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Hi Toni. I appreciate your assistance.  I hear you when you say we don't want to sniff the money and affirm we are one with a tremendous amount of money in order to make something happen, other than expressing our appreciation for money. Is that correct? 

In one of the videos, Carole says to write I see myself receiving _____ immediately to _______.  Does this process work in a way where we can ask for something specific, i.e. "make something happen?"

Hi Patti -- while the Money PowerVision is to help us feel at one with the form of money in our hearts, the "I see myself receiving" affirmation actually creates the inner form of money in your heart.  It plants that seed. Then when you raise your vibration and connect to your Beloved Power, divine love and energy will flow through that inner form, kind of like watering and fertilizing that seed.  You nurture the desires of your heart by maintaining a high vibration as often as possible, laughing, playing, having fun, feeling good.  

So that's actually the first step in the creative process -- it's the "ask" part of "ask, believe, receive."  




Last nite was my first experience to mingle in this community. I started sniffing money last nite and today I manifest won $2.00 from a $1.00 scratch. I AM now in the roll to sniff money 6 times a day for I AM one with tremendous amount of money....

Hi Dika -- and YAY! for the money manifestation.  It only gets better.  And the better it gets, the better it gets.  Yesterday, I put some gas in my car (my dream car, BTW, Thank You, Universe!), and paid less than $2/gallon!!!!  I put the additional $25 I had planned to spend back in my pocket.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Keep sniffing that money!

Blessings and (more) abundance to you,


Hi Johnny and welcome!  This is a terrific place to learn how to create money FAST!  Since there is only one Source (of everything), then you can trust that whatever you're receiving is coming from feeling at one with money (which is why we sniff it).  You make yourself magnetic to money, and it will come from anywhere and everywhere -- frequently, and in lots of different ways.  When I'm looking at my own abundance, I count everything -- freebies, savings coupons, rebates, gifts, refunds, winning money, finding money, all of it comes from the Universe.  By acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the abundance, you let even more flow into your life.  It's very, very cool.

Blessings and much abundance to you,


Hi Johnny -- of course, you're free to look at things any way you want to.  If you need to identify money that comes in from doing the Money PowerVision as somehow different from the other money the Universe provides for you, then do that.  But I think that limits one's thinking.  Who arranged for whatever money your were "going to get anyway" but the Universe?  Who arranged for the job from which the (expected) paycheck comes?  

Once you recognize that everything -- every little piece of every little thing -- all comes from the same Source, then you can appreciate both the expected and unexpected income equally, which brings in even more of both.  Gratitude for what you are already receiving brings in more.  And you'll keep firmly in mind that there is only one Power, only one Source, and that is the Universe (or God or whatever you name It).  Connecting to that Power is what PowerVision Dynamics is all about.

So I say "Thank You, Universe!  All my needs are always met" whenever I reach for something and it's there -- like a pen or a piece of paper or a bar of soap.  I know I put it there in the first place, but I thank the Universe for its presence anyway, thereby acknowledging that me putting it there was the Universe operating through me.  I think people get into trouble when they expect manifesting to be something like a big bag of money drops from the sky into their laps or their dream car just poofs! into existence in their driveway. Sure, it could happen that way, but I've never seen it, and so I don't have belief enough to pull that off.  But I know that the Universe works through everyone and everything, so it's all good.

Blessings and abundance to you,


PS -- I'd think you'd have a better result (attracting a partner) if you sniffed a cologne you appreciate, and visualized your perfect partner smelling just like that.  I bet when your partner manifests, he or she will be wearing that cologne!  Sniffing socks or briefs might make you magnetic to someone who stinks!  ( also J/K)

PPS -- Carole announced today that she's doing a Money Creation teleworkshop in early October.  Check our her website (www.createmoneyfast.com) and get the scoop.  I've done this workshop a few times, and it has never failed to create quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Well done, Johnny!  You are energizing the form of money in your heart by sniffing and stating the affirmation ("I am at one with a tremendous amount of money"), and look how magnetic it is!!!  Congrats.  Fun, isn't it?

As Carole pointed out in yesterday's teleworkshop, the affirmation can be used for anything you wish to achieve.  Feeling "at one" with your desire makes it magnetic, and draws the outer form to you.   She suggests to try it out with other, simple things, like parking spaces, or finding a lost object.  Keep "exercising" that vibrational muscle, and it will get stronger and stronger, and work for you faster and easier!  Give it a try!

BTW -- happy birthday!

Blessings and abundance to you,



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