, but I also ask for surprises of all denominations, from 100 euro to 10,000 , to a million and much much more. That way, I KNOW that a flow of money will come in and I am blocking nothing.

But I really really LOVE the idea of a Lotto win, and Ilove to hear stories of people who won. I like to imagine that all the people who ASK, simply and with intent and have no blocks or barriers ARE all on a list of Winners and then each just takes their turn. So when I hear of a winner, I feel like it is one of my special family of lotto winners who has won, and that helps me to feel SO grateful where previously I felt a little jealous and wondered why them and not me.

I will certainly post when i win !!!!!!!

love and light Gen
A couple of people in Florida used the LOA to win the lotto. :) Basically to make a long story short, they just held on to their dream of winning the lotto. It took them about a year. One was an old Cuban man in West Palm ( I think). He used vision boards. and I believe the other was another elderly person who said everyday he/she was a lotto winner. Something like that. Basically, yes, you can use the LOA to win the lotto.
What if we all go out and buy a ticket with the same numbers on it? OK, well, there is the issue of being in different countries.....let's put our heads together and WIN by golly!!

I am hungry for some cash!!

That would be awesome!!! The ticket I buy is drawn every friday, its called Lotto Max, there is 7 numbers XX XX XX XX XX XX XX drawn and "extra" which is another 7 numbers.XXXXXXX...Next Friday February 5, 2010 it will be $25 MILLON!

how does yours work?
Hi Dana,

My husband and I play the lottery. Like Genevieve...I feel I am a winner. I write down affirmations and say affirmations every day. There is going to be a payout jackpot winner in each lottery ....so I see ME winning. I am as deserving as anyone else buying a ticket with my implied action. It is just one of my streams of cash flow coming right now. There can be disappointment in looking at the numbers and I just do my best to see it as a delay in my win...not a cancellation.

I plan on doing wonderful things with my winning lottery millions.....

Hi, I had put a question on here before, asking people if they won any money at casinos because I was going to Vegas with some girl friends. I got two responses that I kind of felt were negative and judging me for putting money in a machine. However, I'm gonna put this question out there again....any advice that isnt negative will help me out. Thanks.

my son wanted to win money on line "betting' on rugby matches and tennis tournaments. I had given him the account and he was enjoying it. I am not a betting person myself but I do the lotto. I realised that my son 'wanted' the money so badly that he probably wouldnt win it online as he was putting out a vibe of 'desperation'. So I explained LOA once again to him and I had just watched Esters Abe tape on Rampage of Appreciation. So when he said "oh Mom help me, my teams are all drawing". I jokingly decided to do a Rampage of Appreciation. I walked up and down our hall with my arms in the air and with every ounce of energy, I said as though I was speaking into the ears of the team members, "come on, guys, you can do this, you can win, this is your great chance, come on you are wonderful, you are invincible ......" I kept this up for a full 5 minutes, never giving myself a moment to show any disbelief, I was just 100% psyched. I could hear my son in the background cheering on his teams, but I could also hear his anxiety that they kept drawing.... But I stayed steadfast. And one after the other his three teams WON, in extraordinaryly close circumstances.

My son thought I was some kind of Genius ....but it was just sheer 'belief', enthusiasm. The rampage did it ... Abe says that if we can hold a 'thought' in pure positive energy for just 16 seconds, it will happen !

So, practice Rampage of Appreciation and then go for it .....

Now I will say ...it wasnt easy, I was totally exhausted ... I didnt try it out again, but maybe I overdid it maybe it doesnt have to be so exhausting ... and it was easier for ME to do it than my son as I was doing it just for the sheer love of my son, whereas he wanted money and had a lot of anxieties !

Love and light Gen
My tip would be, how would i feel if this happened i would be soooo excited,and jump and run round the house saying ive won.May be thats what you could try every day do this like you have ,then you are really feeling it.
I can sometimes feel when a ticket is a winning ticket or not. I got the 3 horses in the Caufield Cup, not betting, just feeling the field and appreciating the horses as personalities and seeing how they ran etc.. Yet I also learnt the difference between a message I get, like No.5. and then the horse I like because it has pretty colors... Now I just have to make this a clearer skill. I dont really want to use my intuition for the races, but I do like knowing that its there.

And my lotto win, I havent checked this weeks ticket, I do win little bits and have won a big prize.


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