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So I purchased one of the combo packages and listened faithfully.  I struggled a bit with the course and reached out to Carole in the hopes of gaining more clarity.  The only advice I was really given was to purchase the "Intensified Prosperity" recording in one of three forms available (all very expensive).  Her reasoning being that this contained her latest work.  When I asked why the basic course didn't work for me, I didn't really get any answer.

I know she has a huge following here (at one time) but sharing because I did it and it definitely didn't work for me and I found her somewhat elusive in answering questions.  I even was considering having a one on one to try and get one of the basic tools right and she actually suggested not to.  Go figure.  

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So I thought I'd give it one last shot.  I got an email about a telecall where Carole said specifically that would have the opportunity to ask questions - so I thought brilliant.  Great.  Perfect synchronicity.  However it became pretty obvious very early on this was not going to happen.  I put my hand up several times.  Carole did ask on the call whether anyone had questions but you are muted and she has to unmute you.  I feel a bit upset and wrote an email pointing this out, but think this is something that others need to be aware of.

Carole mentions this forum, although to me it doesn't look like there is any activity here whatsoever (aside from myself).  I am sharing my experience because I think its important.  There are some people having great results from her stuff, but it has to be said that these people seem to buy all her classes and have personal one to ones with her (which I wish I could do but cannot afford at this moment in time). 

Hi there Magical, and welcome to the forum.  You're right, there hasn't been much activity here lately, except for posts from Carole herself.  As moderator, I know that I've been mostly absent lately, but we all have our own paths to walk, and mine took me away for awhile.  I did, however, spend 8 years moderating this forum, and I would like to think that my experiences with Carole's works have inspired or motivated some of the beautiful souls here.  I can tell you that this stuff really, really works.  

As to your comment, without more info, I'm not sure I can offer any help.  You say "I did it," but it didn't work for you.  Exactly what did you do?   The Money PowerVision?  The Animated Technique?  Make a poster?  Keep a notebook?  All these are suggested in the Visualization class.  You say you purchased a "combo" package and listened, but exactly which combo did you purchase? 

You can start with either "Visualization:  the Power of Your Heart" or "The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast," but your best bet is always to start with Visualization.  The Handbook is just that -- a handbook.  It contains the essence of the teachings, but not the entire thing.    Carole's teachings are at once profoundly simple yet so, so deep.  She teaches to visualize from the heart, rather than the mind, and to connect to the Divine Power within in order to have that energy create through you.  She teaches to create the form of your desire in your heart, feel at one with it, then raise the vibration to send energy flooding through that form.  Once energized, the inner form will attract the outer form and it will show up in your life.  You're not actually trying to make things happen.  The point is to reach for the bliss, the joy, the good feelings. The "stuff" shows up as a result of that higher vibration. 

I was on today's telecall, and Carole did indeed ask for questions before she took breaks, and again at the very end.  She also read the questions that had been sent to her ahead of time.  We were on the phone for 5 hours.  Carole was amazing!  She shared with us so much personal stuff and showed how she was living everything she teaches.  I have had my own sucky 3d dimensional events, and it was wonderful to hear that she had some, too, and how she overcame them to return to a place of bliss and abundance.  It would have been hard to make sense of her stories if you're unfamiliar with the basic teachings,though.

I would be happy to answer any questions I can.  And who knows?  If other forum members see activity again, perhaps they will join in.  Either way, blessings and abundance to you.


Hi Toni,

Thanks for responding - at least now I know you do exist!  Yes I knew you were once active, but when I did the Dos and Don'ts this forum was mentioned as a source of help and it hasn't been in use since then. 

I bought a combo package containing the contemplations, the Heart Visualisation, the Emergency Handbook etc.  I started listening to both the Heart and Emergency Handbook audios and writing notes as I went through and practising the techniques.  I also listened to the contemplations after Carole mentioned them in the Dos and Don'ts call.  I have seriously seen no results at all.  What I did realise yesterday was that many people who report results seem to have done all her programmes and had one to ones, so in some ways, for those folk who can afford that - money really isn't already an issue.  For me it sadly is at this moment in time, which is why I was eager to try out Carole's stuff. 

 I tried the meditative technique, the audio technique (which I was really sure would work especially after Carole's praises and assurances on the audio) as well as the animated and list techniques too.  Not to mention the contemplations.  For me, the connecting with the power is the bit I really struggle with and I find myself questioning that most.  I don't get the feelings that Carole speaks of.  I also have kind of trusted it to work and seen nothing come at all.  It makes me think that maybe its some sort of entity that Carole and others have access to that some do and some don't.  I clearly do not. 

I put my hand up several times, especially when Carole was talking about reaching for the power.  I gave up after an hour and a half.  As you will recall, we were on mute and when Carole asked for questions I did put my hand up (pressing 2 - and the phone would indicate my hand was raised) and I never got to speak or ask my questions.  I did see the email option, but that was only if we weren't able to take the call live, and I was intent on taking it live to get some help and results.   For me, the call wasn't that amazing and whilst I didn't listen to the whole thing, I think its understandable why I gave up after an hour and a half of raising my hand and getting no response.  I think my experience is worth while others considering when they are thinking about purchasing the program, because it hasn't produced any results for me at all.  I wish it had.  If I had something small to quote I would be over the moon but nothing at all.  In fact, I'm kind of annoyed that I spent money on the packages and calls to be honest.  It feels like its been a waste of money. I did email Carole personally at one point when I was in the middle of her program to share my concerns about "the Power" and also to see if it was something she could deal with in a one on one session (as to me it seemed to be the primary key) but she was unable to help and didn't think the one to one would work either (so that's self explanatory too in my mind). 

Hi!  Glad you responded.    I appreciate you sharing with me the classes you've done and the effort you've put into this.  I"m not going to try to convince you that these teachings really do work.  You'll have to prove that to yourself, if you want.  Not every path is right for every person, and we are promised "seek and ye shall find."

I can, though, share my own experience with understanding the Power and how it feels for me.  It took me a while to get it, too.  I think it's personal for everybody, so YMMV.  You know that tingle you get in your stomach when something truly delights you?  Where you can't help but grin?  Or that ripple in your solar plexus when you've been really moved by something?  That's the physical sensation for me.  When I want to specifically connect to my Power, I deliberately open myself up to those feelings.  I think about the things I am grateful for, the things that have delighted me, and wait for the feelings to fill me up. Once I kept repeating the word "delight" while in the shower, and I kept getting memories of times I had been tickled pink.  Later that day, I won $1200 at the casino!   Was I specifically thinking about money?  No.  Just fun. When I'm really feeling it (and not just telling myself I am), I know I'm there.  If I can't get there, I let it go and go have some fun. 

The thing is, this connection isn't something that you take out and use like a tool.  It's a part of my existence.  I turn to my Power 100s of times each day, saying "Hold my hand, Beloved."   I look for things that lift my heart and spirit so I can celebrate them.  I release things I can't fix and say "Fix it, please," and go do something else.  And I thank and praise all day for whatever comes to hand.  Because it wouldn't be there but for the love of the Universe.  The more you turn to your Power, the easier it is to feel that connection, until it's pretty automatic.  That love, that energy  is available to us all the time.  We're the ones who step away from it.

I truly believe that the Universe (God/DivineSource/BelovedPower) knows me -- Toni has wings! -- really, really well. And loves me the same way.  Not on a generic "God loves everyone" kind of way, but personally.   And the Universe wants me to be happy.  When I focus on that and get out of my own way, wonderful things happen.  When that love energy flows, it energizes the form of your desires that you hold in your heart.  And then those things start showing up in the 3d dimension.  But the real gift is how you feel.  Light and breezy, happy and free, knowing you're loved all the time.

So, if you plan to try again, you could try approaching things with a light heart and a joyful spirit of exploration, if you haven't already.  It's supposed to be fun, not work.  The answer to everything is to raise the vibration.  Put your child-like energy in the front seat and let her play!  It's that separated male energy that's sitting back, taking score, judging whether or not it's "working."

If you have some specific questions, I'll be happy to try to answer them.  I plan to be around the forum a lot more.  For my own vibration.  I haven't done all of Carole's classes (next will be Do's and Don'ts), and never did a one-on-one session.  I have done the foundational 3:  Visualization (which gives you the basics), the Intensified Prosperity Workshop (which will take things to a whole new level), and Male/Female Integration (which solidifies everything and pulls it all together).   I started with the Handbook, got the money for Visualization from the sniffing the money technique, got the money for the Intensified after getting a raise as a result of Visualization, and the Intensified blew off the roof for me.  Crazy ride.  

If Carole's teachings aren't for you, I wish you much joy on your journey.

Blessings and abundance to you,


Thanks for your thoughtful reply Toni, it is greatly appreciated.  I think that Carole's teachings for me are no longer an option I'm afraid.  I gave them a really good shot and nothing happened and results are our best guide if something works or doesn't and this clearly hasn't worked for me and it has had a good time to flourish and expand and it just hasn't.  I'm not feeling the benefits that others have.  So I'm sharing this valid feedback as it is important to others to know my experience as much as the positive ones out there.  I wish to some degree I had seen some experience like this when I was purchasing the programmes I did because it would have made me think twice and been more cautious.  I understand Carole is passionate about her work and it has worked for some folk, but it hasn't at all for me.  I have also reached out to her.  The reason I did the call the other day was primarily for the feedback and ability to ask questions, and I listened to the first hour and a half and raised my hand several times (as we were all muted - well most of us were) and never got any chance or opportunity to ask the questions I had for some reason.  Maybe others are more successful at her techniques, but it clearly isn't working for me and doesn't seem to.  I have listened to the contemplations for several months on a nightly basis after that was one of Carole's recommendations and saw nothing.  Also tried the Money Instructional and that too did nothing.  So I think I have spent enough time and should have seen something by now if this worked, and like you say, if there were results I would be more than happy to explore the Intensified Prosperity workshops that Carole has suggested (although there are 3 of them).  When I raised my issues with her directly, she told me the Intensified Prosperity recordings were her most up to date workshops where she covered everything and took people to the next level, but I pointed out that I felt the packages I already had should have shown something (and I still share that belief to this point in time). 

Great to hear you will be on the forum more, as I did think at the time of the previous telecall when Carole mentioned this forum, it was a shame that there wasn't any other support available. 

Hi Magical -- I respect your position, and I wish you well.  Since you're not looking for answers or suggestions, I am closing this discussion.




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