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I am the Genie of the lamp. You are a beautiful being worthy of receiving all your deepest heart-felt desires and living the life of your dreams. I am here to grant your wishes. As many as you choose. However, I can only grant what you wish and cannot offer advice on wishes unless asked. I cannot violate your free will or the free will of others. These are the rules of the lamp. What do you wish? ♥

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Well, you find out tomorrow if it works. Since my wish is to go back in time.
May 23, 2009. My wish is to go back to the date this was posted. The whole world rearranges back to the way it was.
I wish for a long distance boyfriend near or in Anaheim who will happily welcome me to move in with him in midSept when I graduate from college.
You seem to be a socialist.
I wish to wake up on May 24th, 2009 - the day after you posted this on this forum.

I wish to uplift my vibration, remain positive, stop getting bogged down by the news and the political turmoil of the day, be more grateful and continue to move towards self actualization.

You posted this wish on May 23rd, 2009. I wish tomorrow to be May 24th, 2009. I wake up in my bed with the walls white. I jump out of bed and run outside for the paper. It says May 24, 2009 Sunday. It is a beautiful Sunday morning. The trees are full of leaves. I put the money into Select Comfort. On Monday, i give a month notice at OARC. I go to be tested for b12, gluten, spectracell and enterolab. Every weekend we go into the city for a museum and a play. I have dr Finkle prescribe methylcobalamin, glutathione and vitamin C. I have George's father send me Bedoyecta for all family members. I translte the Could it be B12 book into Hungarian. I go home for Rovinj Salsa Congress, meet Joe. I go to all the salsa festivals. I stay home for EURO langauge school. My Mom and stepfather come home for XMAS. In January i start the Maitland class. For the spring i go to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish, tango, kitesurfing and tank up on B12. I go to Uruguay with George, to the DR with the family. For my Mom's birthday i come up and we throw a b-day celebration. For the summer i go home again. In September and October i am in Spain learning Spanish at different locations. I come back for October 16th. We go for a 22-day trip to Mexico. In the spring of 2011 we go for a trip in South America. We go home for the summer. In the fall we go for a trip across the US. In the spring we go to Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and we do the citizenship and sell the house. On April 13, 2012, i sell Select Comfort and put it into Netflix. In 2012 summer we move home. In the fall of 2012 we travel in Europe. In January of 2013 i take the taping classes and I take the exam. In February we visit Daniel in Japan. On March 25, 2013 i sell some Netflix and buy apartments in Raday Street and in Corvin negyed. In the summer of 2013 we get married with Joe. We go for a honeymoon to India and Tibet with the family. We start trying for baby number one. It comes in 2014. We take my Mom for cancer treatment to Orlando before the baby is born. in 2015. On December 4, 2015 i sell Netflix and put it into GMCR. When it goes up to $91, i sell it and i buy the house in Öregbükk Street. In the basement we have the sauna, fitness center and my practice. I put the rest of the money into NVIDIA until March 2017 when we put everything into S&p500 vanguard etf. I happily stay home with the kids, work part time to see a few patients during the day and engage in my hobbies private: dance lessons in salsa, kizomba, tango, painting and ceramics, horseback riding, tennis, piano lessons. When the kids are old enough we travel. They start playing an instrument, sports and dance at an early age. They go to Waldorf school.

I really wish that the man I completely adore and wish to have a life with persues me for dating/romance/marriage/a life together no matter what.

I also really wish that I easily finish school and graduate smoothly and have a significantly better GPA upon graduation.

I wish for safe, private and peaceful as well as convenient housing all of the way through my finish of this education as well.

I wish that REALLY awesome comfortable work for rent housing presents itself just like that very easily and I get to live in a very safe situation comfortably for the rest of the time I choose or wish to live in this county or until I marry/move in with the man I love.

2009 february 9th with my current knowledge - everyone else's gets deleted. Here is what happens. I give a month notice at my job. I buy my ticket to go to Ecuador for a month. During the month until my Mom's birthday we go to the city every weekend to hang out and to see a play. I go for b12, gluten, spectracell and enterolab testing. I start the GAPS diet. I translate the B12 book and every other book published up to 2009 into Hungarian. I have dr Finkel prescribe the methylcobalamin, vit C and glutathione for the whole family if it is available at the time. On March 7th we celebrate my Mom's birthday at the Hungarian Club. On March 9th i put every penny into Select Comfort. Then we go for a trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks. Then I go to Ecuador for a month and tank up on B12 injections. Then i come back for my birthday and throw a party at the house in the back yard. Then we go to Alaska for 3 weeks in May. In June I go to Rovinj Salsa Congress and meet Joe. I spend the summer with festivals. In the fall i go to Euro language school. For xmas they come home to spend time with my grandfather. In January i take the first Maitland course. I come back and I go to Argentina for 4 months. For my Mom's birthday they come down for two weeks with Joe. Then i go to Uruguay with George. For the summer we go home again. In September and half of October, i go to Spain. I come back for my stepfather's birthday. He dies on November 1st. We go for a trip to Mexico for 22 days. Joe comes with us. Then i submit for citizenship. In the spring of 2011 we go for a cross-country trip in the US and Canada. In May we sell the house and move home. In the summer we spend the time with festivals. In the fall of 2011 we travel in Europe, in the spring of 2012 we travel in South America. We arrange a trip to Peru with Istenes Gyozo. On April 13, 2012, i sell Select Comfort and buy Netflix. In the summer of 2012 we spend the time with festivals, Greece, Turkey. We get married with Joe. In September and October we travel in India, Tibet, Dubai and Thailand. In November we celebrate the 50th birthday of Joe. I start studying for the exam. In January i go to Florida for the taping courses then i take the exam for Maitland. In February we go to Japan to visit Daniel. On March 25th, i take some money out of Netflix and buy apartments, land and offices. In the summer of 2013 we do the festivals and start working on baby number one. My Mom notices the lump and we go to Orlando for cancer treatment. The baby comes in the summer of 2014. The second one in the summer of 2015. On December 4th, i take the money out of Netflix and put it into gmcr. When it goes up to $91, i buy the house in Öregbükk Street. The rest of the money i put into NVIDIA until Feb 3rd, 2017 when i put everything into Vanguard s&p500 ETF. My Mom moves in with us and there is a sauna, fitness club and a practice in the basement. I work part time. I do my hobbies: dance, piano, horseback riding, painting, ceramics, tennis and Spanish at Cervantes. When the kids are old enough then we start traveling with them. They go to Waldorf kindergarten and school. They start dancing young, play an instrument and sports.
2007 january 15th, Monday. I wake up in Punta Cana with my current knowledge. I am surprised but happy. We enjoy the vacation together. I tank up on B12 injections. When i come back, i put all the money into first solar. We open up Roth IRA's for my Mom, brother and myself and fund it with $10K. I call my grandfather to tell him not to sell the wine cellar. We start going into the city every weekend. I start learning how to cook with my Mom: we cook according to the GAPS diet. We throw a 50th birthday party for my Mom at the Garfield club. She does not start the treatment. I translate all the books published up to that point. For my b-day, we throw a party in the garden. I give a month notice at Kipnis. I meet Dobos Kati es Perocsenyi Evi in NYC and i go to Florida with them. Then i go to Rovinj Salsa Congress and all the festivals in Hungary. I meet Joe and the gang. I give everyone b12 injections. When i come back, i start working part-time and i start salsa on2 in the city, play tennis, take Spanish at Cervantes, horseback ride, take piano lessons and go to Arthur Murray with Mom and my stepfather. In December i put the money into ebs. In 2008 i go home again for the summer. I come back and do the same. At the end of 2008 i put the money into select comfort. Then oin February 9th, 2009, i buy my ticket to Ecuador as in the previous post.
1994 june 14. I wake up in Garfield next to my Mom.


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