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This is inspired by a post a few days ago about reminiscing something sweet from the past to attract similar now. So I was thinking, if you want to recall a sweet story of anything that still makes your heart sing and fills it with profound gratitude, perhaps you can share it here? Give it more attention and exercise gratitude. It could be as simple as something you used to enjoy eating but now can't for some reasons. Yet thinking about it makes your mouth water? LOL! You could also reminisce in the love department about a past relationship, something you're totally over and have no attachment left. So good memories bring only joy and leave you to bathe in it for a while without any yearning.

What do you say?



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Nice one!  OK I have been thinking (am going for an interview with an agency re temp work) about what I've enjoyed about the temp teaching work I have done in the past.  I loved the flexibility of it.  I loved when I'd get a call on the day to say there was a job for me that day. I loved the variety of it - many different places to work it was exciting to me rather than being at the same place with the same people so I enjoyed this part of it very much.  Almost every job - and there were none that I hated or were dreadful at all - had lovely kids and was a really nice job and most of the kids were really happy. I worked with some lovely staff too.  One of my fave jobs was with a person whose last name was rainbow which I thought was cool.  Things went well for me there.  She was the manager and she was SO easy to get along with.  Another one was in a beautiful area of England that I loved going to and from, nice area and place to work.  I got to choose, work 5 days a week for a bit more money or 4 days a week with one day a week off so I chose the later.  The staff were really nice there too and mostly the kids and in these jobs the resources (toys etc) were new enough to me that getting them prepared was quite interesting!  And at that job I mentioned, the kids seemed excited and calm to play with whatever toys I chose and it was fun to watch them.  I had no paperwork to do and I always had help with supervision as I was the temp. I was never the last one to leave, someone else would be responsible for staying with the kids after I went as that was THEIR job, not mine and THEY knew the parents.  I liked that.  I even enjoyed working in the different areas, it made for a lot of variety with getting to work too.  

(This time around, potentially, it COULD be an even BETTER experience, EVEN better cos these were really great, as I have things to do when I have gaps in the temp work, I have more money too so will feel less stressful, I know more about LOA much more, I know about Abe & their processes, I have a business to build and things to do whenever I don't have the work.  And I'm excited about having some temp work and the money I will earn from it.)


This is so touchy. Do you have a photo to share?

Thanks for your story.


I am reminiscing about the amount of energy I used to have (and will again). I love to do physical work of all kinds. Since my 'real job' is as a computer programmer, I usually sit at a desk all day, and the work is mostly internal.

I would look forward to days I could spend in old work clothes, tackling one job after another. My husband and I would work together. In fact, this is how we bonded in the beginning of our relationship. I have an old house that has 3 apartments in it. One always needs some work. My daughter introduced me to Chip so he could install new door locks in one apartment. We've been together ever since.

Our biggest job was building our current home. From start to move-in date, it took 4 months of work. But such long and productive days those were. At the end of each day, there was huge accomplishment. The house still isn't 'finished'. We moved in as soon as we could get an occupancy permit from the town building inspector. After we did move in there was more opportunity to do more things that needed doing. We were regulars at the home improvement store.

I just find the physical act of working with my hands very fulfilling. I love to see the results. It makes me feel proud and happy. To me, that's CREATION!

Presently some health issues have slowed me down temporarily. Some of my visualizations to regain my strength and stamina revolve around those days of pounding nails and applying finish to woodwork. I love to bask in the feeling of producing all those results. Here's a picture of some of our house now:





Whether you've the stamina or not at the moment, you've this lovely home (that you built) to look at and reminisce! That's truly awesome!

The website no longer exists, but here is the picture of our house.

Okay, time for me to reminisce. I am a keen traveller and have been all over the world; however, having been out of work, I haven't been able to do much travelling. However, last year one Sunday morning, I was sitting in a coffee shop fleshing out some thoughts about travelling. You never know, I deduced, if I get some thoughts out there, who knows what the Universe may respond with, so I wrote them down in a notebook, imaging myself travelling, making some plans, working out where I could go, and what I could visit whilst there.

Anyhow, a couple of months later, I had got into the habit of giving money to charity, and this outflow came back to me in the form of a cheque from the Inland Revenue as a tax rebate. All of a sudden I had a wodge of extra money to play with, and I started to think that some of it could be better spent than spared. In short, I started giving just the odd thought to doing a bit of traveling.

The Universe responded though. First, my Mum found that Easyjet were having an online sale, and that flights to selected destinations were on special offer. Then I magically became free of an appointments and Job Centre obligations. Then a large anticyclone of high pressure and Saharan jet streams landed on top of the Mediterranean region to warm it up for mid to late October, and to top it all off, certain backpacker lodges had accommodation availability for the weekend I had in mind. To cut a long story short, I ended up in Nice for a long weekend.

It felt marvellous getting on the plane, flying down there and settling in to a foreign city again. In the previous year, the furthest I had been was Portsmouth, so it was wonderful to hear foreign accents, see continental European architecture (I love continental Europe) and stroll along the resplendent Promenade des Anglais. Nice is a wonderful destination, France's anything-goes city, with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere and a certain character which just isn't replicated anywhere else. In short, I was having an unexpected weekend in a very sui generis place.

It was also wonderful to do backpacker things again: chat to people from all over the world, gorge on generous hostel breakfasts, write my travel journal, collect tickets from journeys I had made, admire the specimens of human beauty all around me, speak in a foreign tongue (French being my second language) and excitedly plan my days with the help of my Lonely Planet guidebook and award-winning Pop-Out map.

I have been to Nice before and explored it quite thoroughly, so I didn't really need to do too much within the city; but there were places nearby which I could go to by train. I spent the Saturday in the principality of Monaco, whose allure, affluence and population density captured my imagination and provided an elegant backdrop (especially the Cafe de Paris opposite the casino).

Then on the Sunday, I jumped on the train again and visited the subtropical sun-trap of Menton, famed for its life-giving sea air, extensive groves of lemons, and being just a stone's throw from Italy. I could have been back in the UK amongst drizzle and piles of decomposing leaves, but no, here I was on an October weekend, smearing sun cream onto my extremities, and enjoying generous doses of pineal-gland stimulation. And all the better because I really didn't see it coming.

The moral of the story is: if you desire something, still believe in it because the more you believe in it, the more you will attract it to you. The Universe will find a way.

That's a beautiful story, thank you for sharing Neil as it made me smile :-)

And you are right, always believe because dreams really do come true :-) One of my favourite sayings is "Anything is possible, so long as you believe it is." I have found that to be so true over the years and your story is a perfect example of that, thank you :-)

Yes it certainly was made possible, but I wasn't entirely focusing on it, I was just 'sort of' focusing on it lightly. I think the trip was probably more of a 'reward' for the tithing which I had done in the weeks before I went away; the rebate from the Inland Revenue was pretty much a direct follow-up to charitable donations made in the last week of September last year, so I got the holiday and spending money for free. This post has now sparked a re interest in backpacking, and I am thinking about intending another weekend away, but somewhere different this time.
Time for a follow-up and also a reminisce. Yes, in September of last year, I was idly daydreaming about having another weekend away, even though I was mired in a period of unemployment and didn't really have the money to do so. But I did all the same, and then the money started coming. Financial gifts from people, another sale at Easyjet, customer loyalty discounts from a hostelling website I belong to etc. in short, I was able to have a 4 night stay in Barcelona and I got up to all sorts.

Then I came back to the UK to be provided with a solution to my unemployment, and thanks to this, my life is a whole lot better now. I feel that the good times are coming back, and have been having experiences over the past few months, which I thought were lost to the mists of time.

This is wonderful, Neil! Love the moment of success.

What ever makes one feel like they want to feel.



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