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Thanks for creating this thread, Patricia. It is, of course, perfect synchronicity.

I have been contemplating issuing a challenge for us all, and this is the perfect place. Tomorrow is Oct. 1 (in the States, anyway. The international date line confuses me, lol). For the next 31 days, let's all make a concerted effort to sniff the money as often as possible. Keep your eyes and hearts open and watch what unfolds. Then come and tell us all about it! You can wait until all 31 days have passed, or you can post your experiences as they happen.

But remember! We're not sniffing the money to try to draw money to us from the 3d dimension (although that's what will happen). We're sniffing to feel at one with the form of it in our hearts, and from that, we shift our attitude and vibration about money. Be light, be easy, but sniff that money!!

Who's with me?

Blessings to all,
I am in! I love sniffing money and have told others about it, they were amazed when money showed up out of no where!!! Happy October Sniffing! I see everyone on this group as money magnets, and full of love and prosper!
I want to report it is day one, and I just got an unexpected $5 Amazon gift certificate!!!! Also, Fedex just came with a free 32 oz bottle of detergent for me try out and report back on!!!!!! Back to sniffing!
I am with you, Toni!! Thanks and keep reminding us.

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

I know this is very old, I just have a question. What do you mean by "We're sniffing to feel at one with the form of it in our hearts"?

Hi 6foot and welcome!  The Money PowerVision was developed by Carole to create money fast, and it works wonderfully well, but  Carole's entire PowerVision Dynamics approach is somewhat different from what other LoA teachers teach.  

You see, here, we allow manifestations to be created through us by harnessing the divine Power/Presence that lives within all of us.  We create through our hearts, not our minds.  She teaches that everything has two forms:  the inner form (the picture of your desire that you carry in your heart) and the outer form (the actual physical object).  We energize the inner form by giving it lots of love, feeling at one with it (like it's already ours), and with money in particular, never feeling separated from it.  We recognize the flow of abundance, and bless it when it comes in and when it goes out, because more will always come in.  Sniffing the money really solidifies that oneness, because currency has a very distinct smell, and our sense of smell is one of the strongest we have.  And the statement "I am at one with a tremendous amount of money" is a very powerful affirmation, and puts us in synchronicity with the divine power of the Universe.  That synchronicity provides everything we want:  money, relationships, health, opportunities, you name it!  And doing it this way, the gifts are personalized, just for us!  Our Beloved Powers know us so well, and love us so much, that the manifestation we receive is bigger and better than we could have imagined!

But if we're sniffing the money in order to draw money to us, rather than doing it to get in synch with the Universe, it won't work.  Or if money does come in, it goes right out again.  You'll get an unexpected bill or expense, something will break down and need fixing, and it feels like the money manifestation is temporary. Carole tells a wonderful story of manifesting a large sum of money (something like $12K), which went out again, lickety-split, to help pay for her daughter's wedding.  That prompted her to create a technique that would let her keep the money she manifested:  The Money PowerVision.

HTH.  To truly understand Carole's approach, you should start with her workshop:  Visualization:  The Power of Your Heart.  Her approach to deliberate creation is light, playful, and full of joy and love.  She has marvelous techniques for overcoming blockages and adjusting situations.  You can go to her website and check things out.  But you can start sniffing the money right away!  It really, really works!!!

Blessings and much abundance to you,


I'm all about it Toni - great idea!! WhoooooooooooHooooooooo!! Let's massage the 4th and 5th dimension. . . .

Great idea! I'm in on the 30 day challenge. I missed yesterday, but I'm here today.
Does the sniffing the money technique also work with coins?
I'm in Canada and we have loonies and toonies instead of 1 and 2 dollar bills.
Do you have 5's and 10's or 20's and 50's? How about 100's? Any cash will do - doesn't have to be dollar bills. It's cash any denomination.
Oh I just meant more like if you didn't have any bills on you at the moment, could you also use coins.

The loonies are gold coloured and especially the new ones are shiny and make me think of gold coins.

Love those coins!! Can you smell anything? Carole says to memorize the smell of cash. Once memorized, the form is in your heart. It's important to have the form rather than sniffing the cash all the time. The sniffing gets us to the form.


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