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I am the Genie of the lamp. You are a beautiful being worthy of receiving all your deepest heart-felt desires and living the life of your dreams. I am here to grant your wishes. As many as you choose. However, I can only grant what you wish and cannot offer advice on wishes unless asked. I cannot violate your free will or the free will of others. These are the rules of the lamp. What do you wish? ♥

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I want to go back to the day you posted this. 

I would love to fall in love with myself and have a stable ground clear of energies.

I would like to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, and hopelessness. I would like to invite more passion, zest, more self-love, more creativity into my life. 

I would like to have a peaceful and stable energy field and more strength to manifest what I truly desire. 

I would like to help and support many other people achieve this by writing a book and helping people on a larger scale. 

I would like to have more fun, light-heartedness, and more joy in my life. 

I would like to travel more, explore different cultures, eat different foods. 

I would like to spread joy and give back to my family, and people that have supported me throughout my life's journey. 


Continual income no matter what

to live in Las Vegas

I wish is for a £1000 rebate on my old bank account please x

I wish I always have a safe normal housing situation whenever I am stating in OR or any other state no matter what or the rest of my life.


my bf and i have been friends since 9 years old.. i started falling for him durring high and told him that i liked him.. at that point of time he said he only looks at me as his friend... since then we have been best friends and had different partner... after sometime we started to develope feelings for each other and we would go out a lot ... in 2013 we started to avoid each other because we were not sure where this relationship will end ... he was in a committed relationship while i dated here and there.. in 2015 he started contacting me when he was not really happy with his relationship.. we started going out and decided to date each other ... after 2 years the ex gf came back in his life and he started to tell me that he couldnt cheat her ... i still love him and i want him back ... i know he loves me too ... can i know how to apply LOA in my life ? i know him 20 years and i still get excited when i hear anything about him ... the feelings for him never faded... please advise :)

I will be happy with even this date when you posted this. I quit my job. I put all the money into Select Comfort across all accounts. I ask for a travel document from USCIS. I get tested with enterolab, spectracell, regular B12 and gluten anti-bodies and a gastroscopy to eradicate H. pylori. I get George to send me Bedoyecta from Ecuador. I go home for the Rovinj Salsa Congress. I inject everyone at home. I go to the Balaton Salsa Congress. I start looking for a husband right away. I take euro language courses in Spanish and spend time with my grandfather. I am home until before Xmas. I come back to the US for Xmas, then go home for the Maitland course in January, then go to Buenos Aires for 4 months in the spring of 2010. I go to Uruguay in March with George. April 2010 I put the money into Netflix. I spend the summer in Hungary again, Sept and October in Spain until my stepfather's B-day. I come back and help my Mom. In November we go to Mexico for 22 day. I go back to Hungary for Maitland 4. module. Then we travel in the US until June of 2011 when we move home.

I hope me and the guy I love (AA) end up together.

Take care of me

I wish to move to CA or NV almost immediately. 

Hi Genie,

I need your help and guidance in fulfilling my wish. 

With the current situation at the office I wish Austin should offer me a job opportunity to work in Tim Hortons Canada as a replacement for Giancarlo. And I should move to Canada with my family.

Please make this happen. I wish to this



2011 April 3rd: This is it. The time has arrived. I wake up in the DR on this lovely day. I am depressed, skinny and enervated from the B12 deficiency. I spend the week with family - carefree and oblivious to the world. It is Sunday, a great day. On the following day we go into the city to a pharmacy to buy up all the B12 injection supplies for the family. I go on the internet and buy plane tickets for the family for May to go to Spain. That I do, so I do not have to hang out with Fernando. I also call Dr Meimaris to set up a Spectracell test and I make an appt with LifeExtensions to test the B12 level with regular blood test. I open up bitcoin valets and transfer the funds at 68 cents for my Mom and myself. We also put the BMW up on a craigslist. I e-mail Dalma, maybe I can still fit into the Maitland course number one for April. If yes, I schedule the plane ticket and also e-mail Aquor that I will be leaving for these periods. When we return to the US, I do the blood tests and inject the family with 50,000 mcg B12. I reserve the oktogon apartment for the summer and I start reviewing the Spanish books. We sell the BMW and invest the money into bitcoin. We call Agnes and John over to take the stuff and release the stocks from my stepfather's account. Put all money in retirement accounts into GMCR on 4-19-2011 at about 64 dollars. I go out shopping for new dresses and order from VS some new ones. On June 8th I sell all bitcoin at about 30 dollars per bitcoin and put it all into GMCR at 74 dollars/share. Everything happens the same way: I go out with Attila for lunch at the thai restaurant and learn origami :) Then I go home for the summer and meet JOE. I go to Cervantes Institute for Spanish and we spend a lot of time together as a family. We buy apartments in Buda and Vaci utca and a vacay house in Revfulop. I get professional pictures taken of us with Helga. I am 33 years old - the best age :) We return to the States and start cleaning up the house, submit for citizenship, go to Mexico for cancer prevention for my Mom and also travel the US, including Hawaii, Alaska and the continental States. On Sept 20th we sell GMCR and put the money into HW. In January we throw a B-day party for my brother, in March for my Mom and in May for me (as a say-good-bye party) and we move to Hungary. From this point on, life will unfold as it is supposed to: I get married, have kids, work, travel, live, love, dance....and do all the other hobbies: horseback riding, tennis, piano, painting, ceramics lessons.... In September of 2012 I sell HW and put it into Netflix and take it out on March 9th, 2018 at 331 dollars and put it into Vanguard S&P500 ETF and forget about it.


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