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How do I feel worthy of love? I've done affirmations for a very long time but I still don't feel I'm lovable.

Does anyone have any tips for this?

I just want to feel lovable to allow the love I deserve to manifest

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Hi Amy:

I can understand how you feel after spending a while using affirmations to experience self-love.  Affirmations are wonderful, but they do tend to work on the conscious mind level--while the subconscious mind continues it's record playing of limiting beliefs.  It may take a while using affirmations alone for it to seep in deeper.  Have you thought of doing guided self-love meditations?  Meditating, bringing you into a more relaxed state of mind, may help override the conscious mind and get the new programing down to the subconscious level.  

What's wonderful about the guided meditations is that they use the affirmations while you're in this relaxed state and more apt to accept the affirmations at a deeper level. There are many wonderful self-love meditations that you could find on youtube.  Oprah and Deepak Chopra have some great guided meditations out there.  One of their programs is on love and includes self-love.  Their meditations may be a little pricy, but you may find them beneficial.  And again, if cost is an issue, there are plenty of free guided meditations on youtube. 

Another method that may help get to the subconscious level is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  This method involves "tapping" on your body's energy centers, meridians.  It's supposed to have a similar approach like acupuncture (though without the pins) where you're working on the energy level.  You can find more information on EFT by googling the method.  And there are tons of free EFT videos on youtube.

Hope some of this helps.   


Louise Hay talks about loving yourself.  I think she recommends looking at yourself in the eyes in the mirror everyday while saying I love you to yourself.  Awkward at first I'm sure, but I imagine it gets easier with practice.

Maybe if you ask yourself why you're not lovable you can get to the root of your limiting beliefs and then make affirmations that target those root thoughts/beliefs. 

Love is the fullfillment of the law, neither subject or object, for Love is unconditioned and unconditional, changeless, Perfection. It cannot be found as it has never been missing. Love is You, Me, They ,Them and It, All. 

So any claim of Love being missing or diminished in any way simply is akin to claiming non-existence exista Huh ? . Existsence Exists, not anything else could possiblly Exist but Existence , This is Self-evident. Existences own Self. 

Love is Love by virtue of being Love-'s own Self. I Am that I Am. One Whole Self.. My Love and the Beloved are One, Love. 


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