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To find your soulmate, look in a mirror. “But I don’t like what I see.” And that’s why finding your soulmate feels so elusive. People love romancing the idea of another completing them, which is ultimately fan fiction that would never come to fruition. Even if your soulmate was right in front of you giving you head pats, you wouldn’t notice because you’re too busy looking for another half instead of another whole.

You keep attracting less than what you want (because Law of Attraction matches vibrations, not desires, and if your vibration is not a match to your desire, you’re not going to like it) and that just amplifies your awareness of what you don’t have. So you long for your soulmate the longer you live without them. And so you keep attracting less than what you want . . . the cycle continues.

People assume with soulmates the relationship will guarantee satisfaction. That you will automatically feel loved and have lots of fun. As if soulmate = guaranteed happiness. Where do you come up with this stuff? Might as well put winning the lottery and getting lots of money in the same category. Or anything. But just because you get what you want doesn’t mean you’ll get the emotions you want. Physical and emotional results are two different things. Physical results don’t guarantee emotional results, but emotional results guarantee physical results.

You believe getting your one true love will guarantee you feel loved, accepted, appreciated, valued, worthy, secure, sexy and satisfied. No it won’t. That’s impossible. All of those feelings come from your thoughts. And if you’re not a deliberate thinker, your relationship will not feel magical for very long. And then you’ll want a refund thinking you made a mistake and they aren’t your soulmate, when they very well could be. But you attracted unwanted from them and then deem them not compatible, when your soulmate is always going to be a mirror. You can call them your soul mirror or soul reflection. Sometimes they’ll be a pain in the ass and annoying to work with. Why? Because you are, ha ha.

Sure, the relationship will be amazing! . . . For the first several months. Then, the inevitable happens. Your point of attraction will rear its ugly head and the relationship will start to decline until you break up. Then you’ll either want to get your ex back or onto soulmate #2!! But the same thing will keep happening and after decades of disappointment you’ll just give up. Or, you could save yourself a lot of time and give up (your resistance and conditional emotions) now, and allow yourself to have the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

You can’t consistently manifest and maintain what you want without being unconditional. There’s just no other way around it. Unconditional satisfaction is your only option to getting everything you want.

When you feel satisfied, you see everyone you meet as your soulmate. You no longer look to one specific individual to fulfill your needs forevermore (which they can’t). You take the infinite abundance route of the entire world is your relationship. Don’t wait to be in love. Feel that soul connection now. Because you can. You can feel a connection with everyone you meet, regardless if they feel the same way.

Why would you limit your love and passion to just one person, when you can feel it towards everyone? Everyone in the Universe is your soulmate. That doesn’t mean be in a relationship with multiple people (#harem). You can have an amazing relationship with one person, and also open yourself up to playful appreciation with everyone.

When you treat the world as your buffet, you’re always full everywhere you go. And from that place, you’re not longer looking for your soulmate because they’re everywhere you look. You can’t go anywhere without feeling that connection. And the next time you walk by a mirror you say to yourself, “I found you!” When you’re so immersed in your relationship with you, you’re not waiting on your relationship with them. You know they’ll show up in perfect timing and meanwhile, you’re going on adventures with yourself. When you take the time to feel whole, you realize your soulmate has been there the whole time.

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Love this post, it explains alot, thanks Brian! :D

It reminded me of an article a PI friend of mine sent me some days ago:


Thank you Brian, brilliant once again.  I've read a ton of your posts over the last six months.

Ill go ahead and ask this, though I probably know the answer.  Being your own soul mate, can you expand on that. Is it simply about feeling good?  

I struggle with this, the feeling good unconditionally.  Possibly just because I am new to the work and it takes a little time.  

You are your own soulmate. That’s a given. Whether you feel that intimate self-connection is by feeling better. Focus on feeling better unconditionally, which is different than feeling good. As you focus on anything that helps you feel better which is more practical than feeling good about any thought or subject, you allow yourself to be in the receptive mode of how your Inner Being feels about you.

And you don't just have one soulmate, you have many. Encounters with each will differ and with some you will have painful lessons to learn. A soulmate encounter is not necessarily a happy one, but can range the spectrum.

Totally agree! I love reading Edgar Cayce's stuff. Soulmate is definitely a word that has been misconstrued and misused in today's society. It is rarely about romance and more often about life lessons.

I agree. Everyone in the Universe is your soulmate.

Wise Brian!

Believe me Brian, I would like to amp up my vibration, how my heart feels with my recent breakup, I am only doing my best.  I remember that feeling of my vibration amped up in 2010 and 2014, as those were the years when I felt my vibration amping up and got my beau.  Will report back in few weeks, going to New Zealand towards end of April, it will be good plus moving back north, so I can heal.  

Amp up sounds like too much momentum. Easing yourself to feel a little bit of relief feels more doable.

Healing is stop offering resistance that made you feel you were broken in the first place. You are whole. And you heal yourself when you allow yourself to think how your Inner Being thinks about you.

I just saw this post. Another insightful and helpful message by you Brian. We are lucky to have you here!

Speaking for myself, I have gotten off the subject. I am no longer looking for my soulmate. I am focusing on my career and enjoying the platonic love I have in my life.

Soulmates come in when we are feeling good about ourselves and the way our lives are going. When we are appreciating if selves instead of paying attention to perceived shortcomings. A soulmate isn't necessarily 'the one' of even someone we are lovey-dovey with all of the time: they are usually the person who will help us to grow in this lifetime, yet this can be done very positively. They help you grow, you 'overtake' them and help them grow, then they 'overtake' you and help you grow. And so it goes on. When both people feel like they are growing and developing, the relationship doesn't become co-dependent, because after a while, both people will develop a growth consciousness which will be automatic whether they are in a relationship or not. When this happens, growth and development become both normal and joyful. 

Wonderful insight!!!!


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