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Please introduce yourself and tell us your sign.

I'm a Scorpio.


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Pisces! So emotional and sensitive!
I'm a Scorpio! ~ Taurus Moon ~ Leo Rising ~ Venus in Sagi ~ Mars in Capricorn

I love astrology! =)
im a cancer. born 07/01/1987. im a rabbit in chinese astrology.
I'm a Libra & I am trying to get the exact time of my birth so that I can learn more about me. I love being kind & charming but I don't like being indecisive & non-confrontational. I look up to Scorpio females for being such a strong, go-getter personality!! :-)
Cancer here
i m gemini .an airy sign...unstoppable:)....
Scorpio sun, Leo rising, Scorpio moon.

Water and fire. I don't get how that would work :p

too late to answer???

Sun: scorpio

Moon: Taurus

Asc: Aquarius


Hello! I am a scorpio! I actually just discovered i'm a scorpio with a rising sign scorpio, I don't totally know what it means but it describes me to a t, pretty much! I found some random website that gives you your natal/birth chart, but I plan on going to see a professional soon so I can get some more information on what exactly it means for me and how i'm gonna change the world!! :) 

Hello name is Clarissa.

I am Sagittarius, or if you go by it the sidereal astrology the thirteenth zodiac Ophiuchus.

Also here is my birth chart.I love the fact that it is shaped like a pyramid.Real kick in the face!lol


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