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Write It Down
Once you write your ideas down, they become permanent for all time. Make a list of all the things you need to do today. Then number them in order of their importance. Write the most important item first. Make sure you complete the first task before you go to item number two.
Most people do just the opposite and wonder why they never get anywhere. Sometimes the most important is the most difficult to complete. Then, procrastination takes over and it becomes more difficult the longer you wait. Stress then kicks in; self-doubt kicks in. Important deeds go undone and success becomes a blurred memory. Procrastination is one of the killers of all great things.
Want to get rid of procrastination? It’s easy. When faced with a decision or task and you start to waiver, put your hands together, clap real loud, and say with as much conviction as you can muster, “Do it now!.” In other words, do the thing that’s easy to do. Clap your hands and shout, “Do it now!” Repeat it again, and again, until you have no choice but to make your decision or begin your task. Believe it; it works every time.
Think with your pencil or pen; write down all the ideas you have concerning your task. As you are writing you will tune into that great subconscious power that creates, and you will be surprised at what comes out of you. I know I am doing this when I sit down to write these pages. I have no idea what I’m going to write; the words just come out. Although it’s hard to believe, I don’t really know what I write until Erica my administrative assistant types it up and gives it to me. Somehow it all makes sense.
Write a business plan for your life. No intelligent person would start a business without a plan. Most people have no idea from one day to the next, where they are going. Then, they wonder why they never get anywhere.
Imagine a ship’s captain leaving port without a definite destination and charts on how to reach that destination. You are captain of your ship! If you don’t have a plan completely written down, you will surely end up on the rocks or on some deserted island.

Today’s Exercise: Write down ten things you need to do tomorrow. Number them in the order of their importance. Try to get through at least three.
Today’s Affirmation: I am enthusiastic and confident.
Points to Ponder: Once you write your ideas down, they become permanent for all time.

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Great sharing Len!
Hi Awesome, are you interested in joining Steve Soucy and me in a skype video mastermind meeting once a week at about 1:30 am Eastern time, Len
Paws, Fantastic stay with it. Love Len
The "Do it Now" clapping works. I just did it earlier and it got back to my homework. Now I am going to get myself an agenda to write down the daily to do list because I feel scattered. It gets my day more organized and lets go of the worry of wondering if I have forgotten anything.. Thanks.
Ellen, excellent make it a daily routine you will be suprised at how much more you can accomplish when you have a list. Peace, len
Interesting I will have to read this again later my eyes are getting tired...thank you
I needed to read this. I have been lacking a lot just lately. It popped into my head a few weeks ago to write down all the things I need to get done, but I didn't & I am still trying to get all the same thing finished. I am now going to write the things I need done & clap away :D
Thank you for this Len x
Tre, stick to it, we are creatures of procrastination so if you have it written down you know what you have to do then it's just matter of following orders (your orders) we can all do that. Peace, Len
I LOVE the clapping idea!
I usually type rather than write though some people - like Abe Hicks - suggest writing can be more powerful.
Though I type faster than I write and strongly prefer it plus things I type here people sometimes feed back on which really helps!
I sometimes do any of these:
A written to do list
Typing the Abe workbook which includes a kind of to do list
A daily schedule which I type onto.
I am not so sure about the schedule because if I don't spend as much time on something as I said I would, I feel a bit guilty and I find it really hard to stick to!
I also have a Word weekly schedule.

I LOVE how you said write up ten, try to get through at least 3.
You don't HAVE to get through all ten.

I have written my top goals - top 13 or something like that - onto cue cards now, Len, since reading what you wrote about goals in an earlier post. I read them once a day - in the morning - and look in the mirror.
I say them as affirmations and afformations.

I have a sort of template for a business plan in a book I have which I haven't done yet because I want to do it with hubby and probably do one step at a time - it's a 20 step plan!

Writing (yep pen & paper) is helpful and a big part of my daily LOA processes.
Athena, Great idea get your hubby involves two heads are always better then one. Remember once written down they become law, anyway that is what Yul Brenner said to Moses in the movie the Ten Commanments. Peace, Len
I love it Len! I'm all about lists (obviously, haha) and they work in so many ways! To do lists actually help get the stuff done, wish lists actually help you to manifest. Thanks for this!
Listgirl, your welcome, Peace, Len


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