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This is what I've been struggling with. That isn't a very famous saying for no reason. All around me I see people who are miserable. I try to surround myself with happy people, and even they're only happy because they accept horrible fates and become at peace with it. Is there a way I can have it all? I mean, what makes me so different? i have yet to meet one person who is happy with all aspects of their life. Can I really be healthy, wealthy, beautiful, and live a full life without something horrible peering around the corner?


Just thoughts I've been marinating in...would love feedback.

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I LOVE THIS! thanks...but my main question is...ARE there people who have it all? I haven't seen it anywhere.
Your conscious mind operates with 5,000 neurons, whereas your Creative Mind, which operates 24 hours a day, works with 5 billion...quite a difference there i love knowing stuff like this... it helps quite a bit.. thanks for your post =)

You cant have it all right NOW, what you are getting at the moment are the things you manifested through your thoughts and feeling over the last number of years. Maybe you had a lot of fears about money and now you are getting money challenges, maybe you wanted a car for years and now you are enjoying it. What we are thinking about and feeling NOW is what we will get tomorrow or next year depending on how much we are feeling it and how much baggage, doubt or negativity we attach to it.

We WILL get it all ...but in a sequence so that we can appreciate it. Thats why we have to appreciate what we have NOW because we "asked" for it at some time in our past and we need to acknowledge it NOW. As we become more aware of how we manifest we can start to shorten the time line in which we manifest our desires and perhaps even have instant manifestations ...so we ask today and get tomorrow. We appreciate what we have today and tomorrow when we get our big desire, we appreciate it straightaway.

I think it is a sequence, Ask, Receive, Ask, Receive. We all just get frustrated because we have such a long gap between Asking and Receiving the "good things". But if we can accept that everything we have today is what we Asked for (even the negative) and if we can be grateful for it, (not grateful that you fell down the stairs ! ..but that you made the connection between the thoughts and fears that then manifested as a fall etc) then we can work on shortening the gap and reducing the amount of negative things we manifest so that we truely ARE grateful for what we have, then it should be that we GET EVERYTHING WE ASK FOR ..... so "you can have it all".

Its a learning curve for us all ..... most of us grew up being negative most of the time or at least 50% of the time and that is what is showing up ...but we are all working towards being much more positive ...and I DO believe it is achievable that we will manifest great things all of the time or maybe there will always be a margin ....so lets say 98.99% ...that would be just perfect for me ....lol

There will always be 'negative' around us,the interpretations of the news, of natural disasters, of other people getting hurt or ill ....but this is because 'contrast' is necessary so that we know we are happy. How would you know that someone was ill, if you didnt know what health was. The secret to dealing with other peoples negativity is to KNOW that it is theirs and not ours and to be compassionate with others as they go through their negative manifestatons but KNOW that we dont have to. We have to go though what we have already set in motion but we choose today what we will have tomorrow .... so lets start choosing fun, joy, love and abundance.

love and light Gen

love and light Gen
Hey Lena...
In response to your question, Can I really be healthy, wealthy, beautiful, and live a full life without something horrible peering around the corner?

Of course you can!!!!! It's all a matter of perception, as Wes pointed out earlier. And, I loved modesttreasure's input about asking yourself this question instead... "What separates you from those who have it all?"

I ask for what I want, I allow it, and I trust that it is coming. (not ALL the time, but you get where I'm going here) I don't worry about HOW it will come or what it will look like... because if I'm worrying, I'm resisting. If I am focusing on "something horrible peering around the corner" then that's what I see. In fact, the title of your post really says it all in terms of your focus. Make it a priority to spend your days appreciating... focusing on the beauty in your life... and trying out new ways to get and stay in the Vortex. If I can do it, anyone can do it! And, when I come in here and talk of my "spiraling" about whatever, I expect you and my friends here to tell me the same thing. LOL.
Right after I posted... I got the Abe daily quote and thought it perfect to place here...

Where emotion comes in is that emotion is your guidance or your response to your vibration. Your emotion does not create. Emotion is your indicator of what you are already creating. As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So it's always a match. What you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match. The emotion (your Guidance System) is telling you what's coming.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, March 7th, 2000 #327
yes, that is where my focus is..you're right. despite so much evidence of the power of your mind creating...i still have a hard time believing that I CAN have it all, in fact, i have a hard time believing that I can a fraction of anything good... and that I deserve it. thanks for the quote..it's perfect!
I can have it all; but whether I choose to have it all is another question.

Is having it all really going to be what I want? I don't think it is.

I think I want to have all the joy and abundance I can have, when I have it.

In fact, I'm learning that this moment is what I have, and it is fully abundant with everything I need. It's my worry about the next moment that gets to me, and it's my preoccupation with what I don't have that adds to my discomfort.

Not an easy thing sometimes -- we teach ourselves to be discontent, always wanting more...

but this is really the only moment we have. So we can enjoy it, or spend it worrying.

I'm trying to choose the former; I choose the latter pretty often, but that's really OK, because, paradoxically, that's also a part of this moment!
You can be scared and worry for the rest of your life or you can LIVE the rest of your life. I think that if you feel the way you do you will probably never get a real chance to appreciate just how wonderful life is. Instead of worrying about what can happen, live a good life, live a happy life, and everything that may happen that may appear to be a challenge, well even those moments will be easier. I've learned to look at it this way, if I KNOW and TRUST that everything that happens is GOOD, regardless of how bad it may seem, then I BELIEVE good will follow. There is good inside everything and everyone and if we learn to see it ONLY in that light then even in our darkest of hours a light will shine upon it.

Lena, all the words and good advice is not going to help you until you stop seeing things as they are and start seeing your life around you as you want it to be. Be a dreamer at night and a day dreamer during the day. Remember this GOD DID NOT MAKE ANY LOSERS. Peace and Love, Len
I look at this concept in pretty much black and white. So my take on it may or may not be interesting to you. I have spent years wondering about the fairness of life... who gets to have what, who is left to rot by humanity. The whole gamut of thinking about the world's inequities used to paralyze me with apathy. I mean if we can't count on being alive and healthy, or if we can't count on our kids outliving us, WHAT'S THE POINT? Yes I spent years pissed off at God, for the things God seems to allow...

We all know we could be crossing the street, and get hit by the next bus. Life could be over, life could change dramatically in an instant. My struggle with that concept, (is it worth the effort to become happy, because I could be dead within 5 seconds) was left behind, after a series of decisions I made in the last couple of years. Not one particular decision to change turned the page... the entire list of these is how I've turned my life around.

One decision was to quit smoking cigarettes in Aug of 08, then later a few months ago I quit pot too,
another decision was to quit hoping to get rich playing music waiting for someone to find me,
another was to quit hoping that I would be magically saved from the addiction to my own apathy,
another was to completely abandon my previous career of writing and composing,
another bid decision for me was to only use my real name on any forum or public media...
and the biggest decision I made about changing my life around, was to start making Youtube videos.
And another amazing (and frightening) decision I made was to leave our internet business in my wife's capable hands.

I am NOT recommending anyone do what I have done. All decisions about changing your life, are up to you to figure out. You have to first realize you have something worth changing, and then you have to find the discipline to stick to the change. Each change or decision, makes us stronger and more able to face the next challenge.

So there are a couple of issues to consider.

!) What does having it all... mean to you? If it means having bird wings to fly with, gills to breathe underwater with and some kind of potion to become invisible... that could be difficult. If you want to be the richest person in the world, or worth 500 billion dollars, it could be difficult. Those are outside of you, you need to pull them towards you I guess. If having it all means, having the state of mind you need to feel GOOD, well that might be easier. That's up to you tho. Some people take decades before they figure out how to be happy. I did.

2) Your current perspective is to see that the happy people around you, suffer horrible fates and become at peace with it. I think you've struck a gold mine with that statement, if you can decide to apply it to yourself. After all, we all die... that sucks for a lot of people. But at some point, we all face our mortality and decide if we want to fear that or not. Me, I ain't a skeert no mo a dyin.' I haven't done everything I still have left to do, not have I accumulated all the stuff that I want for myself and my family. But I have attained a peace of mind and bulletproof nature that I THOUGHT I COULD NEVER HAVE. I grew up thinking I would be a very unhappy person, all my life. Man have I ever changed that! I'm so happy, giddy wacky goofy... all of it.

I am happy with all aspects of my life (so now you KNOW you've met someone who is). I live very moment to moment, I have wonderful plans with my business partner, and my wife and kids are all doing fabulously. I have also risen above needing to worry about all the lousy things that have happened on this planet. I feel compassion, I still cry at both happy and sad things, but I'm not going to lose any sleep or hair over the things I have no control over.

Some days I think I want to wear a turban and speak slowly like this very cool guru, Moojiji but that's not me. His message, is about love and that our thoughts are who we are. I love listening to him... but I'm a loud, brash, hockey playing, short & fat, bald, egotistical bully with a hairy back... yeah you know the type. And there' still a few million dollars in escrow waiting for me to attract. And I promise you, I am 100% committed to every change that I feel a need to make. To me, this is perfection. The feeling of KNOWING that I can get (change) from point A to B. I don't need to manifest every single thing I imagine. I only need to enjoy every moment.

This life thingy is AWESOME.

Bravo! Standing Ovation!
Awesome Steve! I could relate to almost everything you said... well... except the hairy back comment!!!!! LOL Thank goddess!


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