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Hello friends.

I was given these statements earlier today while I was in a very meditative state and knew right away I had to share them with you. I call these "Command Statements" because the way they came to me and as I wrote them down, it was obvious that the statements were commanding the action of each aspect. As I was taught, you energetically pull what you want to you; you don't go after it, as that ends up pushing it away from you.

In reciting these statements, both as affirmations and afformations, you begin to create your vortex much stronger and set the energetic intent of having what you want come to you. I see that these statements will increase your ability to know that what you want does indeed come to you when you tell it to. As with any affirmation/afformation, please modify the statements to suit you.

Command Statements / Affirmations

Inner Peace, now come to me.

Gratitude and Appreciation, now come to me.

Prosperity and Abundance, now come to me.

Wisdom and Enlightenment, now come to me.

Joyfulness and Bliss, now come to me.

Total Health and Well-being, now come to me.

My Power and Abilities, now come to me.

Complete Alignment with my Vibrational Escrow, now come to me.

Complete Forgiveness of others, now come to me.

Complete Forgiveness of myself, now come to me.

Unconditional Love of others, now come to me.

Unconditional Love of myself, now come to me.

Unconditional Love of all things, now come to me.

Oneness with all that is, now come to me.

I give my thanks, love and gratitude for all these things and more that now come to me.

Command Statements / Afformations

Why has Inner Peace now come to me?

Why has Gratitude and Appreciation now come to me?

Why has Prosperity and Abundance now come to me?

Why has Wisdom and Enlightenment now come to me?

Why has Joyfulness and Bliss now come to me?

Why has Total Health and Well-being now come to me?

Why has my Power and Abilities now come to me?

Why has Complete Alignment with my Vibrational Escrow now come to me?

Why has Complete Forgiveness of others now come to me?

Why has Complete Forgiveness of myself now come to me?

Why has Unconditional Love of others now come to me?

Why has Unconditional Love of myself now come to me?

Why has Unconditional Love of all things now come to me?

Why has Oneness with all that is now come to me?

I wish you all the very Brightest of Blessings for the new year! =)

Ross - Tolemac

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Why do the most Amazing things happen for me this coming year - with such little effort or thought on my part, simply appearing into my life for my enjoyment and bliss?

Through this thread and a facebook link about choosing a theme for the year I've come up with my theme and intention for 2010............it WILL be amazing. It is a done deal and it sticks!
There you go, Retta! Sounds like you have the decision and desire down pretty good. That means you will indeed manifest the kind of "theme" you want this year to be. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac
I was trying to understand why you 'ask' the afformations...so you ask and then reply? Please clarify. :)
Hello Lori,

What happens when you ask yourself a question? Your brain tries to answer it. If you ask a negative question, such as "why did I get that parking ticket?" your brain answers and says "because you forgot to put a quarter in the machine".

If you ask a positive question, such as "why am I so peaceful and calm", again your brain answers the question and if you are not already in a calm and peaceful space within, it then guides you to that space so that it can answer the question. When we ask a question that does not have a ready answer, "we" go looking for that answer. So, we place ourselves in different vibrations and situations in an attempt to get that answer.

It's not so much that we reply outwardly to the question, as if someone else asked it, but that we reply inwardly on an energy level. Let me know if that helps or if you need further clarification. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
I need some help. When I try to formulate my questions I find myself starting with 'How is it' or 'isn't it nice that' rather than why. Does that make a difference? It feels different to me yet to ask...............how is it that my job is now flowing so easily with a why. OK, how is it is kind of like why. Yet not.

Isn't it nice that the words for my reports just flow onto the paper?

Is that as powerful as a why question?

I get this question a lot too.

"Why" is the same as "How is it" or "How come". They mean the same thing to the brain.

"Isn't it nice that" is not quite the same, because the brain does have to do a bit more thinking to grasp.

For example, try this:

"Why am I so rich?"


"Isn't it nice that I'm so rich?"

Notice that your brain has to work a little harder for the second one -- because it has to "fit" something there.

Naturally, if your brain accepts "Isn't it nice that" - then by all means, do it!

I am speaking in general terms based on what my clients have told me after years of teaching people how to use Afformations.

Hope this helps.

Ask away,
So are Afformations just as affective if we say a bunch at a time? As an example, I have written out about 50 afformations on all different subjects. Will it be more affective if I only say a few at a time on just one subject or can I go down the list and will the brain still bring the same type of positive results?
Im worried about overloading the subconscious mind with too much at a time.

Any idea?

Hell RC,

If you're worried about it, then because that is what you are focusing on, that is what will come about. If it feels better to you to do less, then do less. It's all about how it feels and what you think about it. If it feels like "work" and a slog, then it will be and it will either not work, or will take forever. If it feels easy and fun and something you want to do as opposed to have to do, then it'll be easy and come quickly.

Every process you can think of works in this same way. If you think and feel it works easily and quickly, then it does. Find the ones that feel good to you and do those. If you really want to do a process and it seems hard or like work at first, find the resistance to doing that one and let it go. The more you let go of the resistance/fear around it, the easier it will be, and the faster you'll get results. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

You're welcome. =)

Thank you Tolemac for sharing your giant hug & wisdom with us*****

You're welcome. =)

As you do this, it makes you much more open to receiving. It’s as if you are ‘telling’ a concept that you are willing to let it in. 


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