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Somehow, for some reasons.... I don't feel much about the financial crisis in my life. Maybe because what happens there...isn't part of my daily experience. On the other hand, I meet very interesting people the whole time, inspiring me for alot of things to do. So I wondered ....
What is inspiring you theses days?
Or what keeps you from being inspired?

Terpsichore, the muse of music

Terpsichore, the muse of music

What's your "Muse", so to speak?
Hugs & Love,


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When-ever things are getting on top of me, I tune into HayHouseRadio and go into the Archives to hunt out either Wayne Dyer, or Abraham, or Doreen Virtue. Even some of the many others who do live shows are inspriational for me, and remind me to keep my thoughts on the good vibe.
Then again there is always good music!!!
And the sweet, lovely faces of my little children.........
I'm inspired by good, upbeat music that is relaxing, positive and fun to listen and dance to. Good friends who love me and encourage me to be the best I can be. Positive, inspirational movies and videos. Good books. Nature. Love. Living a life enjoying the abundance all around me. Laughter. Romance. Passion. Doing work that I love and have a passion for. Being prosperous. Envisioning my dreams and watching them come true. Having fun. Writing. Being loved and accepted for who I am. Being myself. Expressing my creativity. Plenty of sunshine. Meditation. Relaxing and going with the flow of life. Meeting people who are loving, kind and joyful. Wonderful surprises. Life.

Oooh yeah...lol...I know this one :-)!!!!
Good Stuff!!!

Immediately, when you asked that, the name Katherine Chronis leaped to mind! She's a wonderful performance artist with a big heart who'll probably be best remembered for her NAKED piece, which involved popping up nude in different venues all over the United States. She's appeared nude in Times Square, NYC! She shakes hands with people--even cops! Hahaha! She had a little scare in Texas, where I am, right now! In Austin, I think. It all worked out, though.

I was going to dismiss the thought until I saw Terpsichore, the muse of music. There are no accidents, right?

I love Katherine Chronis and the way she can make mundane acts magical. Okay, I'm a nudist at heart--definitely. Still, she's got this heart that makes it all mean so much, right now! For a while she was running a website called Scapegoat Unlimited (Taking the blame, since 1970--or whenever she was born). Isn't that wild? I mean, she didn't run away from the situation she experienced in her disfunctional family. She explored it and all but celebrated it!

Well, my Right Now, In My Face, Everyday muses are my dear loving life coaches Renae & Andries (PeaceRUs on PI) and my sweet supportive good friend on and off PI, Jayme! I know them via the San Antonio Law Of Attraction Downstream Meetup. Really, whatever you're interested in, find a Meetup (Meetup.com), if you can. Join. Participate. Build trust. &, if you're in a Law Of Attraction Meetup, especially, create a Mastermind group once you've established trust--keep it spiritual (not just a Chamber of Commerce), and you will be so glad you did.

I see you splashing and laughing in the depths of your hearts desire! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,
My children and grandchildren are my inspiration. Their love is the alchemy of my life. The financial situations we face on a personal and global level are troubling but love overcomes even that.
The most inspiring thing that I have been exposed to lately is the book, The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It's pretty amazing. If you love to read, read it. If you don't love to read, the audio-book is also available!


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