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I am the Genie of the lamp. You are a beautiful being worthy of receiving all your deepest heart-felt desires and living the life of your dreams. I am here to grant your wishes. As many as you choose. However, I can only grant what you wish and cannot offer advice on wishes unless asked. I cannot violate your free will or the free will of others. These are the rules of the lamp. What do you wish? ♥

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I need to wake up on this day.
1994 march 20th. I wake up in Lukacshaza with my current knowledge but my memory in reverse, 1994 being the most prominent, 2017 being the most remote. I tell my Mom not to get involved with my stepfather, just work. I start going for dance lessons at Savaria Dance Club. I go for gluten and b12 blood tests. I spend time with my brother and my friends. In June i come to the states. We start the GAPS diet right away. I start babysitting and put all the money into SFM. We move away in August to Ridgewood. We start dancing, playing tennis, horseback riding, piano and scouts. My Mom goes to community college to learn English. I take German and Spanish beside arts in high school. In December my brother comes out. My Mom gets married to Steven Mike-Mayer. In the summer of 1995 we do a cross-USA trip, the four of us. I go for Spectracell testing. In 1996 June we fly to Ecuador with George to tank up on Bedoyecta and practice my Spanish. Then we go home and give everyone diet instructions, b12 shots and money. Then we move to Highland Park so i can go to Rutgers. I take Spanish, German, French and Italian beside the bio classes. In the morning i row, in the afternoon we play tennis, in the evening we dance. On Fridays we folklore dance. On the weekend, i horseback ride, take piano lessons and do scouts. In the summers we go to South America, Spain, Germany, France, Italy to practice my language skills. I graduate in 2000. We are citizens by then and my Mom gets a divorce. My brother comes to the States with us. We move up to Boston and i enroll in the MD/PhD program at Harvard and my brother goes to community college to learn English and German. Then he enrolls in BU to become an engineer. I do the research in the following areas: b12 blood test vs Spectracell, gluten blood test vs enterolab, gluten intolerance in b12 deficient patients, b12 deficiency and psychiatric symptoms, psych meds and paranoia and psychosis upon administration and withdrawal. We play tennis and dance in the evenings. In 2001 summer we go home to buy an apartment in Buda, land and a vacay house at Lake Balaton. My Mom spends a lot of time home and meets the love of her life. In 2005 i meet TK and he moves to Boston. I marry him right away. He starts community college computer programming in 2006. We are all done in 2008 and we move to Miami. I start the residency. TK and my brother work. We play tennis, dance and do water sports. I am finished in 2011. We go for a world trip (the whole family) for a year. In 2012 we spend the summer in Hungary going to all the festivals. At the end of the summer we have a big wedding at the Lake. We buy land in Buda to build a triplex for the family. We also buy apartments for rent. When we return to Coral Gables, we buy a big house. I open a practice and start working. I write my book and i prepare for a physique competition. We start trying for a baby. It comes in 2013. The second one in 2014 and the third one in 2015, the forth in 2016 and the fifth in 2017. My Mom comes out to take care of the babies while i work. We move to Hungary in 2019 when the oldest is 6. The triplex is ready for us. I open a practice in Buda. Every patient gets a copy of my book, which has chapters about B12, gluten, GAPS diet, autoimmunity - combining the books published up to 2019 and my research results at Harvard. I have a big family and a great profession. I write my biography: against all odds, which will be a sociological study of post-socialist society in Hungary versus life in the US. I also take language courses, pick up painting and ceramics and piano lessons with the kids, horseback ride, play tennis and dance. The summers we spend at Lake Balaton- i do not work then.
I want to go back in time exactly 23 years.
1989 june 1st - if i could turn back time by Cher came out. I want to go back to that date. I wake up with my current and then up-to-date knowledge. I am 11 years old. I ask my Mom to start dancing as a family at Savaria Dance Club. I also take tennis lessons, piano, painting and ceramics lessons. On the weekends we horseback ride. I tell Tundi not to allow chemo and the double mastectomy. She will live longer. My father comes to the States in 1991 and brings home the money. She goes to visit his mother and after lunch he gets a heart attack. My Mom finds a nice husband. We live happily afterwards. I go to Kanizsai and learn German. In the summer of 1994 i go to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish. in 1996 i come to the US to go to Rutgers. This is much better. My Mom and the family stay home.
We can probably go back to a day that I can remember: I wake up in the summer of 1985 in Csempeszkopacs when i am writing the post cards. I tell Kmama to go to the city to buy a lottery ticket the week after July 13th: 1,2,59,85,88. We win the lottery. We get the money, pay off the debt and my father gets a heart attack. We start eating according to the Gaps diet. We get annual B12 injections. I start my hobbies after the summer: piano, violin, tennis, dance, painting, ceramics, horseback riding lessons. My Mom finds a new husband. We buy a house nearby Teta neni and Nene and a vacay house in Revfulop. I go to Joskar Ola Elementary School and I am friends with Szoszke, Baja and Pinyo. The summers we spend at the lake wind surfing and sailing and a few weeks in Csempeszkopacs. We travel in Europe. I learn how to cook. For high school i go to spanish school in Budapest. In the summer of 1994 i go to Buenos Aires for spanish, tango and b12. In the summer of 1995 we come to the States for the summer and I take the SAT and the TOEFL tests. In 1996 i come to the States and hit the lottery on June 20th: 9,10,12,15,28,32. I take some money home to friends and relatives and put the rest into viasoft until December 31st when i put it into yahoo. I get married to a nice Hungarian fellow. I fit into the community via the violin and folklore dancing. I learn Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French. I continue with tennis, dancing, pick up rowing in the morning and scouts on the weekends. The summers i spend with the family and in the countries of which I am learning their language: South America, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, Italy. In 2000 i go to Boston to Harvard. My brother comes out to a community college to learn English. He is 18, just done with high school. The rest is already in the rest of the plan, except my Mom stays in Hungary with her partner. They come out often to visit. I have the kids and we move home in 2019.
1978 march 21st

My wish is to go back to May 23rd, 2009 with my current knowledge. I wake up on this day and everything is fine in my life. I give a month notice at work. Every weekend we go to the city to hang out until I leave for Hungary. I get tested for B12 and gluten, spectracell and enterolab. I get methylcobalamine injections for the whole family. Also vitamin C and glutathione injections. I have Geroge's father send us 50 Bedoyecta injections. I put every penny into select comfort. I meet Joe in Rovinj. I inject every family member with B12. I translates the books into Hungarian. My parents also come home for the summer. We go around in Hungary visiting different sites. I stay home for EURO language school and to dance, horseback ride, play tennis, paint, do ceramics and take piano lessons. I also pole dance. My parents come home for xmas to spend it with my grandfather. Then in January I take the Maitland class. In the spring I go to Argentina. I tank up on B12. My family comes down for my Mom's birthday. Then in the summer we go home. I go to Spain for a month and a half. I come back for my stepfather's bday. He dies. We go to Mexico for 22 days. In the spring of 2011 we go to South America. We come back and go to Hungary for the summer. In the fall of 2011 we go cross country in the US. We submit for citizenship before we leave. Then in the spring we go to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and we sell the house. We throw a b-day party for my Mom. I take the money out of select comfort on April 23, 2012 and put it into Netflix. We move home in June of 2012. We go for a cross-Europe trip in Sept and October. We celebrate Joe's birthday. Then I spend my time preparing for the exam. I go to Florida for the taping course. Then I take the exam. In February I go to Japan to visit Daniel with the family. On March 25th, I take some money out of Netflix and we buy apartments: Raday utca, Corvin negyed, land, a practice in the 13th district (natural medicine, hair dressing, cosmetics and Maitland therapy) and a vacay house at lake Balaton. In the summer of 2013 we get married with Joe. We start working on a baby, which comes in 2014. I sell Netflix on Dec 4, 2015 and put it into GMCR. I sell it at $91 and buy the house in Oregbukk utca. I have a sauna, a fitness room and a practice. The second baby comes in 2016. I translate all the books while I am home with the babies.

I do not understand why you need to live with your brother.
I wish to live in a normal average house like a normal human being for the rest of my life. I wish to have a totally humble, lovable, law abiding, faithful male partner in my life for the rest of my too. And I wish to always be safe and protected both psychologically and physically for the rest of my life wherever I go.
May 23, 2009. I wake up on this day
February 7th,, 2009. I want to wake up on this day. I retain my memory but everyone else's memory gets deleted. I put all our money into select comfort. I open a roth ira for my Mom and myself. I give a month notice at work.
March 7th, 2007. It is my Mom's birthday. I wake up with my current and up-to-date knowledge at the time. We take her out for dinner. For Sunday i organize a party for her birthday. I put all our money into first solar. I open a roth ira for her and me. She stops the treatment for the hep C. I give a month notice at work. I get tested for b12, gluten, enterolab, spectracell. I start translating the b12 book, gaps, put your heart in your mouth into Hungarian. In the meantime we go to the city every day. In April i go to argentina for two months where i kitesurf, learn spanish and tango and tank up on B12. In the meantime i contact Kati to organize the rovinj salsa congress for me. I ask for a two, year absence. I stay in Hungary for the summer, go to Transylvania, my grandfather does not sell the cellar, my brother does not crash the car. I go for euro language school in the fall. I come back in december for xmas. I put every penny into ebs. In the spring of 2008 i go and hop around in south america learning spanish. In 2008 i go home for the summer and go to cervantes. In the fall i go to Spain for a few months and i go back home for xmas. I put all the money into select comfort. In the spring of 2009 i work part-time until the summer and i take tennis lessons, dance lessons, horseback ride, piano lessons. I go home for the summer. My grandfather does not die. In the fall i continue the part-time work, the hobbies until the summer of 2010. Then we go home for the summer. My stepfather dies in november. We go for a cross-country trip in the us, canada, hawaii, alaska. We get the citizenship in may of 2011 and we move home. In the fall we do a cross-europe trip, in the spring we tour the world. In 2012 Joe and i get married and we start working on the child project.


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