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In the large sumptuous dining hall there's a wonderful, roaring, blazing fire crackling loudly in the grate.

The warm firelight flickers gently over the huge room.  There are beautiful paintings in gilt frames hanging on the walls and long elegant drapes hang over the windows. The mellow music of the string quartet wafts through the hall and in the middle of this enormous room there is a huge table set for the feast.

The pretty candles throw pools of light all over the table which is festooned with beautiful fresh cut, fragrant flowers and bright, glittering, festive centrepieces.  The chairs are luxuriously upholstered and welcoming.  Lovely aromas fill the air hinting at the delicious meal to come.


It's the PI Festive Gathering and YOU have been invited!

Everything is on the menu and you can have whatever you desire!  The wonderful waiting staff will take your order and process it.  It will be brought to you as quickly as you will allow it to be!  Don't forget to order your festive meal as well!

Everything is just right!  There's a wonderfully happy vibe and people are laughing and talking and comparing notes and everything is just the way you would like it to be!

The gold lettered, fancy invitation you received by Cosmic Cat Post asks that you bring at least three things with you:

1/ Please bring your most joyous and loving Self!

2/ Please bring your vortex!
3/ Please invite someone else, anyone else you like to join us!

and optionally:

4/ Please bring something, funny, uplifting or nice to add to the celebration!

And  so I'll begin!

I have my large and bulky vortex with me in my pocket!  I managed to condense it down into a tiny lightweight easy to carry zip file and ...

I'm sending  out additional invites to that cheeky monkey Robert and the world's fastest running Banana(sForDays)! Where are they?

The lovely waiter just took my quite picky and complicated order for a gorgeous, smart and funny soulmate as well as a Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings!  Looks like the dinner has arrived first!!!  

Oh! And look! He's very kindly brought me a lovely glass of wine too ( hic!)

Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I hope you can all make it to our festive gathering!


 Let the PI Party begin!  Look! P!nk has just turned up to get this party started!


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Why thank you for the lovely invitation! I will bring a lovely vegan dinner and even a vegan dessert! I am excited for laughter and love and a joyous coming together of friends!

Welcome Flower Patch! Happy Christmas!  Enjoy your meal look its just arrived its Nut cutlet, stuffing, roast potatoes and parsnips, and broccoli!

Dont  forget the waiters are all here ready to take your other orders! You did bring your vortex with you didn't you? :) Invite your friends too! :)

Oh yum!!! Best party I've been invited to all year! I used to love posting pics but I can't seen to do it from an iPad. I'm getting my fork to dig in!!!!

im so grateful to be on this site!

Immagine di dog, light, and christmas

Immagine di adventure is out there

a quote 4 you dear friends:

Immagine di society, ugly, and quote

and my wish 4 all of you!:

Immagine di change, quote, and everything

Live d magic, be d magic!

Lovely images, thank you Stefania  for joining our party! Buon Natale! Here is a very special gift for you ...


... it contains something that has been in your vortex for ages!!! Enjoy! :)

Awwww you're so sweet!!
Oh, I LUUUUV parties! Where's my elf costume????

Surely, I can find some hot cocoa to hand out to all you lovelies!

Happy Christmas Emily! Glad you could make it to the party!  Grab yourself a Christmas tipple and anything you want just put your order in with the waiter!


Hey Robert! Happy Christmas! Thanks for bringing Bruce and co! Im dancing on the table! Yay! :)

Glad you could make it Bananas! Heres your outfit!

...Cocoa? Everything is here!!!  Even Cocoa!

Enjoy! :)

Oh THANK YOU for the wonderful cocoa, and yes, that's exactly the outfit I want to wear to the party!

Bless you for manifesting that for me! You are tuned right into the frequency of abundance this holiday season.

Oh, and Robert, beautiful work inviting Bruce Springsteen! I forget sometimes how powerful we are. I would've invited him myself, but you were operating at genius speed, and brought him in before I could envision such a thing. :). Good work.


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