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Dreams. We all have them. Most of our dreams have meaning and are not merely pictures of what you saw and felt that day. Post your dreams here and lets see if I can help you by interpreting them. Angela

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Hi, my dream is pretty weird? Any help?

So I am trying to change my physical appearance (making my nose smaller is a biggie) and so last night, I had this dream where I saw my nose from a side view and I was telling my sister about how…Continue

Started by YoungHenry103 Mar 29, 2011.

A Snake and a Rabbit (Please help)

OK i had this dream that I was walking by a roadside and witnesses strange things happen w/ animals.  Can't remember the first 3 things I saw but maybe it was something like animals that ususllay…Continue

Tags: bunny, rabbit, snake

Started by Yinka Apr 25, 2010.


i dream about alligators a lot. i had a dream about a huge alligator, swimming above the water then turned upside down and was laying eggs, the eggs were under the water & it was like i was…Continue

Started by Kristian Harrche Mar 16, 2010.

Dream of a Baby Crying Blood (please help)

I know there was more to this dream, however, the ONLY thing I can remember is this face of a baby, starring up at me, as if helpless and scared, with blood running down the babies cheek as if s/he…Continue

Tags: stand, out, blood, dreams, baby

Started by Brianne Jul 14, 2009.

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor

Here is an excerpt from my journal about a dream I recently had. Can anyone shed any light?"I was at this big house trying to get away from one of my cousins who was trying to get my attention but I…Continue

Tags: minor, major, ursa, dream, bears

Started by Peter Jun 9, 2009.

TWO DREAMS: Twins and Lucid Dreaming 1 Reply

Dream 1:about 3 months ago, i dreamt that I had twin boys (i have no children, am not pregnant, not married, etc.) it was a vivid dream w/ one even having a mole on their face so i could begin…Continue

Started by Yinka. Last reply by Yinka Feb 17, 2009.

Dream about my deseased dog. 1 Reply

First I will give you some background.In real life, I had a dog named Oskar. I had to give him away two years ago as my building manager found him out. So I gave him to my friend, who owns a house.…Continue

Started by Kris Stroz. Last reply by Kris Stroz Jan 15, 2009.

Kind of Scary Dream 4 Replies

My cousins called me just now asking if I can help her interpret this dream and I have no clue how to interpret it.She was praying to statues of the Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin, but she looked…Continue

Started by Peter. Last reply by Peter Jan 15, 2009.

Thoughts on simple dream of two babies? 2 Replies

I seldom remember a dream. As hard as I have tried it just flys from my memory as soon as I get up--even when I am trying to "hold" the memory it just doesn't happen. Occasionally, I recall parts of…Continue

Started by New Dawn. Last reply by New Dawn Jan 3, 2009.

interpreting my dream..please help! 1 Reply

hi!I had a dream last night that felt SO real!! My bf and i broke up abt a month ago and i really really want us to get back together. I dreamt we were at work (we work together) and he came and sat…Continue

Started by SS. Last reply by SS Dec 25, 2008.

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Comment by Kristian Harrche on March 15, 2010 at 2:01pm
i dream about alligators a lot. i had a dream about a huge alligator, swimming above the water then turned upside down and was laying eggs, the eggs were under the water & it was like i was looking at a man that was falling from a tree right where the eggs were, and i was worried he was gonna get eaten, but for a second, it was like i was lookng down through his eyes as if it were me.
Comment by Paul Westmerland on October 17, 2009 at 8:02am

The purpose of this campaign is to get people to take time to reconsider the effects of industrialized farming on humans, animals and the environment by educating people about vegan lifestyles.

From In Defense of Animals:

World GO VEGAN Week is also about celebrating what it means to be vegan. Veganism enables people to live in balance with all of Earth's creatures and promote freedom from exploitation for animals as part of their everyday lives. Modern animal agriculture is cruel and violent toward the chickens, cows, pigs and other creatures used to make meat, milk and eggs. During World GO VEGAN Week, we encourage people to become conscious of what - and who - they are eating, the effect it has on the world, and that a non-violent alternative exists.

Check out World GO VEGAN Week for a list of ways to get involved from recipes to community activities.


“I chose to be vegan initially as an energetic pursuit, as meat and dairy slowed me down, but have since become convinced that it is not only the most healthy way to live, but also the most compassionate and ecologically responsible way.”
-Woody Harrelson, World Go Vegan Week Supporter

Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends.
~ George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize-winning playwright, 1856 - 1950)

Universal Love Peace and Harmony
Comment by Enlightenedpsych2 on September 1, 2009 at 9:17pm
The reason this group had been so 'inactive' was the blatant warning: ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING OR SPAMMING ON THIS FORUM!!!!!!! ALL CONTENT WILL BE DELETED!!!!! --If dreams promote successful ventures or books to be written or memoirs to be sold or stuff that can be advertised--how can we find the messages if we can post what the dream told us ! You shouldn't have warned so boldly . . .
Comment by Nancy Anderson on July 20, 2009 at 5:37pm
<> Buying or Purchasing in your Dreams.<>

Purchasing can be a very powerful event in life. If you don't believe this, think about people you know who gain self-esteem or a sense of accomplishment from shopping. Participating in commerce is a validation of personal autonomy in many ways. It can also be destructive. In a consumer-driven culture, many people find themselves drowning in debt.

This debt can be an all-consuming drain not only on financial, but on emotional resources as well.
Consequently, dreams of buying may be a psychological warning as easily as an affirmation.

To interpret a dream of buying requires the dreamer to think about what was bought, why it was bought, and how it was bought-cash, credit, check, or good looks.

Dreaming of buying on credit may reflect a desire to acquire or control, or it may reflect a warning. In exchanges of this nature, the object bought should be closely considered. Buying staple items on credit may reflect a deep-felt insecurity about one's circumstances and future. Buying luxury items could be an attempt to compensate for inadequate self-esteem or wanting to strengthen one's public stature.

Trying to buy items (or food) without money may reflect a sense of incompetence concerning financial or other matters. It may also reflect a sense of unmet needs in emotional transactions.

What and who are you buying for, and from whom? If the merchant is known (e.g., spouse, business associate), the goods are essential, and the end user is yourself, you may feel that you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain in a relationship.

Being able to buy items without money is a powerful projection of control, public acceptance, or a sense that you are owed much favor. In these cases, the items purchased and the identity of the seller will provide major clues to the meaning of the dream.
Comment by prince on May 5, 2009 at 10:07pm
hi to you all ' aslong we can dream there is a better way of life
Comment by Kris Stroz on March 28, 2009 at 6:08pm
Hi Angela. Your site sounds very good. I will visit soon. I am doing a lot of work lately, so I have not been on the board.

Comment by Bernard on March 16, 2009 at 2:22pm
I have had more than one dream where there is clear precognition taking place. To me, the precognition means nothing and seems really futile, but I can't help but wonder what it might mean... I am not sure, but I don't think it happens to people very often.
Comment by Nancy Anderson on February 17, 2009 at 11:37am
I would like to take Angela place and keep this form open. My interest in Dreams is a large part of my Astrological business.
So if I can help write to me.
Nancy Anderson.
Comment by Bella on February 15, 2009 at 10:03pm
Hello Angela,
good luck with your project you are working on. I hope it brings tons of Blessings to you. Looking forward to your answer.

bella ((((((Hugs)))))))
Comment by Bella on February 6, 2009 at 1:19am
Angela, Hello Hope all is well.
I have a question about my dreams. first I always dream that I am either in my childhood home and that I need to check all the doors and one is always unlocked(usually the back door) and I am franatic to lock it as if someone is trying to get in. Now I also dream that about my 1st house that we bought when we got married. same thing I am frantic to lock the doors.( usually basement which would be back door of course.) as if someone is trying to get in but no one is really there.

secondly I have been dreaming of my uncle who has been dead for some years and the last time I actually saw him I was a teenager. I really loved him. in my dream he is younger of course.
does this mean he is trying to contact me? or visiting me. when you dream of a dead person what does it mean???

Thank you so much,

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