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This was a great discussion on the old thread, started by m woods, and I thought it would be cool to share it here, too. I know I found it helpful to hear what everyone was doing, and how it was working for them. So, please feel free to share your favorite visualization/manifestation techniques!


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Hi Cherilyn and Teresa -- congrats, congrats, congrats!!! Isn't it amazing how simple it really is?

I had been a hard-core dieter for 35 years. Lost a lot (we're talking 100+), but gained it all back, and more, time after time -- I’m sure you know the drill. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that diets don't work – not in the long run – but what other choice was there? Just give up?

When I first read about weight loss in The Secret, I was skeptical about this way of thinking. But I was on board with the rest of what I was learning, so how could I doubt that our thinking affects how our bodies process food? But I really couldn't release the need to try to make it happen with yet another diet. And, of course, the cycle would start again. I'd be "good" for a while, restricting myself, "white-knuckling it" as Dr. Phil would say, trying hard not to feel deprived, frustrated, angry, and just plain hungry (not the greatest of vibrational states, ;-D)

But I’ve been doing a lot of research on this, and finally came to realize a few fundamental truths. Our bodies were made to operate perfectly, and will tell us what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. All we have to do is listen. It's when our minds and eyes control our food that we get into trouble. But our bodies? They know what they're doing. And dieting actually gets in the way.

I have taken inspired action when it comes to eating and moving, visualized my perfect weight appearing on the scale, and kept my thoughts focused on creating an environment that supports my perfect body. I am delighted to tell you that I'm now almost 40 pounds closer to my perfect weight. It's absolutely the easiest, most enjoyable way I've ever found to manifest my perfect body. And it has given me a whole new level of joy! Eating without guilt, and enjoying every bite. I eat what I love, and everything I eat tastes really, really good (or I won’t eat it). I eat consciously, in the now. That means I’m focused on the bite that’s in my mouth, rather than anticipating the next one. I put down my utensils, chew slowly and concentrate on the flavors and textures. I take a moment or two after I swallow to savor. I don’t put another bite in my mouth unless it’s completely empty, and ready for the next bite. Weight loss isn’t hard – we’ve just been brainwashed. There truly is another way.

There’s so much more that I’ve discovered: a wonderful grace/affirmation I say before I eat, using the mirror technique to appreciate the person I am now, even while I’m changing to better and better, techniques for dealing with emotional eating and cravings. I am in the process of writing an eBook about my experiences. I want to inspire the world to simply say “No” to the old way of doing things, and get on board with the Universe.

So whoo-hoo! to you both. The blessings just keep coming, don’t they?

Love to you all,

I so love how the Universe yields to us the things we desire. I would love to see your grace/affirmation and know your techniques for dealing with emotional eating and cravings.

That's something I want to gain mastery in is honing my words to have laser focus and yield powerful results.

You're on to something big w/ your eBook. I will say this is confirmation for me as well. A few days ago, I was totally tapped into the Power within when a no cost, money-making idea came to me to put it in the form of an eBook. My idea isn't weight loss but definitely on the wave of helping others to benefit from what I've learned. So, don't delay! Stay at One with your vision.

Thanks for sharing!

Teresa - IM12CR8
Wow Toni - that is really inspiring. I love you for sharing this. I am going to try this myself. Thankyou thankyou thankyou....

Happy thoughts, happy food.
Hello all,
Just to add in to the weight comment. I have read that exact same technique thru EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques). So I gave it a try for a couple of weeks and within days I could feel lighter. I don't have a scale in my house because of something I saw on the secret regarding the perfect and ideal body type. I just don't feel the need to weigh myself any more. However it is true that when you take time to enjoy food, feel grateful for it. observe it love it, you don't gain. You just take the spiritual aspect and all the nutrions needed. My challenge believe it or not is to distinguish when I am feeling hungry. As silly as it sound but, we have accustomed ourselves into eating in rythm. Sometimes, i just want food and so I focus on it and eventually I am hungry. Also, you take time to enjoy your food you don't need as much. So the techniques calls for enjoying every bite and stop just before you are full. The reason I guess is because it takes some time for the brain to register that one is full. So now I don't deprive myself and eat a little bit of everything I want and enjoy. That's great. Life was not about counting calories and feeling deprived ..... we need to climb back on the other fence and feel the gratitude and enjoy what is on the plate. enjoy with love
Trudy love

I know what you mean about distinguishing when your body is really hungry.

For me, I have two challenges - knowing when I'm truly hungry verses my mouth just wanting something to do and slowing down to appreciate the experience. I didn't realize how fast I ate until after reading an earlier post left a few days ago. I attempted to savor a meal taking small, slow bites and my mind was telling my body that I was starving.

However, I know where that nasty little habit developed - eating out with co-workers during my lunch break. Umm hmm...that's the culprit. I trained myself to eat fast because everyone would be finished with their food before I would. Being the last one to finish always left me feeling awkward. I didn't like them waiting on me and then they looked at me every time I would put the fork to my mouth...that's unnerving.

We should also be careful how we talk about food. I just thought about "loving money" and how saying/feeling it brings it to you and the double-mindedness would show us the lack of it. The same very well could be said about food. It too is an energy. If you speak words of not liking it, you could end up with very little in the pantry.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Teresa - IM12CR8
EFT is amazing! My gratitude writing technique and visualizations in general are now much more effective that I'm actually going in and removing negative blocks, emotions, and subconscious beliefs.
Hi Trudy and Teresa --

I agree, it's so important to be able to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger to eat this way. And I don't know a lot about EFT other than tapping to reduce stress, but I know that this way of eating isn't new. I remember hearing about chewing slowly back in the 70s, and I think intuitive eating is a big part of the "Weigh Down" approach. And it really just boils down to common sense, doesn't it? Life is meant to be enjoyed, and food is part of that. Traditional dieting mentality makes food the enemy, and beats up our bodies in the process. We need to give our bodies love, not punishment!

For what it's worth, I can share some ways to tell whether you're really, physically hungry or just wanting to feed an emotion. Physical hunger comes on slowly. You start by suddenly thinking about food, or the thought of eating pops into your head. Then your mouth may start to water slightly. You'll begin to notice a feeling of emptiness in your stomach, a kind of feeling like you might be low on fuel. This will happen before hunger pangs start. I tend to eat when my stomach starts to grumble.

There are definite physiological signals that you've gone too long without eating, too. You may get grouchy or irritable, or easily distracted and unable to focus. You may find you have a headache or neck tension. You could start to feel jittery, like you've had too many espressos. Or you could feel sleepy or tired. All of these can be signals that you need to eat.

On the other hand, emotional hunger is sudden. It's like somebody came along an switched on a light. It's intense, it's strong, and it's immediate. If you start to feel really hungry out of nowhere, check with your stomach first. Is it empty? If you're not sure, have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes, and check again.

I never thought of myself as an overeater until I started eating this way. Now, I eat anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of what I used to. And I'm much, much happier, which keeps the vibration high. Like Trudy, I eat whatever I want -- I just don't eat very much of it, lol, and I savor every bite. And for Teresa -- I don't take teeny, tiny bites. That always makes me feel like I'm starving, too. I just take normal sized bites and chew slowly and thoroughly. But if I'm eating something that I tend to take huge bites from (pizza, wraps, grilled sandwiches), I'll go ahead and eat with a knife and fork. I get weird looks, but it works for me.

And the only way this will work is to stop when you're full, just like Trudy said. But if you eat this way, you'll find you feel full eating much less food. It takes about 20 minutes for the feeling of fullness to reach the brain, and if you're shoveling in food as fast as you can in that time, you're eating much more than you need or your body wants. Slowing down allows the signal of fullness to get into your brain. Neat, eh? Our bodies know what they need, and they'll tell us. We just have to listen.

I hope this helps. I am so excited putting all this together (along with so much more), and am happy to share what's worked for me.

But I need to share this with you all. I loved the suggestion about putting your picture on the photo of someone whose body you admire and putting that on your vision board. I had a picture on my board, a woman in a beautiful gown that I love, but I had been resisting using my own picture. Mostly because I don't think I'm photogenic, and tend to be very camera-shy. But I had a couple extra passport photos, so decided to try one out. It is (of course) the perfect proportion for the photo on my board. So I put on my face, and it totally freaked me out. It seems I have some real resistance to reaching my goal, resistance I didn't know I had.

So, I've been releasing it. I look at the picture, and have gone from shaking my head and laughing (some serious separation there), to feeling good and enthused and positive. I'm not at one with it yet, but I will be!

Just wanted to take a quick few minutes to mention the Mirror technique. It has such power and I think we tend to forget this one too often. I myself am very guilty of not being consistent with much so I can't say I am, but when I do apply this technique, it makes a world of difference. There is something about looking into your own eyes, into the depths of your being, and the feeling you get back from that stare. It is amazing.

much love,
Can you remind other readers how we use the mirror technique?
Sure Trudy...

The mirror technique involves saying powerful affirmations and statements while looking at yourself in the mirror. The key is always the feeling behind the statements. Carole has many great affirmations she recommends in her Visualization-The Power of Your Heart series, and you can be more specific to your needs and state whatever works best for you.

Some affirmations you might use could involve telling yourself how beautiful, gorgeous, radiant, healthy, glowing, young, vibrant, attractive, etc. you are; how much you love yourself; how full of peace, joy, energy, love, etc you are; you could state specific affirmations and be specific about your great attributes (eyes, hair, skin, and so on). You could even use it to build confidence in a specific area such as public speaking or a job interview by stating to yourself how successful you are and how confident you are in ______(fill in the blank). You can be endlessly creative with the affirmations you want to use.

Sometimes, even if I can't muster up the feeling to say how beautiful I am right away (like first thing in the morning when my hair is a mess and I have pillow marks on my face) I usually end up starting with how much I love myself and then I go on to state how beautiful I am. Which makes me laugh still, but ironically after I confess my unconditional love for myself, I actually believe and feel beautiful even if I look the way I do! If I don't feel so hot it usually motivates me to do something about it, like brush my hair, or even wash my face to feel better. It does work miracles. It gives you a feeling beyond explanation to truly look yourself in the eye and say "I love you so much!"

I think we can all relate to the times when we looked in the mirror and said "you look terrible" and so we felt terrible and it carried with us all day long. We can also relate to those times when we looked in the mirror and said "wow you look great in that!" or "you look really good today," and it carried with us all day too! We would much rather have the latter experience and we can. If you use the mirror technique to lift yourself out of the slump when you aren't feeling so hot, or just to maintain and build on days when you do feel great, it really works miracles. You can go from a 3 to a 10 in just a few seconds spent in front of the mirror telling yourself how wonderful you are!

I try to do it everyday. I usually do it after I've showered and got dressed. Maybe right before I leave to go somewhere. It builds confidence and sets the mood for the rest of the day too.

Just the other day I used it before picking up my husband from the airport after being away for awhile for his deployment. Before I even got to the gate I was getting tons of compliments from the parking attendant, women in the restroom, strangers in the waiting area, tons of compliments just out of the blue! When my husband saw me he said I looked so beautiful! He is great and always tells me I'm beautiful, but it felt so different this time. That lasted the whole day and I was on cloud nine. I truly believe doing the mirror exercise contributed to that whole experience.

It is very powerful.

Much love,
I am definitely going to try this one. It is the smell and feel of money in your hands. When I think about it, I seldom use cash but am going to make a point to have cash around always. My ex husband never went anywhere without at least 3000.00 cash in his pockets and we always had a continuous flow .
Wow this thread is really old lol!! But I think this is the appropriate place to ask this question...I wondered what your thoughts were on substituting the journal technique with something like a slide show or movie media uploaded to your computer? I've sorta completed my journal but it's kinda slow motion finding the right pics and it's so much easier to find pics online and upload them into a movie maker program...that way I can add pics of myself, graphics and music even? It's a lot more fun for me which I know is the most important thing but I also don't want this to creep into a subliminal mind thing y'know...just curious if anyone has any insight into this...there's just so many technological advances and it's so easy to go for easy;))) I also had a hard time finding a tape recorder to do the tape technique so I did it right on my voice memo on my phone??? That feels good to me too:))) but sometimes I'm wrong haha! but it serves the same purpose right? and I love that it's so convenient and everything is private, streamlined, and always within reach...I dunno?! Would love to hear what you Carole Dore Rockstarzz think...with so much sincere appreciation:)))


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