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Let's play the wouldn't it be nice if game

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I felt physically ok most of the rest of today! I got a low income apartments by February 15th!
I got great sweet favorite cake with dinner soon. My medical insurance kicked in. The rest of the winter was easy for my living in Arizona. A really great matching liver showed up in my life very soon and we ended up living together someday.
And in the area I hope to grad school.
I easily got incomes for the rest of my life when I wanted them around taking s graduate degree in Art.
My last lover said something to me today or soon.

I got in touch with a group that helped me bypass some of the stressful processing requirements for obtaining housing again in to the greater Phoenix area.

Wouldn't it be nice if I received unexpected large sums of money?

I'll be great!


Wouldn't it be SO freaking nice if I got an email from the principal of Osage tomorrow morning telling me he'd love to offer me a full time teaching position starting this Spring??!!?! YES!!!!! It certainly wouldddddd. And then wouldn't it be even more wonderful if for the next 2.5 months I could slack off @ work knowing that I'll be putting my two weeks in right before I start my new job? And wouldn't it be nice if I could screw over J and V and and just be like seeee yaaaa...?! Yes, yes it would be very nice.

Wouldn't it be nice if this week went by so fast and I had so much productivity and ease and fun?


I got a super cheap rolling bag that I love with two hrs! I slept fine tonight. My bus got postponed to the late evening tomorrow so I came into my need hometown around 6-8 am. I got along fine this evening and in the morning with the girls I am staying with. I loved New Mexico a lot!
I got pizza with pepperoni for dinner. I had s new very high quality boyfriend soon.
Woulnt it be nice if me and my kids moved home, free from their alcoholic father so we could live surrounded by a loving family away from any more aggression and alcoholism.


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