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Oftentimes I feel like what I don't have really outnumber what I do have. I'm still grateful for these things, but if I could just have _______. Anyone else too?

Or things in life happen that you are not ready for, you don't know how to handle. Just as you were doing so good, or maybe it never felt like it was ever good.

Pause for a few minutes and list 10 things that are working in your life. Write it out. Here are a few of mine:

1. I have the best job ever. This really is the best job I've ever had. I love what I do. I work with great people (co workers, management, clients, etc.). I work in a fantastic location. I am proud to say where I work. I'm making a difference by doing what I do. As much as I like it, I'm also learning a lot and improving myself.

2. I have an overall very healthy diet that's working for me. I love what I eat. I feel great from what I eat. I am in the best shape of my life. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy working out. My health/fitness area of my life are best ever.

3. I work with the best ever energy healer. I am comfortable working with him. He is available to me. I feel great from all the sessions and I see significant improvements. I can work on any issue I'm dealing with at the moment with him.

4. I am able to pursue my hobbies. Things I always loved doing and not always was able to, now I am. I'm having lots of fun. I'm around amazing, inspiring people. I love their company and they love mine.

5. I have the best chiropractor ever. No matter what I have going on, he helps me, he cares and I always feel better.

6. I have an adorable puppy that I love dearly. He is so much fun (usually, lol). I love spending time with him and sharing the love.

7. My meditation practices are POWERFUL! I see a significant difference in my reality. I feel great from them, I feel the healing, I feel empowered.

8. I have a lot of support, in spiritual and physical terms. I know I can always rely on the universe and other people in my life. No matter what I'm dealing with I have resources.


You get the idea?

I'm not going to say what happens when you write it out and reread it over the next few days. If you dare, write one out for yourself and let me know what happened ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving Emma! Thank you for being Emma! <3

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too Patty! I am always grateful for you comments, they really make me feel appreciated :)



Even with the world as it is at the moment, and circumstances as they are, we still have things going for us. Even if you’re self-isolating, and your world is just your four walls, you still have a few things going for you (health, family, financial support, a home, people getting you supplies etc) and if you keep on focusing upon these, you will change your point of attraction. It will improve and you will start attracting more and more good things within the context of your life now. Once this gains momentum, you will start attracting good things to the extent, that your new point of attraction won’t ‘fit’ your current circumstances and they will have to change to allow it. It’s law. 

Yes. "Gratitude is telling the Universe you are ready for the unimaginable."

I had never really thought of it like that, but it’s true.  Gratitude in advance is very powerful, and it is also telling the Universe that you believe such a thing is possible.  It is showing a belief that it exists, and the act of gratitude draws it to you. 


This is a good thread.


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